Back to School

All change here.
Katie has begun her secondary education at the same school as Tom who is now in year ten and gets to wear a different coloured jumper. Exciting no? Well, he's pleased with himself. He begins his gcse courses which means more music and art and no more history and geography. My boys have shown a distressing lack of interest in the humanities. 
George began sixth form college this morning after a three month holiday. He was well and truly ready to get back to study. He has chosen to do A levels in maths, physics, French and classics which I think is an interesting and broad selection.

 I no longer need to take or fetch anyone to or from school and I find I am luxuriating in time. Katie and Tom leave together (not sure how long that will last) at 8 o'clock, George departs half an hour later on his bike. Katie and Tom reappear at about 4 o'clock and George at about 4.30.
I'm loving it, no clock watching, no planning my bread baking around the school run, off to the supermarket by 8.30 and back by 9.30 and still a whole day ahead full of possibility.

Today I baked bread, loaded up the yogurt maker, made a batch of pancakes for supper, did all the laundry, got it all dry and enjoyed myself making this.

Autumn brittle found here.
I substituted hazelnuts for cashews and I used more pumpkin seeds than the recipe called for -just so that the packet was used up.
I'm not sure it's really my kind of thing -I should have left those extra pumpkin seeds in the packet- but I think the scholars will welcome it when they return.

George has just informed me that he has Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons off and doesn't have to be in until 10 on one day. Hrrmmph. Have told him he will have to study during these free periods.


  1. Scholars, eh?
    I have somehow ended up with six hungry and over-excited 7 year old boys here. othing scholarly about them...
    The brittle looks amazing, not sure my teeth could stand the crunch though. Ax

  2. Sorry, that should have said 'nothing'.

  3. I have an exciting glimpse into your life this term, as my oldest is now at secondary school but I am still doing the school run twice a day for the younger one.

    Three more years to go - can't wait to stop that clock watching myself! Enjoy! x

  4. My eldest has also started secondary school and is loving the independence - and the youngest has just started school (and I am dreading the return to the Infant playground politics "sigh").
    The brittle looks wonderful - heavily jewelled and too good to eat.

  5. I'm not sure I dare mention Christmas yet, but the colours of that brittle are beautiful and it would look wonderful hanging on a tree. And I envy you all that time; it must be a joy to potter about and get things done.

  6. Almost a week in and already I'm exhausted - I do miss watching the eldest go to and from school though.

    Good luck to your brood and enjoy not clock watching anymore.

    Nina x

  7. Luxuriating in time eh? Enjoy it. The brittle looks good, I love anything crunchy (my teeth don't though). The toffee part of your brittle seems to be transparent not caramel coloured, is that a trick of the light?

  8. I'm not sure Toffeeapple, it looked pretty dark in the pan, in fact it was about to burn.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful brittle...I need to go and make some- thanks for the link!

  10. Now I just can't understand the interest in pumpkin seeds, vile things. The rest of it I'd happily devour although with a small person still at home with me the chances of me burning any caramel are in fact sky high LOL maybe next year ;)

  11. Hello from a new follower - have been admiring your brilliant photo samplers! Thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging comments you made on my blog yesterday :)
    Oh, and the brittle looks tasty - I actually love pumpkin seeds so would happily devour the lot!

  12. My eldest did A'level Classics and loved it.

    Enjoy your new less pressured mornings :)

  13. I have to admit, I like the clock-watching - but then I'm at work, and having to do the school run means I can just put my coat on and leave abruptly, no matter what pressing conversation anyone wants to have with me.

  14. My one and only started at secondary school this week, and (probably like everyone before) I was far more anxious about it than him!

    He already seems to have grown up so much .. after only 3 days! What will the next 5 years bring???

  15. Sue the brittle looks lovely, and I do envy you no school runs, having stopped for several years I am back with 6 more years to go! I just can't believe it!

    I know your son is considering the RAF. My eldest son is at Sandhurst, the BBC have been filming there for the past year, and will be showing a documentary next week, 19th Sept on BBC 4 (I think). I thought your boy may be interested!

  16. Just when you thought you had the house to yourself....
    My pick up time is 20 mins later this year and both boys finish at the same time, which means no hanging around for 20 mins every day playing football with the younger one in the freezing dusk. Hooray!

  17. Anonymous9:50 am BST

    My youngest had his first 'full day' (9.15 to 3.15) at pre-school yesterday. Oh, the luxury of time! It's amazing how much more you can get done without the division of the day into parts.

  18. Miss Bee9:50 pm BST

    Just had my wisdom teeth out, so I'm looking forward to the day I can try this recipe ! looks Deelish.


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