Preservation Orders

The crab apple tree in August is very different from the crab apple tree in April.

The fruit are falling thick and fast.

These ten pounds of crab apples are but a fraction of the tree's yield.
According to the preserving books you are supposed to use only unblemished fruit.
I could only find five unblemished fruit so I am ignoring the books.

I have been given my preservation orders for August;
Crab apple jelly
Damson chutney
Damson jam

To which I am adding
Damson gin
Herb jellies -rosemary and mint


  1. I have never seen so many Crab Apples in this area before, it is truly amazing. I was planning on Crab Apple and Chilli jelly - must find my basket for collecting. The Elderberries are ready too and the Sloes are almost at picking point. Exciting times!

  2. What a lot of crab apples, I have never used them or eaten any. Damson chutney sounds delicious and I love Damson Gin. Sloe Gin is good but I need to wait until after the first frosts. I could end up with a drink problem as I am gaining quite a stash of fruity liqueurs.

  3. What a wonderful list of preserves, isn't this a wonderful time of the year! I'm worried that the sloes are ready Toffeeapple, I always get mine at Halloween in Ireland, I do hope they won't be gone.
    Sue, I hope you'll post some pictures of the completed preserves!

  4. I certainly will Trifle. I have more lists for September and October. Toffeeapple I made crab apple and chili jelly last year and it was very successful. I still have a few jars left.

  5. My Mum used to make crabapple jam from the fruit from the crabapple tree in our garden. Reading your post I could practically taste it! So much of the hedgerow fruit is ripe already here, and today I found, of all things, a 6ft blackcurrant bush spilling over an old wall down by the castle and just laden with fruit.

  6. That's a fine list. I can hear Damson Gin, which I've never tasted, calling out to me. In fact, anything involving Damson evokes Famous Five-style adventure and high tea on rainy afternoons. I look forward to seeing your rows of glass jars.

  7. Unfortunately the deer in my yard are absolutely delighted that I planted some crab apple trees! We had such a beautiful one outside my window when I was growing up. I just love them!

  8. I love crab apples, but sadly I don;t have any here in France ~ mum and dad have a magnificent one in Yorkshire, but I am not travelling that far to make crab apple jelly this year! )(Implying I have in the past......well I did one year!)

  9. gosh yours are such a pretty colour. I found crab apples yesterday at a national park visitor centre, the staff said I could help myself so I did, but I think I might have to go back for more x


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