Best Tea

'What's for tea?'
'Roast Chicken'
'With roast potatoes and gravy and everything?'
(My children really do say huzzah. I blame Pirates of the Carribbean.)
Every time I put a chicken in the oven they rise up and call me blessed.

It sizzles away filling the house with the best smell in the world.

Out it comes burnished and crisp-skinned.

I make gravy in the roasting tin, scraping up all delicious bits that have stuck to the pan.
I thicken it with some flour, not a lot, but enough to make proper gravy. My children won't let me get away with serving the pan juices as gravy, and I don't blame them.

We feel shortchanged if there are no roast potatoes.

I always imagine there will be another two meal's worth of leftovers but with two teenaged boys this is becoming a vain hope. I am tempted more and more to roast two chickens together, one to feast on and one for leftovers.


  1. I am, truly, now salivating! That was a super post with perfect pictures and I know what I am going to cook for Thursday now, thank you!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this looks absolutely delicious!!! You've made me so hunry and I just had my tea!

  3. Oh that does look lovely - sort of thinking of having a roast on Sunday - seems ages since we've had one.

    We had a spicy shepherds pie tonight and that was scrummy.

    Sort of makes you glad the seasons are slowly changing over.

  4. There is NOTHING like a roast chicken. Am with you on the teenage boy front - more often than not i roast two at a time these days. Most of the time I get more than two meals out of them. Lovely pictures Sue x

  5. Please excuse my confusion, I thought tea was when you had little bits of something, like a snack and tea with it in the afternoon. It looks delicious no matter what time you eat it.

  6. Oh yum.. ok, I just put a plump whole chicken on my shopping list. :-)

  7. Sherri, tea is as you describe but the word is widely used to refer to our main evening meal or dinner. I was actually brought up to call this meal supper and that is what I still call it in my head. My husband always called it tea so my children do too. I have to say I don't really like calling it tea, tea to me is cakes and sandwiches at 4pm but no one really eats that meal anymore. We might have a piece of cake with a cup of tea mid afternoon but not the full monty. A complicated subject to be sure! Maybe a blog post in the making.

  8. I love roast chicken, did one on Sunday and, you are quite right, there simply must be roast potatoes too!
    Carol xx

  9. We had roast chicken for tea tonight too - it's hard to beat.

  10. We had roast chicken tonight. It'll be risotto tomorrow if I'm not much mistaken. It's cold enough for it.

  11. I roasted two chickens the other day for supper for 5 adults and 1 small child. There was just enough left for the dog, but oh! Such wonderful stock!
    Your roast potatoes look really scrummy:-)

  12. Anonymous10:23 pm BST

    Your meal looks absolute delish! However, some of us do still have tea (sandwiches, cake and a cuppa) around 5 o'clock having had our main meal of the day at 12.30 (lunchtime). Ahh, the joys of being retired .... it means you can eat whatever meal you like, when you like!


  13. This looks scrumola!

    I have taken to roasting two chickens now as the Tesco ones don't seem to go as far as they used to - particularly with Gannet Child (eldest son aged 19) eating for England!

    I work in a residential care home, and our residents have their main meal at lunchtime and a lighter supper at 6.30pm BUT they also have tea at 3 (in case they starve to death :D). Our chef makes HUGE batches of home-made cakes and a selection of these is put out every day for our residents to enjoy. I would love to be able to do the same, but I'd need to cook masses and then divide it into portions to have the variety, and I'm not sure I've got the energy...

  14. I make Hurrah Chicken, which I prefer to Hooray Chicken, but having read this it'll be Huzzah Chicken from now on for sure. Very tempting photos indeed.

  15. you are the proverbial woman with that feast, what time is dinner?

  16. I'm totally with you on the cooking two at once! Sounds like a great plan and cold chicken is so tasty...!

  17. Roast chicken is one of the nicest smells to come out of the kitchen. It is always a big hit whatever you call the meal.

  18. That's it! I am roasting a chicken for dinner tonight! Thanks Nina - I was trying to figure out what to make. Roast chicken is perfect!

  19. Roast chicken rules in our house too.....looks fabulous!

  20. Your children have great taste in food!


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