Thank you for all your lovely comments about young George and his suit. In answer to the question -did he look as smart at the end of the evening? No, he did not. He looked like he had had a good time.

My redcurrant bush has yielded a good crop this year , much better than last year. I picked about 3lbs of currants. 
 I decided to make redcurrant and raspberry jam.
 I had  picked quite a lot of raspberries from my wayward raspberry canes but I was still a couple of pounds short so on the way back from a trip into Worcester to buy Katie's school uniform for September (thank you teachers' strike for allowing us to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the sale at Schooltogs) we stopped off at our local farm shop to pick raspberries.

And then I made jam. Thirteen jars of jam.

Redcurrant and Raspberry Jam*
Makes about 6 one pound jars- I doubled the recipe.

1½ lb redcurrants
1½ lb raspberries
1 pint water
3 lb sugar

Cook fruit with water gently for about 20 minutes until soft.
Stir in a knob of butter to help clear the froth.
Add sugar, stir until dissolved.
Bring to a full rolling boil, or a roil as I call it. Let it roil for 10 minutes before testing for a set on a cold plate.
Mine took about 25 mins.
Pot into sterilised jars (sterilise them by washing in soapy water, rinsing and putting in the oven at 100°c while you boil the jam).


I tried to post June's sampler yesterday but Blogger was being a bugger.
Here it is. You can find all my monthly samplers on the Sampler page under my header picture.

* Recipe from The Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Preserving.


  1. I love jam time- it looks deeelicious. And your labels are so charming. Have a happy weekend, Ax

  2. Anonymous11:46 am BST

    Beautiful sampler and mouthwatering jam!

  3. You make Jam too. I should have known. I bet the combination of raspberries and redcurrants makes for a lovely fresh taste. You really are a REAL domestic goddess.

  4. Hi Sue,

    I was looking for your sampler earlier. Glad its there now.
    Glad George had a good time as well.

  5. Ooooh lovely yummy jam! xx

  6. My mouth was watering the minute I looked at those Redcurrants.

    Love the sampler, particularly the shot of the duckling.

  7. I'm so jealous Sue, the pigeons stripped all my allotment redcurrant bushes by burrowing under the net! Your jam looks superb. Ah well, plums to come!

  8. My two favourite summer flavours combined! Yum! Cx

  9. I think you should have your own tv cooking show :o)
    you are inspirational
    love the sampler too
    j x

  10. Just bought a fresh white loaf from my local baker and could really do with some of your very yummy looking jam!

  11. Anonymous2:12 pm BST

    Beautiful sampler, and thirteen jars of jam, always so satisfying to hord away summer flavours.
    Judith PS thanks for the reminder about school uniform, better get it done next week!

  12. You put me to shame. I am just in the process of writing about the miniature nature of my fruit crop.

  13. Sue - Cherry Picking happens at Clives Fruit Farm in Upton. They have at least a couple of fields of cherry trees & it is a lovely placex

  14. Jam looks lovely, bet it'll be nice and tangy with redcurrants in it! x

  15. Oh your jam looks fabulous! Must get over my fear of jam-making.

    K x

  16. Wonderful jam, I could just scoop some of that on to my scones.
    Love the sampler, especially the duckling photo.
    Glad George had a good time at his prom.
    Carol xx

  17. Gosh that duckling reminds me how quickly ours have grown. It all looks lovely Sue x

  18. I dare not buy uniform for my 2 yet - they always grow loads during the summer. However I can get anything they might need either in town or online so no worries there.

  19. There is nothing like homemade jam...except perhaps homemade jam on home made fresh bread. Amazing colour too xx

  20. Oh so he did! Excellent.

    I'm daunted by jam making. IK've never done it. Imagine. This seems approachable and doable. I need to get going because we have an outstanding PYO nearby.

  21. KathrynU10:48 am BST

    Your jam looks amazing, Sue. V. envious - we never have such luscious raspberries in Sydney and almost never red currents - the trade off is, I guess, beautiful mangoes in the summer from North Queensland.


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