I Love Not Camping - Day Three

July's monthly sampler

I have a chicken in the oven. A whole roast chicken to myself. 
I'm roasting some potatoes and making gravy and bread sauce to go with it. My favourite meal.
I shall be feasting off it for the next few days.

I thought I'd better eat something healthy, so I have added some strawberries to meringues and cream.
Eton mess. Or, eaten mess as it will become.

The soap and the soap dish (a scallop shell) are completely dry.
Evidently I am the only member of my family not to leave the soap in a scummy puddle of water, and the only one to empty the shell every day.

Eating when it suits me. 
I aim to produce dinner between six and seven when everyone is home, but I'm finding I am eating much later while I am alone.


  1. Oh sounds like you are having a blissful gastronomic time xox Enjoy!

  2. I so envy you having downtime to yourself. With four kids there's always someone here, even though two have officially left home now. Enjoy the peace while it lasts :)

  3. Lovely mosaic. A whole roast chicken to yourself, how marvellous I know you'll enjoy every last morsel. Having been married to an engineer I can understand your remark about the soap and dish, I thought our house was the only one in the world where the soap needed washing before you could use it.

  4. Not a M&S ready meal in sight. I make bread sauce for one every Christmas, nobody but me likes it, and it is strangely comforting to make too. Eton Mess!!!! are you sure you are not feeling lonely?

  5. Day Three alrady...? Ax

  6. I'm a relative newcomer to your blog and I must say, I adore it.

    Your alone time sounds perfectly blissful. My two are off to granparents in a couple of weeks and, while mist of my time will be taken up with finishing my MA dissertation, I hope I can follow your exmaple and make the most of the freedom.

    Loveaudrey xxx

  7. Sounds like it has been a good week so far - love the food updates and cant wait to see the next ones!

  8. I'm joining you being home alone - for the first time in living memory I think! What utter bliss. We miss them all when they aren't home of course, but oh the heavenly feeling of a week all for myself!

  9. Lovely photos in your mosaic. I was on my own in the house for about 3 hours this afteroon and it felt really wierd as it's rare it happens. Enjoy (as it sounds you are!)

  10. Oh, I do envy you - I would love to have some time on my own! Can't remember the last time I had even a day to myself - and no chance now that the school holidays are here. Hope you enjoy every minute!

  11. I have never heard of bread sauce, so looked on good old google, must try this one day, so I know what it tastes like and feel the texture.
    x Sandi

  12. Sue, can you remind me what camera you use to take your pics as the pics on your sampler are just beautiful.
    enjoy your time at home......you'll pay the price for it when they come back with all that dirty washing LOL

  13. Sounds like you are having an absolutely perfect staycation of your own. Enjoy every minute of the peace while it lasts. Know what you mean about the soap - I'm also the person who washes toothpaste out of our sink (never left by me I hasten to add!) Mx

  14. Hope you continue to enjoy the peace and quiet. It is a lovely break for you isn't it - a bit of "you time".
    Make the most of it they'll all be home soon!

  15. What a treat to have a whole week to yourself - I'm a little envious!:)It sounds as though you are having a blissful time. Best wishes, Pj x

  16. I expect you're the only one who hangs the towels straight on the rail, too. It all sounds wonderful.

  17. Anonymous2:15 pm BST

    Even the crocheted squares look good enough to eat.

  18. I cannot imagine what I'd eat given the chance to eat alone several days on the trot. My default solo meal is a poached egg, but after day 3 I might have got a bit sick of it...

    I'm glad you're drinking. I don't like those worrying people who don't.

  19. Brilliant ! It's what I do , too . When husband's away , I cook all the things I love and thoroughly enjoy them . Very pleasing .
    I have a colleague who , any time she's on her own , always cooks a steak and a box of mushrooms , eats them with a baguette and watches a weepy film .
    Each to her own !


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