I Am T-Shirt

This afternoon my boys were both advertising their ambitions on their t-shirts.

Here's George in his RAF t-shirt. He's planning to join up after he has done his A levels. He wants to be a pilot of course, but his back-up plan is to fix planes if he can't fly them.

'What does RLRRLRLL mean Tom?'
'Right left right right left right left left'
'OK, but what does that mean?'
'It's a paradiddle'
'A paradiddle?'
'A paradiddle'
'Explain more'
'It's a drum rudiment. There are 40, there are flams, dragadiddles, ratamacues and pataflaflas. I can't do pataflaflas though.'
'I can see why you like drumming.'

Tom has drum lessons at school.  We acquired a drum kit from a colleague of Charlie's who wanted £25 for it. We couldn't turn it down at that price. It's pretty ropey but Tom is gradually upgrading it. He's been saving for the last few months to buy this new cymbal.

'Who's the best drummer Tom?'
'Apart from you'
'Buddy Rich'
'Not John Bonham? Does dad know you don't think John Bonham is the greatest drummer in the world?'
'Don't tell him'
'When you are a famous drummer you won't do anything stupid will you?'
'Like what?'
'Like putting explosives in  toilets, or driving your Rolls into a swimming pool or dying young of drink, drugs or a combination of the two. Please?'
'No mum, I'm going to be a sensible drummer'.

'That's alright then'.


  1. Lars Ulrich? No? I love Metallic abut Lars Ulrich is not even the best drummer in Metallica (to pinch a John Lennon quote (ish))
    Love the T-shirts. If your son who's interested in joining up wants any advice Mr TB was in RAF for 12years and his father was RAF so he'd be happy to answer any questions he may have. You could PM me and I'll give you his email address.

  2. Thanks TB, I'll bear that in mind.

    Tom has given Lars Ulrich the thumbs down. Yes, poor old Ringo -quite a damning thing to say.

  3. Ah boys and their careers. Mine has just completed the first year of his journalism course and is arranging work experience at a local paper as we speak. With the reputation they have at the mo I've been asking the same sort of questions about morals and ethics etc. Being only slightly sarcastic(yeah right) I also asked him if he'd had to listen into my phone calls as part of his training. He said he could think of easier ways to die of boredom. Ho hum.

  4. Sue, my son is also a drummer - I have had drumming in my house since he was 8, and he is now 24. I am sure my hearing isn't as good as it used to be! Although he is not living at home, he 'sound proofed' a small room underneath our house as his practise/jam room. Is that a crochet sound-off your son is drumming on? If so, that is novel!

  5. Now, that is a good idea Dee! No it's just a stool with a crochet cover.

  6. Tell your son that I got to see live - The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin's last performance with Big Brother, The Byrds, Guess Who, Ten Years After, Ike & Tina Turner, Vanilla Fudge & many more back in the day. :-) I hope he has a brilliant career and stays sensible.

  7. Nothing like a well turned out son who stays sensible in his drumming career xox

  8. My other half is a drummer in a band. He has some beautiful drum kits, including 2 Pearl Masters kits :-) (very expensive, about £600 just for one drum! But they are worth it)
    Tell your son to check out Gene Hoglan. He is one of the greatest drummers in the world. He is the drummer in Fear Factory. He has a DVD called The Atomic Clock, and although its only available from the US, I got it for my OH a couple of weeks ago and it is full of tips and tricks for drummers.
    Other drummers he should check out (if he hasn't already) are Ryan Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend Project) , Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Joey Jordison (Slipknot) and Micky D (Motörhead). And he should give Lars Ulrich another chance :-) If your son can learn to play like a metal drummer, he'll be able to play anything he wants, because that is the most exhausting and complicated drumming there is. It's about so much more than keeping time (which is all Ringo Starr did...)

    And my dad was in the Air Force... He was training to be a pilot, but broke his leg playing football (for the air force team when he was stationed in Singapore!) and he wasn't allowed to fly planes anymore :-( he ended up being a radio engineer. So tell your son if he wants to be a pilot, to look after his legs!!!!!!

  9. I had a friend years ago who was a drummer. Lately we got back in touch on Facebook and he posted some videos of himself, still drumming. He looks exactly the same when he's drumming, even though it's been twenty years.

  10. Hehe, my brother started playing the drums and ended up with our grandfathers beautiful 'Pearl' drumset. He used to play them at 8.00 on a Sunday morning because he knew it would wake me up after my Saturday night out....grrr. He ended up working in the Air Force and will retire in two years time.
    x Sandi

  11. Sensible dummer - ha ha - oxymoron!
    Caz :)

  12. Seems you have everything covered there Sue!!

  13. Think yourself lucky with drums. Bagpipes are being seriously talked about here. But I suppose I've never heard of any pipers chucking tvs out of hotel windows... Ax

  14. You need to crochet yourself some earmuffs. A sensible drummer, is that a first?
    My granddaughter is hoping to go in the Army (nursing) we have everything crossed for her.
    Carol xx

  15. I've just been catching up over the last few days of your blog and had to comment about Thursday which made me laugh so much I was crying.

    This time of year is soooo expensive and I havent even bought new uniform yet!

    Thanks for the giggle.
    DD x

  16. Wow! lots of advice and info. Thank you everyone I will pass it all on the relevant chaps.

  17. Your boys are so confident in themselves, it is wonderful to see. You must be very proud of them.

  18. Oh maaaann, I want to be a drummer even more now. Am I too old at 34? What an adorable son you have.
    Nicki xx

  19. I believe Neil Peart of Rush is the drummers' drummer. Does your son know of him?

  20. I'll run that by him Dawniella. Thanks!


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