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Late summer and the hedgerows are full of fruit. 
Katie brought me a bunch of elderberries to add to the posy of garden flowers I picked on Tuesday.
 I had to duck to avoid the boughs of haws as I cycled to the shop. My neighbour's rowan tree is ablaze with scarlet berries and the crabs continue to fall. Charlie has found a new use for them; I discovered him throwing them up at the open bathroom window-
 'Did you see that? I got one in!'
'I hope you aren't going to do that with the quinces when they start to fall'.

My thornless blackberry is disappointing this year. Just a couple of handfuls to be had.
I combined them with a few late raspberries, some local apples and plums to make this freeform tart.

Before we got stuck into the tart we had a  sausage and bean stew warmly spiced with ground cloves and cayenne.

There's a sniff of autumn in the air.
Just a sniff, it's not here yet. I have a feeling there are a few more warm summer days to come.


  1. I can only think of one thing to say ... that all looks delicious!

  2. its been almost winter here x

  3. As soon as the children return to school in their winter uniforms we'll have a few weeks of real warmth! But Autumn is soooo comfortable and the food is sooo delicious... Just can't wait!

  4. It looks really good to me.

  5. Yummy looking stuff there... we're having our hottest weather of the year right now.. 97 F today. We just got back from a 9 day camping trip.. hope you pop over and see the pix.

  6. Beautiful post,photos and recipe ideas once again!

  7. Hi Sue! I have never had a mixed fruit pie before. Your combination looks really delicious. Cooler evenings are arriving around here soon too and that means chili will be simmering on my stovetop.

  8. Ooo that all looks scrummy. I must admit my favourite season is autumn and I'm getting quite giddy now I've done my first blackberry picking of the year (i'm in Fife in case you were wondering). I too am gearing up to autumn cooking with my spicy sausage stew - I even bought chilli and coriander sausages from the farmers market yesterday.Bliss.

  9. There is just a sniff of spring in the air today in my part of the 'great southland!' AND your blog has inspired me to grow a quince tree!

  10. Your tart looks lovely and so simple too. Must give it a go though we seldom have dessert here ... and we're still fat so we may as well !!

  11. Dear Sue,

    Your photographs make me swoon each and every time. This time did not disappoint! I love this season of mellow fruitfulness which is nigh. Here in France it doesn't feel like we are on the cusp of Autumn yet... but there are fruit everywhere we look.



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