Cookbook Crochet

Most of this yarn is Rico Creative Cotton. Some of it is Debbie Bliss cotton. 
The Rico yarn is much cheaper then the Debbie Bliss. It is also of poorer quality. It splits easily. 
It isn't awful by any means and I suppose it's a good example of  'you get what you pay for'. 
I bought it from here. I'm not sure I'd use this particular supplier again, a wait of three months for goods I had paid for and several ignored emails has left me feeling a bit cheesed off. 

The yarn on the left is Rico Creative Cotton and the one on the right is Debbie Bliss.
See how the twist of the Debbie Bliss is tighter and the strands thicker.

Debbie Bliss above, Rico below.

The colours are vibrant and it works up well enough if you can stand the splitting.

This time I have been inspired not by paintings but by a cookbook cover.
I haven't abandoned my Ravilious blanket we're just on a break.

I love making granny squares, so quick and manageable.
here I'm using three colours in a four round square. First and last rounds are the same colour.

Did you know there was a special beer for crocheters?

It would be rude not to try it.



  1. Hi Sue,

    It would indeed be rude not to try it ;-) just the thing for this warm weather.

    The squares look great btw.

  2. Fun inspiration, and brilliant colours! Beer looks good too ;D

  3. Absolutely love your grannies and a fab way to find inspiration too. Loving those vibrant colours. Have one of those cold ones for me.
    Anne xx

  4. Love your beer...brilliant! I feel the same as you about Rico and DB cotton. The rico does the job well enough and is not as expensive but when it comes to quality DB is tops! Sarah Raven colours are truly inspiring too xox

  5. Oh my that's a lovely sight! All those gorgeous colours in one big bag. That's not very good customer service is it?! I'm not very tolerant when it comes to bad customer service us Britts are too tolerant. I lived on the German Dutch border for a few years and there is no way you'd get away with that there!
    Would be VERY rude not to.

  6. What a coincidence, we were in Hook Norton last evening and OH had a pint of the local brew, I stuck to wine.

    You were very patient with the yarn suppliers weren't you? I don't think I would use them again if I were you.

    Your yarn bag is very colourful, I should really make myself do something.

  7. I had the same dramas with first4yarns, too, Sue. And the delays weren't just because I live in Australia. There were delays at their end for months before the pack even hit the post and I also had poor/late/no responses to my emails. Very frustrating.
    Enjoy your granny-ing.
    Caz :)

  8. Thank you so much for this post...
    I like to try yarn from overseas and find it hard if I don't know what the quality is like...Thanks!!!

  9. Hooky Beer, now there's a first.

    It's very hard to beat Debbie Bliss for quality yarn, love the colourful squares.

  10. What a fantastic bag of yarn, such pretty colours. I'd like the cook book too please. I'll leave the beer though - don't like beer but I'll take some of your proseco and elderflower cordial you mentioned earlier instead...

  11. I love those Sarah Raven books ... makes me feel happy just looking at the cover! Also makes me wish I could crochet ....... !

  12. Love the colours and the inspiration
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  13. They had a huge income boost thanks to Lucys recommendation and have now expanded. Its very naughty splitty yarn but the colours are great. I want to make picnic cusion with mine.

  14. Lovely bag full of colours! The squares are looking great - what's it going to be? Cushion? Blanket? Or something else?

  15. Oh Sue that looks like a wonderful blanket in the make. Fantastic idea for inspiration - love the cover of that cookbook. As for the beer - it would be rude to leave that on the shelf...

  16. Love the new squares. How I wish I could crochet. Sigh.

    And the perfect beverage! I wonder if there's a similar knitting beverage available...!

    K x

  17. You must report on how the beer tastes...
    yes, I agree, you get what you pay for but needs must sometimes. The colours are rather wonderful, I look forward to seeing the completed piece.
    Take care

  18. I love the colors of this cotton yarn! And the grannies are just fantastic worked up in these delightful colors.

  19. Out of all your posts your crochet inspiration ones are my FaVoUrItE!

    Such beautiful colours and perhaps they are indeed a welcome change from the more muted (and equally lovely)Ravilious palette. Also what better inspiration for you than a cookery book?

  20. It would be very rude indeed.

    We once painted our living room using the colours from a book cover. They can be a great source of inspiration.

  21. Hooky bitter? Now that looks worth finding, cheers.
    I've used the Rico cotton and agree it is 'ok', perhaps better for things that need to be 'robust' such as the Lucy yarn bag.
    Carol xx

  22. That beer looks good, great inpiration from the cook book cover.

  23. Me too with First 4 Yarns....I waited...and waited....an order in November last year finally arrived last month....had the same lack of response to emails and phone messages too. Terrible customer service.

    But I love your crochet!

  24. Anonymous5:39 pm BST

    Sue, you are hilarious. I have total yarn envy and must say that I had a much better experiance with my Rico yarn order. Splitty ? A bit but colours are worth it. Will try DB though. As for old Hooky, enjoy. Great stuff, (both your post and the beer) look forward to the finished squares/blanket. Maria

  25. I love how you have used the front of the book as your inspirtation. I want to order the pack, however it works out to be too expensive for me and some of the colors are no longer available. I have just received some Patons and Wendy cotton 100g balls of yarn and there are some beautiful colors that I have oohed and arhed over. I love your yarn bag btw.
    x Sandi

  26. love the granny squares. Have the cook book, lovely seasonal recipes.

  27. Note to self about that supplier made! I loved the crochet squares you were making inspired by the Ravilious paintings, and this is just as wonderful, the sort of colours to cheer yourself up with on a rainy day! Love Vanessa xxx

  28. Pati from London4:11 pm BST

    Hello Sue, after following Attic 24's advice, I used that website to get my rico cotton and they also took ages. It was disappointing; they didn't reply to messages or phonecalls and found the experience a bit frustrating. I struggled to find another supplier in the UK, but finally found: www.cucumberpatch.co.uk and they were quick and had a great selection of colours. I made a blanket for my baby son (it's on flickr under pati from London) and loved the colours (and the price) but do agree with you about the splitting, which was a bit annoying at times. This was the first time I worked with cotton and really enjoyed it. I will have a look at Debbie Bliss to compare. x Pati

  29. Looks great so far, I like the colour combinations and how you got the inspiration from that book cover and made it inot a project.


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