I Love Not Camping - Day One

All the peaches were hard so I decided to make Rossinis instead of Bellinis. 
A Rossini is strawberry purée and prosecco plus a little sugar.

Griddled prawns with garlic and parsley butter.

Chocolate biscuit cake

Melt together
300g dark chocolate
150g golden syrup
100g butter

Mix in 
a 250g packet of gingernuts, roughly crushed
100g packet of dried cherries
80g chopped dried apricots
60g chopped almonds

Spread into a square or rectangular tin such as a traybake tin. 
Press down with a potato masher and refrigerate.
Cut into squares when firm and store in the fridge.
Of course you can use any nuts or dried fruit you like, or indeed any biscuits.


Again. After I watched this for the first time in May I promised myself I'd watch it when they all went camping. In the meantime I read the book. I enjoyed the book immensely finding it accessible and engaging. Having Richard Armitage to visualise as John Thornton certainly added to the enjoyment. By the way, the tv ending is better than the book ending. If you've seen it you will know what I mean.


The peace and the quiet.


  1. sounds like heaven and you still have 8 whole days ahead of you!
    I love north and south, i think i should watch it again too. must dig it out, i remember saving vouchers from the newspaper a couple of years ago and got a whole heap of wonderful period dramas in return :o) not bad.
    enjoy the peace and quiet
    j x

  2. The non camping lark sounds pretty damn fine to me. Must dig out North and South too.

    Gosh those prawns look good.

  3. Oh my. My mouth is watering!

    I have only seen the first episode of North and South (haven't read the book, but I would like to) and I am enjoying it very much. (To be fair, I find it difficult not to enjoy anything Richard Armitage is in!)

  4. I. Am. So. Jealous. Ax

  5. Sounds like bliss...

  6. The definition of luxury?

  7. Sounds like you are definately making the most of it and I don't blame you - prawns look scrummy.

  8. Sounds wonderful! (But I hate it when a T V dramatist 'improves' a book that I have loved since school! ) Jude x

  9. Anonymous11:28 pm BST

    Perfect! Keep on camping Sue!

  10. We streamed North and South off Netflix after hearing you talk about it. I loved it! Enjoy your peace and quiet and your solitary gourmet dining.
    Have you seen Young Victoria?

  11. What bliss - I must try a Rossini - I'm sure a small Madeleine would go very well with a Rossini!

    As for North and South - I'm not sure I have seen or read it - as I have just finished a book from my holiday pile, I think I will have to check it out!

    Enjoy your solitude while it lasts.

  12. Who would want to camp when you can stay at home and enjoy such scrumptiousness??? xxx

  13. Sue, It certainly looks like you have landed yourself on the right side of the bargain. You have us to keep you company and to share your 'Not camping Holiday'. Day one looked pretty good to me. It would be hard for a girl not to feel guilty thinking of her brood up on the wilds of Bodmin. I bet they are missing you and your homemaking already!

  14. I'd raise a drink to not camping too. Enjoy your freedom whilst you can. Not heard of North and South.

  15. I do love camping...but the food they are missing looks even better.
    I've just watched North and South, very very good.
    Take care

  16. And, just in case you need a reminder, for your fridge...


  17. Excellent! Thank you Liz :o)


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