I Love Not Camping - Day Seven


Still hoping for a summer storm.


Welsh sea bass with fennel butter


Washing powder to wash their clothes
Rolled oats to make their breakfast granola
Flour to make their bread
A gammon joint for their Sunday roast

Missing them.


  1. I can't believe it is day seven they will soon be home. The best thing about going away is coming home, especially when you are very well looked after. Not long to go now, make the most of it! :) x You do make 'not camping' look great, but the reality is it is quiet without all the work and trouble! They will soon be back and the washing powder will soon be gone!

  2. Mmmm that sea bass looks lovely. Thanks for making the apple suggestions to me - I instantly recognised your pink flesh description so I think the apples must be discovery. Thanks x

  3. Bet they're missing you. Lots.

  4. It's lovely to see them go, and have days all to yourself stretching ahead of you, but just as lovely to have them back again. Well that's how I always feel if my lot go away. Happy homecomings x

  5. that looks a delicious meal, i bet they are missing you too and your lovely food!
    enjoy your last few days of peace :o)
    jooles x

  6. That's been a quick 7days! Enjoy your last little bit of peace before the avalanche of laundry and unpacking, and the inevitable few things that are left on the kitchen table after the unpacking that nobody really knows where to put!
    Do you do the Nigella Cherry Coke gammon? It's just delicious.It's a firm family favourite here.

  7. Aw! My children will be away for a few days next week, and I know I'll enjoy the break (might even take your lead and treat myself to things they wouldn't eat) but I will miss them.

    I won't admit it.

  8. Lovely post Sue...even the best food doesn`t taste as good if you can`t share it with good company and those you love. Enjoy the homecoming.


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