The Quince Tree in July

Today, the first of the summer holidays, we are enjoying:
barley, chickpea and feta salad
(barley leftover from barley water making),

British berries all going cheap at the supermarket,

summer weather,

and The Quince Tree



  1. Your salad looks good, was it filling? Cheap fruit at Waitrose? Really? The quinces are coming on nicely.
    Enjoy the school holidays.

  2. Those coings are looking good. How many sibling arguments have you had so far??? We're doing pretty well... only a couple!! Ax

  3. Toffee - very filling indeed. English cherries currently £7.49 kg at Waitrose, £9.95 kg at Tesco. Waitrose is not always more expensive but in my experience it is always better quality, a nicer, less cluttered, crowded shop, staff more helpful and well informed about what they are selling.

    Magic Bean -arguments have been avoided by the lucky chance of daughter being invited out for most of the day.

  4. Pati from London4:47 pm BST

    I can't believe we are already in July... (and at the end of it!!). Time does go very fast indeed! What a great summer of berries we've had, haven't we? Raspberries have been particularly good in my opinion: big and sweet! x Pati from sunny London (finally!)

  5. We have a Booths supermarket nearest us, said to be the Northern Waitrose, they have had some wonderful soft fruits this year, no need to do anything with them just eat them as is, washed of course. I agree with you about Waitrose/Ocado. People get very sniffy about supermarkets. But the reality was if I got an Ocado shop, good fresh produce, their own brands faultless, and no waste. I have not always had the same experience in other stores. Old adage 'you get what you pay for' seems to hold true in most British supermarkets.

    Salad looks great I love chick peas and barley but have never thought to put them together before.

  6. Totally agree with what you say about Waitrose (no we don`t have one here in N.Africa...if only) but my mum has one locally and I love it. It isn`t often more expensive..they have a basics range and it`s all so yummy there is no waste, and the people who work there are lovely! Salad looks lovely and as you can get barley bread here, there must be barley.

  7. Oh boy... I see Quince recipes in the near future. :-)
    I grew up with a "black cherry" tree in the backyard of one of our houses and we used to climb up and sit on the top of the garage and eat cherries till we were full.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I need a local Waitrose and a quince tree ... that fruit looks like it's coming along nicely!

  9. You had sunshine - I am jealous of that :)

    However day 1 of the hols went well - a mix of doing very little and also earning some holiday pocket money :)

  10. I envy you the weather. Brittany seems to have moved into Autumn! The quinces look stunning. A few years ago Waitrose used to stock them (after Nigella featured them!) I have looked in vain the last couple of winters, you are very lucky to have your own tree.

  11. The Quinces are looking good, cant wait to see what you do with them.

  12. Hi Sue,
    Oooo your quinces are coming on a treat. That salad looked soo yummy. Also have you got a recipe for your lemon barley water please.
    Fab blog as ever.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  13. There's a link to the barley water recipe underneath the lemon picture in my previous post.

  14. We put in a quince tree ten years ago and this year, for the first time, it is covered in fruit. Exciting times!

  15. Hi Quince Lovers! This is my first post. Today I went outside to look at my two year old quince and lo and behold there was one lonely little quince lying on the ground. Well at first I wasn't sure it was a quince, since I hadn't seen one before, so I ran in excitedly to find a picture of one, and here I am. I doubt if there's much I can do with one quince, but I am excited at the prospect of many quinces to come. I originally planted my quince for the flowers (I hope to do watercolors of them). I am definitely going to follow this blog. I like it very much. Thanks Sue!


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