I Love Not Camping - Day Six

the British summer.
The warm breeze moving through my house is very pleasant.
This is perfect summer weather for me. I'm not a fan of extreme heat. I don't like lying in the sun and I loathe the necessity for suncream.
I like summer to be warm and pleasant. I like summer rain too, I especially love listening to it fall at night through the open bedroom windows. I love the smell of the garden after rain has fallen. I really love a summer thunderstorm, I hope we have one soon.

I'm not one to moan about our British summers. Experience of 46 summers has taught me that they are not three months of continual heat and they never have been. Sometimes we have a very hot spell -July 1995 when I was heavily pregnant with my first child was stifling. Sometimes we have a very wet spell -July 2007 when the end of term coincided with most of Worcester being flooded. Sometimes we have no rain for weeks -summer of 1976 when we could fry eggs on the manhole cover in our garden and we actually prayed for rain in church. Mostly a British summer is a mixed bag of pleasant and slightly less pleasant weather. 

I think those who complain about the lack of continual heat remember only the sunny days of childhood beach holidays and forget the wet days. 
Perhaps they have also been spoilt by too many foreign holidays.
That's what former weatherman Bill Giles says in this week's Radio Times, he also says that 'between now and mid-September there will be periods, say, of four to five days at a time, of warm, sunny days- especially in the last week of August and into September' 
We're off to Cornwall  from August 26th to September 2nd .

To the 1981 BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of The Lord of the Rings. One of my favourite 'listens'.
I had reached the bit where Frodo, Sam and Pippin are enjoying the hospitality of Farmer Maggot. The farmer offers his guests a meal of bacon and mushrooms. I realised I had both in the fridge, and eggs as well. Supper sorted.


To balance the fried animal protein I was planning for supper I made this lentil and roast pepper salad for lunch. I dressed it with a pungent dressing of mint, parsley, anchovies, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

A shopping trip tomorrow to buy food for my last few meals alone, and a big box of washing powder.



  1. Mmmm I might have to make a fry-up for dinner, looks lovely.

  2. Should you ensure that your washing machine is in perfect working order too?

    I agree with you about summer but it is so hot here and has been for the last three days. We had some rumbles of thunder earlier but nothing much else other than an hour of much needed rain and now there is a cool breeze through the windows. Bliss.

    Your meals look very tempting, I rarely bother to make a whole meal for myself. I have mushrooms but not bacon, I have the ingredients for the salad too but OH is cooking tonight so might try to remember for lunch tomorrow.

  3. The rain has just started here and the smell coming in from the garden is amazing. Think I'll have to stick my nose out the front door tho' as it's the smell of wet summer pavements I love most.
    Am wondering what your last suppers will be... Ax

  4. And now it's thundering.

  5. That meal is worthy of a hobbit in the 'Shire'. I may bump in to you in Cornwall we are going the same week. I will be 'Glamping' in a Yurt!

  6. I dream about summer rain and don't like it too hot, but to be honest i love our changeable weather, it keeps it interesting :o)

    Yes good luck with the washing!

    jooles x

  7. Delish!
    I am reading The Hobbit to my children at the moment. I got a beautiful edition from The Book People last year and kept it until I had the time to read it with them. We will get a lovely chunk of it read on our holidays in Scotland. On the way we will be listening to the lovely voice of Stephen Fry reading all the Harry Potter books on the car stereo as well as some Rhod Gilbert podcasts.

  8. It is nice to find someone else who does not like the heat. I love the sound of the rain and storms and have downloaded an app for listening to it to help me sleep at night. 45 mins of rain and storms! Lovely food again. xx

  9. Oh I've been enjoying these posts! Weather here in Cornwall is very mixed, soft summer rain has been falling for a couple of hours, and everything smells fresh. I love it! Can't stand the heat! Early September often brings good weather...and as they say in Cornwall, if it's wet on the north coast, try the south...it'll no doubt be a different story! Which bit of Cornwall are you heading to?

  10. Oh that summer of July 1995 I remember very well to, I was 41 weeks pregnant with my first son, He was a whopper at 10lb 1 oz, and I had the most painful heat rash...

    I like rain in the summer too, It is very hot and humid here in the South East, and I'm actually longing for the cooler days of September. We are also off to Cornwall again in September, we go every single year, I adore the place, St Ives is my favorite part.

    Enjoy the rest of your well earned week of peace.

    My boys are also away with there dad, and no doubt I will have 10 loads of washing to get through on their return....

  11. Oh Bill had better be right - we're in Cornwall too that week, up at Port Isaac again. (Cheaper cottages that week for some reason). Can't wait but it would be nice to get some sun, it usually tips it down but we still have a great time.

    Like you I prefer warm, not hot. Both my pregnancies coincided with heatwaves - tough, will have to make do with mild and damp from now on I think.

    Love the lentil dish. Another of your tasty treats for my list.
    Enjoy the rest of your break, hope the thunder comes and makes it up here.

  12. I've been following along with your week at home, and while I love camping with my family, your solitary time at home is sounding better and better by the day!!
    I'm thinking my bunch might enjoy a few days some where in a tent.......soon!!!??

  13. I couldn't agree more about the weather , it really annoys me when people complain about it all the time , you just have to get on with it and make the nest of it . We've had a few warm sticky days and about teatime we've had torrential rain .. Enjoy your last fe days x

  14. Hi Sue,
    I`m loving your daily "I love not camping". Brilliant!
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


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