Summer Time and the Cooking is Easy

This week has been one of those weeks when every evening has required a meal to be produced, eaten and cleared up before six. In winter a pot of meat and/or pulses stashed in the oven for a couple of hours is the answer but that's not what I want in July.

Monday and George was rushing off to cadets.
Something quick and easy with leftover potential for when he returned starving again. 
Fishfinger sandwiches.Yes, that is a whole packet of  30 fishfingers.

Tuesday was the first night of Katie's play.
There was a handful of leftover roast chicken to use up.
Chicken, bacon and pea spaghetti 
First I put a big pot of water on to boil for spaghetti.
I fried some smoked bacon lardons in butter, added the chopped chicken, a little flour, some of the chicken stock I had made with the remains of the chicken and a glug of vermouth (white wine would be just as good).
Next I chucked in a couple of handfuls of peas and the last bit of cream leftover from the weekend pudding. 

Wednesday and another performance at school.
Some ready-washed new potatoes halved, tossed in olive oil and roasted in a hot oven for 30 mins.
A pan of chorizo, peppers and peas.
Frozen petits pois are my go to vegetable.

Thursday another cadet night and another sandwich night.
Sausages roasted in the oven and a dish of fried onions.

Tonight no one has to be anywhere.
I'm grilling some mackerel fillets to eat with a salad of green and flageolet beans with mustard and herb crumbs (from Food From Plenty by Diana Henry). 
There'll be crustless pizza with tomatoes and sweetcorn for the mackerel-dodgers.



  1. Anonymous8:54 am BST

    Hey! I get to be first! Vermouth is always a winner, a glug here and there seems to improve everything doesn't it? Have to say I am mightily impressed by your short-order creations. Surely there is a book in here somewhere.

  2. You are so organised! I used to be able to do that kind of thing (though for two people fewer) but I'd be hard pushed to achieve it nowadays. I haven't had a fish finger sandwich for years but I want one now.

  3. Anonymous9:43 am BST

    I love how wisely you use leftovers!

  4. ahh gotta love a fish finger sandwich! :)

  5. My mouth is watering, can I come and stay?
    I agree with charlotte - there must be a book in your blog.
    Carol xx

  6. Oh a fish finger sarnie - yes please! Where`s your macro lens these days? Do you not want it any more?

  7. Annabella, I seem to have lost the knack a bit lately.I used it for the sausage sandwich shot but as you can see it isn't very sharp. must try harder.

  8. Fish fingers isn't it funny how they are always a treat. Even the simplest food is served with 'Sue' flair.

  9. I just called for a curry. You are making me feel bad.

  10. Pati from London3:42 pm BST

    That sausage and onion sandwich looks divine.... I bet that your kids will miss mummy's cooking soooooo much when they leave the nest.... :-), x Pati

  11. Can I come and live at your house? That all looks delicious!

  12. Anonymous5:39 pm BST

    Yummy, this all looks so delicious! I think the fish finger sandwich looks wonderful. I haven't had a FF for years! I think I should come over next time!

  13. Anonymous5:36 pm BST

    Fish Finger Sandwich ... Wow! I could eat one right now. You manage to elevate the ordinary to new heights :)


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