I've been trying hard to think of a theme to today's post. But I couldn't.
It's just some random stuff thrown together.
That ok?

First random thing.
Chickpea and lentil salad with sun-dried tomato and parmesan dressing.
Recipe pinched from here.

Second random thing.
First fruits.
I picked the first raspberries today and ate them all myself.
There weren't enough to share.

Third random thing.
The fountain at Witley Court today.
Providing an opportunity to experiment with shutter speed.

Fourth random thing.
Elderflowers to be made into cordial.
Slightly alarmed to find that a lot of the flowers are already turning brown.

Fifth random thing.
Progress on my blanket as requested.
Progress is slow. I have completed eight large squares.
No rush though.


  1. Serendipity again, Sue. I was just going through a pile of 'stuff' and found the guide book to Witley Court we bought last year. I expect it was lovely there today - did you go to the tea shop?

  2. We never spend money there Jane! We're members of English Heritage so we get in free. There's always an argument about buying ice creams but luckily I had the promise of homemade strawberry lollies in the freezer today.

  3. Its the lack of rain making the Elderflowers turning brown. I have a tree at the bottom of my garden but really there isn't enough flowers to make cordial now:(
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. I was just thinking about chickpeas, and a new way to prepare them for supper tomorrow. Thank you, it looks beautiful we'll be eating your salad.

  5. Oh Yummy that salad looks just the thing for supper tomorrow. I may just get some raspberries to finish off!

    NB I have tagged you, please see my blog.

  6. I,ve been waiting patiently for the elderflower tree outside my front gate to flower, i think i,m in luck this week, elderflower cordial has got to be one of my all tome fav drinks mmmm! That salad looks soooooo good
    Karen :)

  7. Your blanket is coming on a treat, those colours are just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the recipe link, it looks delicious and a definite one to make! I need to get my skates on and pick my elderflowers for cordial making, it's all happening too fast this summer!

  8. Random it may be but every picyrue is beautiful!

  9. Beautiful photos! I'm going tot he grocery and will get the ingredients for the salad for supper tonight. Can't wait, it looks delicious!

  10. I like the random days, great pictures. I found some Elderflower cordial in our supermarket so I bought it, but haven't tasted it yet, I have had some Elderflower iced tea tho and it is very nice. I have finally started my grannie stripe blanket, enjoying watching the colors coming together. Have been procrastinating about it for months.
    x Sandi

  11. I passed through your neck of the woods last weekend on the way to visit friends in Ledbury. The fields were looking so beautiful. I love chickpeas and lentils so I mAy have to try that salad and perhaps I`ll have a go at sun drying some tomatoes. lovely photos as ever!

  12. Hi Sue. I'd have scoffed all the Raspberries aswell. There one of my favourite fruits. Our old Labrador used to nick them off the bushes and eat them. Violet went to pick our first strawberry yesterday, but the Blackbird's had already beaten her too it - she was gutted :0(

  13. Anonymous5:17 pm BST

    There are never enough raspberries to share!

  14. That salad looks amazing!

  15. Anonymous8:47 pm BST

    Here Here for random!!!!
    Best Wishes to you Sue
    Sue xx

  16. I was reading a blog just after yours and the lady had some fresh raspberrys and she made a small amount of cheesecake mixture and piped it into some of the raspberrys and with some she piped in lemon curd.
    x Sandi

  17. Yum Sandi, that sounds good.

  18. I love your blog, Sue. The recipes, the beautiful flowers, the humour. It brightens my day. You seem like a really neat person!

  19. I've just got all the ingredients to make the salad but was wondering how long any left over dressing would last for please?

  20. I'm not sure Periwinkle. I kept it several days. Chuck it away when it starts to smell bad :o)

  21. i have found the same thing with the elderflowers and in previous years i've been able to make up to midsummer. I have heard that using any flowers containing brown will cause distaste so have never used - what about you?

  22. The colours you use are so beautiful! Came across your blog by accident, and now I'm all inspired to crochet again! Haven't made anything for ages, and I really want to have a go at these beautiful squares.


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