Flowers, Food and Fowl

Flowers from my garden

Crustless Pizza from Kitchen by Nigella Lawson.
Not really a pizza. More of a flat Yorkshire pudding with cheese. But none the worse for that.
To make one 8 inch pizza (which I don't recommend if you have a family to feed, I made two) you beat together an egg, 100g of plain flour and a little salt with 250ml of milk.
 Throw in a handful of grated cheese, pour into a greased pie plate or oven proof dish and bake at 200°c for 30 mins.
 Then pull it out of the oven add some pepperoni/chorizo/ham/ tomato slices and some more cheese and pop it back in the oven for a few more minutes.
Next time I might add some sweetcorn to the batter, or stir in a little pesto. Bacon is another possibility
We ate ours with watercress salad and sliced tomatoes.
I will be making this again often but next time I will triple the recipe (remember I have teenage boys) and bake it in a lasagne dish.
Edit: This idea didn't work -much too doughy. Best to make several small ones.
Frugal, easy, versatile and I always have flour, milk, eggs and cheese to hand.

I spent yesterday afternoon duck hunting.
A mother duck and her ducklings had turned up in our neighbour's garden. He had managed to catch the mother and some of the ducklings and take them up the road to a little pond. But three of the ducklings had escaped into our garden.
 At one point it looked like I was going to catch them all in my laundry basket but it wasn't to be.
 I caught two. My daughter and I took them up to the pond where there was a very touching reunion between mother and babies.
Unfortunately we couldn't find the third. 
We fear it was caught by Elvis, a deeply unpleasant cat belonging to one of our neighbours.

My daughter wanted to call it Dorothy Duck.
She did not approve of my suggestion of Crispy Duck.



  1. No wonder Crispy didn't want to be caught, your garden looks amazing.
    We had a pet duck once, which we hatched ourselves. He was called Monty. He went off to a farm and think he was subsequently known as Alorange. Ax

  2. We get strays in our garden too, a little while ago a lamb escaped from the field behind us, it was making a bee line for the road, so we all ran out and herded it back.

    Gorgeous flowers.

  3. How adorable is that duck? I am so glad you did your best for a happy reunion :)

  4. Love your pretty flowers and crispy is too cute for sure xox

  5. I am just a little duck obsessed at the moment due to having two of our own little ones. How sad that one got away but hopefully not vaught by the dreaded Elvis! x

  6. That should say caught...sigh x

  7. The 'pizza' looks delish. On my to make list for next week. Is it in one of her books? Maybe I could top it with crispy shredded duck!

  8. Hi Sue, LOVE your duck picture, very cute.
    Very much like the sound of the recipe too, will give that one a go v soon. x

  9. Crispy Duck! how sweet the only strays we get in our garden are cats pooing!

  10. Beautiful photos of your flowers from the garden! Absolutely wonderful. Elvis sounds nasty. Duck looks tasty. Sorry, meant to say lovely.

  11. You have very beautiful flowers in your garden, I hope for something similar next year.
    Sweet little Crispy, that would have been my response too.
    Yorkshire Pudding pizza, now that sounds simply delicious, thanks for the tip.

  12. Awwwwwwwwwwww..... that is such a cute duckling photo! I lived on a houseboat in the Columbia River for 5 years and each Spring there would be huge flocks of Canada Geese ducklings following their mommies. They are soOOooo cute!

  13. ahhh what a cute little ducky face, I am with your daughter on the name, i hope you whispered Sue!
    j x

  14. beautiful flowers Sue. That duckling is just gorgeous! We were watching all the duck families last weekend in an Elvis free zone.

  15. A flat Yorkshire pudding with cheese? Ooh might have to give that a try!

    What a gorgeous photo of that duckling - I didn't realise quite how furry they are!!

  16. Pati from London11:38 am BST

    Hi Sue! The pizza looks yum... Recently I've been making something similar that I've copied from a pack of small puff pastry (can't remember the brand but it is the one sold in every shop). You just roll the pastry into an oven dish, add 5 spoonfools of tomato puree and spread them around the base, then add mozarella cheese, ham and small sliced tomatoes on top and sprinkle some basil leaves. After 20-25 mins in a preheated oven (180 degrees centigrade) you get a lovely puffy dish. It's quite similar to a pizza but with the pastry twist.
    Your garden flowers look lovely. Have a nice weekend! x Pati

  17. So cute but remember Elvis has to eat too.

  18. I love Ladies mantle, looks so pretty mixed in with your flowers.

    I much approve of Dorothy duck, not crispy :O

  19. Just found your Blog, love the food the pictures I enjoyed reading.

  20. Your flowers are beautiful, I picked a little bunch of roses yesterday, I am surprised we still have flowers and my sweet peas are flowering too...in winter!
    Love the little duckling, too cute.
    x Sandi

  21. Hi Sue,

    Love the flowers, so nice as usual and as for Crispy Duck, that had me giggling for most of the day.

  22. Oh. A duckling of almost unbearable cuteness. Your choice of name was popular here.

    The flowers are exquisite.


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