To Do Lists

All done.

Crab apple juice

Bread and butter pickles recipe here.

Peas, broad beans and chorizo with mint from Diana Henry's lovely book Food From Plenty.
We ate it with fried smashed potatoes and fried eggs.

Ice cream recipe here.
Yogurt making how-tos here. I now always use fresh milk rather than the UHT I was using when I wrote that post.



  1. Well........thats today and tomorrow sorted - Wednesday.......?
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. One world would suffice ... YUM ! (Except that's five words ;) ) I type this eating a takeaway and feeling ashamed of myself for not cooking properly today!

  3. Heavenly! I love broad beans, I love peas, I love chorizo, and I love mint.

    We had peppers stuffed with bulgar wheat, apricots, courgettes, and mint followed by tuna and tomato tart.

    Sigh. What a pity that meal is all done and dusted. Roll on the next one.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

  4. There's nothing like a list! Tick and your done!
    The jelly looks like a wonderful jewel!

  5. Once I tried making crab apple herb jelly. Flavoured with sage, I think. Total disaster and I am not going there again. I'll stick with mulberry or bramble jelly. And pear chutney. So far, so good. Ax

  6. Busy, busy, busy!!
    You are so organised. I must start writing myself lists so I can be more organised.

  7. I salute you for skinning all those broad beans. Love your retro list.

  8. What organisation, what food. That's what I need a to do list, no actually I need a kick up the rump, but that is another story.

    Keep all your lists and recipes Sue, they will be an absolute treasure trove for your descendants.

  9. Oooh! Love that index card generator! Thank you!

  10. I'm loving the list generator too, thanks. Didn't realise until I got right to the beginning of your archive that you are Thriftlady (MSE). My love of lists was born on the MSE Flylady forum. Small world.
    The food looks yummy too, thanks for the recipes.
    Mel x

  11. Yum! Wish I lived near your house!!

  12. I love lists, I often make lists about lists......it all looks wonderful though, after the list are over!


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