Bread Salad with Three Beans

I'm posting this before I forget how I made it.
It made a delicious, frugal supper.

For several days the collection of bread crusts in my bread bin had been growing. I had the beginnings and the endings of three loaves to use up. I was inspired by an idea in Food From Plenty by Diana Henry for breadcrumbs flavoured with herbs, mustard and lemon peel tossed with flageolet beans.
I thought it might work on a bigger scale.

Ingredients for five people
(quantities are estimates as I used what was to hand)

6 crusts of bread -about 12 oz
Butter, about 3 oz
Olive oil, a good glug
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
A handful of sun-dried tomatoes in oil
Some sprigs of basil
Parmesan cheese -a piece about 4 inches by 1inch (the point of one of those triangles of Paremsan)
A handful of broad beans (what I had left of a bag of frozen beans, fresh would be even better), cooked and skinned
Green beans, a fat handful, cooked
Chickpeas, about two handfuls, tinned or previously soaked and cooked
4-5 rashers of bacon, cooked and cut into little bits

I tore up the crusts and put them in the food processor until they were reduced to coarse crumbs with some big pieces remaining.
I melted some butter with some olive oil and two crushed cloves of garlic and tossed the crumbs with it in a big roasting tin.
I baked the crumbs at 180°c/160°c fan oven for 12 minutes.

While that was happening I put a good handful of sun-dried tomatoes with some of their oil in the food processor along with a chunk of parmesan and some basil. 
I tossed this tomato paste with the toasted crumbs.

I combined the flavoured crumbs with some chickpeas, some cooked green beans and broad beans and some crisp pieces of bacon.

A final drizzle of olive oil and to the table.
(It will be warm by the time it is ready.)

This would work with other types of beans such as cannellinis or flageolets. Other vegetables could be used; cooked cauliflowers florets, roasted red peppers or courgettes would be good.
The bacon could be omitted to make a vegetarian dish or it could be replaced with chorizo or other cured sausage.



  1. That looks delicious :D

  2. That sounds lovely - I love it when you make something lovely from ingredients that others might throw away. Childishly it makes me feel I got one over on someone - not sure who!!!

  3. Well, if this was 1940 it would be Hitler you were getting one over Karen. One in the eye for the Squanderbug!

  4. That is exactly the kind of supper I LOVE. Will be back to write this one down and then enjoy. Ax

  5. This sounds so utterly delicious that despite me just having had my tea I want to EAT THIS. You have also made my mouth water. I think you have a book in this blog.

  6. Delicious ! I love food like this , hearty and fresh at the same time .

  7. What a great recipe - I think I will have to make it for dinner tomorrow night.

    On the subject of bread - you might want to take a look at the Soil Association website - Not In My Loaf - regarding a GM trial of wheat to be grown next year. Any objections have to be registered by 19th August - so not long!

    I love reading your blog and your recipes.

  8. So.. was it hot or cold?
    Looks like it would be nice cold with a BBQ?

  9. Anonymous8:18 am BST

    Have a few people over for a casuel supper tonight & have been wondering what to make, ohhhh i think i'l be trying this one, it looks amazing :D

  10. Sounds lovely, we always have ends of bread so this would be a great way to use it.

  11. Bread, bacon and beans - just my kind of food. I do like what you did with those ingredients.

  12. Brilliant! I'm always left with crusts because no-one will eat them.

  13. Sounds better than good. Have just printed off your recipe and will be cooking it very soon! M x

  14. Gosh that's supper tonight since I have all the ingredients and my mouth is watering.

  15. What a brilliant idea. I love finding uses for breadcrumbs will definitely try this out.

  16. This salad looks delicious and says fresh and nutritious.

    The chick peas seem tiny. I've not seen any that small.

  17. Pati from Spain11:29 am BST

    How very resourceful of yours!! Looks lovely! x Pati from Sunny Spain (for a change)


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