Chili For Campers

School is out for summer. 
We have bid farewell to the primary school that has been a part of our lives for twelve years.
Katie wept all the way home.
Tom returned from his school bearing a certificate for 100% attendance again -he gets one every year. The award includes a £5 gift voucher, but apparently, it is seriously uncool to get this award and he tells me he will not be getting it next year.
Now school is finished our thoughts are turning to holidays.
Charlie and the children are all going camping soon with Charlie's sister and her children. Their campsite is one which allows campfires and Charlie wants to be able to impress his sister with at least one good meal. Apparently it doesn't have to be a meal that he has cooked; a meal cooked by George will do.
So, yesterday evening I taught George to make chili.
I'm not convinced a dish that needs slow simmering is ideal for a campfire with no temperature control but that's what they want to cook.

I made up a little jar of the spices I use in my chili for them to take with them.
I used crushed chillies, ground cumin, ground cloves and oregano.

I like to use passata rather than chopped tomatoes in dishes like chili and bolognese. I like the smooth, rich texture it gives. I think tinned tomatoes, especially if they are whole ones make for a watery dish. I also like to put a tin of baked beans in with the kidney beans. Sometimes I throw in frozen sweetcorn.

While George was cooking I wrote the recipe down for them to take with them.



  1. Hi Sue
    You are quite the artist! I think you should write a recipe book for kids with all your simple, creative and very effective recipe writing. Very inspiring indeed,happy hols xox

  2. I wish all recipes looked like your one. So much easier to follow than long paragraphs.

    Having said that, I do enjoy reading a recipe book written by someone who has a pleasing way with words, such as Nigel Slater, or Nigella Lawson. My daughter bought me Simon Hopkinson's latest book (The Good Cook)for my birthday this week and I do believe his name will be added to the list.

  3. A very prettily decorated recipe, far better than some I've seen.

    Simon Hopkinson's books are usually very good, I hope just Gai enjoys the new one.

  4. My daughter always got the 100% attendance but without the voucher!! seriously uncool!!

  5. I find Roma chopped tomatoes very good. They are very thick and rich not like a lot of tinned tomatoes. I like the way you write out your recipes, very easy to follow.

  6. Try adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder at the end

  7. your recipe illustration is gorgeous. glad to know I'm not the only one who puts baked beans in her chilli x

  8. Your chili looks so scrumptious,and the spices sound so wonderful.
    Would you mind telling me how much of the spices to add?

  9. Lynne, I tend to do it a little differently each time. I think for this much chili it was a quarter/half a teaspoon of crushed chilies, a heaped teaspoon of cumin, half a teaspoon of cloves and good pinch of oregano.

  10. Brilliant ... write a book. M x

  11. Pati from London4:43 pm BST

    I love the pictures of your Chilli recipe... x Pati


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