I Love Not Camping - Day Eight


Tarragon chicken
This is one of my favourite meals. It's also really quick and easy to cook.
To speed up cooking I placed the chicken breast between two sheets of clingfilm and bashed it with my rolling pin until it was about half an inch thick. I do enjoying bashing things with a rolling pin. I then put some flour on a plate and coated the chicken with it. Then into a pan of foaming butter it went. When the chicken was nearly cooked through I poured in a good glug of white wine and some tarragon. I let it bubble away for a few minutes until the chicken was properly cooked. I put the chicken on a plate and added another good glug, this time of double cream. I let that bubble too and added some pepper. The best thing about making it for one is that there is always plenty of sauce. A blob of dijon mustard is nice instead of tarragon, or make it with pork steaks and cider, or with beef or lamb and red wine.

Baking and making
bread and granola

Refreshed, replenished and relaxed
and, to be honest, a little bit bored.



  1. your dinner looks nice tonight! enjoy your last few days. i bet you will be washing clothes all next week x

  2. It`s one of my favourites too and tastes far more divine than the effort put into it.

  3. That chicken looks very tasty and seems quite easy to make too. I always look forward to some peace and quiet but whenever I get an empty house it always seems far too quiet and I long for all the crashing and bashing about that kids generate. Enjoy your last few days :O)

  4. Anonymous4:01 am BST

    Well Sue, all good things come to an end, but you sound refreshed and eager for your family to return.
    Bet they will be ready for some of your yummy home-cooked food. Enjoy each other. Coni

  5. If only I ate meat! Could you do something similar with fish do you think?

    Not long now until the happy campers return ... have you warned your poor washing machine ;)

  6. Yes, Annie, I think a bit of salmon or a trout would be lovely with this sauce, but be careful you don't overcook it.

  7. That meal looks perfect, Tarragon goes so well with chicken and (for Annie) fish too. The potatoes look good too.

    You'll soon be not bored I think.


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