A Summer Supper

Having failed to watch the weather forecast for today my meal planning left something to be desired.
A traditional roast lunch is not what you want in this heat but the joint of pork had to be eaten.
I made a better job of it for our evening meal though.

Summer Spaghetti
Instant Raspberry Ice

I warmed some olive oil in a small pan to which I had added two crushed cloves of garlic and some crushed chillies. I tossed the cooked spaghetti in this garlicky oil and threw in some halved cherry tomatoes and some basil. I finished it off with plenty of parmesan.

For the raspberry ice I put frozen raspberries (from my garden), sugar, a couple of big dollops of yogurt and a splash of crème de framboise (not essential) in the food processor. 

This sort of ice does not refreeze as it just gets really hard. Make it just before serving and eat immediately. It's really quick and very impressive.
Use this method to make other ices. You must use frozen fruit. All berries work well but chunks of frozen fruit like mango or banana are good too.
 The yogurt isn't essential but it makes it more like ice cream and less like a sorbet.
The original idea for instant ices is from the low-fat cookery writer Sue Kreitzman.

I spent a little time making a menu plan for the coming week. 

I just need to buy fish and lots of fresh fruit and veg.
I will endeavour to take some photos of this week's meals to post later.



  1. Did you know that this bonkers summer is delivering a return to cool and showery next week? At least that won't come with a health warning and the phone number of NHS Direct which this weekend's weather forecast did!

  2. Heat? It's still like November here and has pretty much been so since the beginning of May, a roast would have been perfect.
    Like the sound of the raspberry ice, or I would if we ever get any suitable weather (I'm starting to sound like my Mum, she always moaned about the weather...)

  3. Anonymous8:18 pm BST

    I like these kind of light spaghetti, without a rich sauce.I also like that you used baby tomatoes! I posted a similar one a while ago. Should you wish to get an idea, click here:http://fernskonto.blogspot.com/2011/05/tip-of-day_16.html
    I hope you like it!
    I made it three times in a row!!!

  4. We had a roast tonight - because last weekend everyone said thats what they'd really like. So thats what I cooked. Thank goodness it clouded over for a while so it didn't feel too silly.

    We made up for it with an ice-cream and strawberries pudding though!

  5. My sister made the best blueberry crisp for our BBQ today and served it with vanilla ice cream. She used frozen blueberries. Hubby put two plump chickens on the rotisserie of his BBQ grill and those turned out so juicy and tender! I made pasta salad with medium shell pasta, sis brought orange baked beans. Great day!

  6. Well yesterday we got it all - the heat lasted about 2 hours. Then thundery rain. Sunny this morning but who knows.

    I looked at your menu, wonderful stuff, please move in next door, I would pay you to cook double and share.

  7. Raspberry ice- how fantastic, I'm going to give it ago at the weekend. Judith x

  8. Good grief, your list is neat. I shan't be showing you mine.

  9. I do a weekly menu too - sometimes you do get caught out and your stew feels like the last thing on earth that you can eat. Your menu this week looks delicious. Am free most nights!

  10. Pati from London4:43 pm BST

    I love the idea of your raspberry ice... will have to try something similar with a box of frozen berries I have in the freezer one of these days. The weather here is just Hot, hot, hot.... We always plan our weekly meals, I just find it practical; it saves me a lot of time when I buy the food and helps me organise my life. Am still waiting for baby (9 days overdue) so my mum is here helping and cooking lovely food for us. Tonight she is making proper real Spanish Omelette, a salad and a jelly dessert... Spanish Omelette is very simple but for some reason, I never quite get it right... Your menu for this week looks delish! Enjoy the sunshine!!! x Pati

  11. all sounds very delicious and raspberry ice cream is just perfect for this mad heatwave!
    I always make a menu plan on sundays for the following week (although it's not nearly as impressive as yours :o) it makes the supermarket shop so much easier
    enjoy the sunshine
    j x

  12. I've missed your weekly menus since you stopped doing them regularly - thanks very much for this inspiring list.

  13. Sounds yummy and would suit the weather in the North of the country just perfectly!! LOL!! Cx

  14. Very impressed with your menu planning. And the raspberry ice looks delicious! K x

  15. Hi, I've just found your blog through Harmony & Rosie. OMG I think you are going to single-handedly revolutionise my life! (That sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it.) The thing is that I love good food and have a huuugge appetite but have no idea what to make when it comes to supper each night. I think I over-complicate. I'm going to check out the rest of your blog for more inspiration. Thank you for posting this stuff. Nicki (www.the-home-bird.blogspot.com)

  16. Anonymous10:18 pm BST

    what lovely handwriting you have. odd comment, I know, but I do love lovely handwriting. Mine looks as though a spider on speed has taken a walk through some ink. Interesting from a distance, but illegible on closer inspection. So Joe does the list, I dictate.

  17. sounds yummy enough to give both recipes a try! Perfect for hot summer days!


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