I Love Not Camping - Day Nine

That the internet and the world wide web are not the same thing.
Today is the 20th birthday of the world wide web. It was invented by British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Put very simply, the internet is a network which enables computers to connect with each other.
The web is a big piece of software on the internet which uses hypertext transfer protocol (http) to allow you and me to dash about all over the place. 
Here's a handy diagram showing how the internet works. No, I have no idea what Gopherspace is.
Anyway, I am profoundly grateful to Sir Tim for coming up with the web as I would not be writing this blog without it.

 What's that all about?
Is it a new strategy to beat the All Blacks by tricking them into thinking we are them?
It won't work, and if they don't change it back to white I shall be supporting Wales in the World Cup.


A supper of spiced grilled lamb.
An onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, a couple of teaspoons of ras-al-hanout spice blend, bit of salt, some olive oil and a tablespoon of honey all blended together in the food processor. The lamb left to marinade in this mixture for an afternoon then grilled on a hot griddle.
Served with some minty yogurt.

To boil a gammon joint in cider, apply a crust of dark brown sugar, stud with cloves and bake for tomorrow's homecoming supper. We will eat it with baked potatoes and homemade chutney.
Also planning to ice the chocolate almond cake I made today for George's birthday. We didn't have time to eat a birthday cake before they left so tomorrow is a cake day.
I baked a large batch of blueberry muffins too.

Looking forward to their return

Hoping for dry weather.
I shall have a lot of washing to get dry.



  1. What a nice vacation for you from daily life.. I'm sure it has made you appreciate them all the more when they return. As a woman whose children are all grown, married and have 2 kids each -- you should cherish them while at home as it's the best time of your life. :-)

  2. Delicious for them to come home to...have you got welcome home bunting.

  3. So the end of 'I Love Not Camping'!!
    I'm with you on the England strip Sue - I thought it was awful,why weren't we in white? and the numbers were dreadful - good to see Charlie Sharples playing though!!

  4. Anonymous10:19 pm BST

    The RFU want their heads looking at. Black indeed.But I'm told that it is only their change strip. It's just a money making thing if you ask me and I wont buy it!!!!!!! It was a good game though. ME

  5. Oh yum! Love your `Moroccan` lamb - well it has to be with ras al hanout (head of the corner shop)in the mix...blueberry muffins look incredible as does the sound of George`s birthday cake. Haven`t seen the new strip - will take a look.

  6. I love the way you cook food just for your self, I think I would end eating toast.

  7. I am far too greedy not to cook for myself!

  8. Have enjoyed the 'you' time whilst family has been away and all your delicious cooking.
    x Sandi

  9. I have enjoyed your none camping holiday. We here in NZ are with you on the strip for the England team, I'm sorry but it's our national colour and truthfully it looks better on Richie and Co.

  10. I love the idea of Not Camping; think this should become a tradition in my house, too. I have really enjoyed sharing your Not Camping experience this week. :)
    Caz from Never Knew

  11. I think you should champion a "Not" week, it could take off. Presently I am not cooking such damn fine food, your weekly menu is a testament to your foodie expertise. The Lamb looks wonderful.

    I still think you could have done with a bit of company though, there may have been leftovers!

  12. Hmmm, I don't like the look of that strip either. It's been a long time since I watched any rugby, they were all still wearing the cotton strips then.
    Like the look of your muffins, I think I'll be baking some for breakfast, that or scones, just trying to decide which...

  13. I hope you've got the dry weather you need - we've been home for 3 days now and I'm still doing washing and trying to get the tent dry!!

    I didn't like the black strip either :(

  14. I do agree with Teresa that having your children at home is the best time. Mine is in her early twenties. I am lucky as she has not gone yet. She tells me on a regular basis that she will be gone next year though, possibly quite far. The thought seriously does make me cry. However, there is so much in life yet to happen for both of us. A family no matter how small is a thing we often take for granted, yet by no means does everyone have one. We are blessed if we do.

    Family does come with worrying though doesn't it and a break is appreciated; I hope you enjoyed yours but it's good to welcome wanderers home. I bet they missed you! The cakes sound good and I bet they have missed your cooking too.

    I don't know anything about rugby but I don't like that strip! It could be the huge O2 emblazoned on it.

  15. What is a "gammon joint"? (Sorry, I'm a Yank!)

  16. Paula, a gammon joint is a leg of pork that has been cured as you would bacon. It's basically a big chunk of bacon which when cooked becomes ham.
    I did one at Christmas - picture here


  17. Pati from London12:45 pm BST

    Dear Sue, am on hols at the moment and have been catching up on all your recent posts... It must have been great to have 9 days for yourself. It´s good to have "me" time to recharge batteries but after a while one starts missing them... I will try your recipe of chicken with tarragon and cream sauce. Tarragon is my favourite herb, I use it with lamb and mustard when I cook shepherds pie (or is it cottage pie?). It´s very fragrant. You´ve done an amazing amount of cooking for being on your own. When I am on my own i always cook very simple things that take me 10 minutes to make, mind you, I´ve never been without the family on my own longer than a weekend.... so I guess that I would treat myself a bit more if I was on my own for longer. It´s great to read your blog, I was missing it and as always i found it inspiring. Take care and prepare yourself for the laundry... x Pati x

  18. We came back from a week's camping and it rained solidly for eight days. I had to use the tumble dryer.

    I have a real hatred of using the tumble dryer. I get very annoyed about it. I love washing on a line.

  19. Have just printed off the lamb recipe - it sounds delish. You are so good to cook such wonderful meals for yourself. If I ever find myself cooking for one it's always a jacket potato! M x


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