The Quince Tree in August

As August and summer draw to a close you find me

* Failing to find any damsons at all. Last year I'd made my chutney by now. The trees I picked from last year not only have no damsons on them but there are no signs of fallen fruit anywhere. What happened?

*Hoping there'll still be some damsons in the farmshop when we get back from our holiday.

*Baking a huge batch of oaty biscuits to take on holiday with us tomorrow.

*Cooking bolognese sauce to put in the freezer so we can have a homecooked meal when we return.

* Placing an order with Ocado to be delivered on the evening we return.

* Deciding which books to take with me. Fiction is sorted - Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers and The Necropolis Railway by James Martin -but I've not quite decided which cookbooks to take yet. I have to have some cookbooks, not to cook from you understand, I just need cookbooks with me at all times. I'm leaning towards my four Diana Henry books but maybe I'll take The Pauper's Cookbook by Jocasta Innes and The Thrifty Cookbook by Kate Colquhoun since Charlie is prophesying no money for Christmas and advocating the need to cut down on food spending. This is something of a habit with him at this time of year.

* Wondering if I need to take all my lenses with me. Yes, I do.

* Booking a table at the pub in the village we are staying in for tomorrow evening.

*Trying to wash, dry and iron everything.

* Getting very excited at the prospect of a week relaxing in Cornwall.

* Celebrating George's excellent GCSE results.

* Counting the quinces on the quince tree and trying not to panic.

My neighbours are getting more than they bargained for.

The Quince Tree is on holiday until 2nd of September.



  1. Firstly, congratulations to George, well done young man!

    Then, I love the shape and texture of your quinces, they really are wonderful.

    After that, enjoy your holiday and relax as much as possible.

  2. Congratulations to George. Myles did well too. They make you feel proud don't they?

    Have a wonderful holiday & enjoy your reading x

  3. Anonymous2:58 pm BST

    Have a fantastic holiday, enjoy the break & relax lots :D

  4. Congratulations to George!
    I have a good crop of damsons on my 2 trees considering they are young trees - certainly enough to make damson gin again!!!
    Have a great holiday!!

  5. Have a lovely holiday! It has been very showery in Cornwall today, but they are predicting nice things for the weekend! Not sure whereabouts you are staying, but the top tip is if it is raining on one side of the peninsula, head over to the other for better weather. Farmers market in Truro on Saturday and Wednesday is lovely if you are looking for some nice local food - enjoy!

  6. Wonderful news about your son, my lovely niece did brilliantly too!
    Have a great holiday...I saw the 2nd September and thought eek! We head back on the 4th..it's sooo soon!
    If you have no luck with the damsons, I do recommend the blackberry liqueur, I'm decanting mine tomorrow.

  7. Damsons are related to plums, aren't they, and the weather this Spring - morning frosts followed by unseasonably warm days - was reported to be very bad for the plum crops. At least you have plenty of quinces...

  8. I think of you now whenever I have lovely quince jelly. Have a lovely time - Gaudy Night is a great book, isn't it, gripping and beautifully written and just teetering on the right side of being deliberate rather than self-indulgent.

  9. Congratulations to George. Have a wonderful holiday. I have happy memories of painting tin mines in Pendeen when I was an art student.

  10. Congratulations to George! Well done. Have a relaxing holiday you'll need it to deal with all those quince xx

  11. Have a great holiday. enjoy yourselves.

  12. Congratulations George.
    Hope you have a lovely holiday.
    Quinces looking wonderful.
    Carol xx

  13. Anonymous9:10 pm BST

    I'd do you a swap - quinces for damsons!

  14. Congratulations to George ~ and have a great holiday.
    I am waiting for my quinces to ripen, about 1 more week............lots of figs this year too,but my Mirabelle harvest was about 1/2 kilo this year...that's all and NO pears!

  15. Anonymous10:36 pm BST

    Happy holiday - Cornwall -in my fantasies.
    Congrats to George and the family who supported, cajoled and helped him along the way.

  16. Happy, happy hols!

    Weather a bit mixed down here, and signs of autumn in the air come evening, but it's blissful.

    Enjoy yourselves!

    Diana x

    Ps congratulations, George!

  17. Happy holidays Sue - as I ate my mother-in-law's lamb and quince tagine this week I gave a thought for your tree.

  18. Congratulations to George and Happy Holidays !!!

  19. We have damsons and plums weighing down the trees but a total absence of quinces. Don't suppose you live in North Wales and we could swap? no, of course not, that's why I have damsons and you have quince! Have a great holiday.

  20. I hope you've had a wonderful time in Cornwall. Is it possible to do otherwise in that delightful part of the country?


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