Annoying Husband

So, I'm heading towards the downstairs loo as my husband comes out of it.
'There's no loo paper in there' he says as he walks towards the kitchen.
'Well, why aren't you going upstairs to get some more?' I say.
'I didn't use it up'
'Fine!' I mutter under my breath as I go upstairs to get some, 'You wait, I'll be closing my eyes and thinking of Richard Armitage later'.

I made a gorgeous chocolate cake too, for which no one has said thank you.
Devil's Food Cake from Nigella Lawson's Kitchen. With raspberries from my garden.
'Devil's food cake? Will I go to hell?' said younger son nervously.
'Only if you eat it all'.

The frosting took a lot longer to firm up than the specified hour. More like two hours.

Utterly fabulous
Thank you me for that lovely cake.

Luckily I also have a plentiful supply of elderflower cordial

To which I am adding plenty of prosecco.
Nigella calls it prozacco and I'm beginning to see her point.



  1. Anonymous8:07 pm BST

    Oh, what a cake!
    I would go to paradise, not hell, if I ate some, I'm sure!!!
    Congrats, Sue!

  2. Hmmmm I think me needs some of that Prozacco lol. And a slice of cake would be nice too. x

  3. Chocolate cake - HEAVEN!
    Chocolate cake and Raspberries - HEAVEN for a week!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. i would eat it all, by myself .looks beauifull

  5. Ha! Annoying Husband exposed to the blog world! Good for you.

  6. Husbands are generally quite an annoying species I find and I'm even a little surprised you let him have any cake or elderflower - at least until he cleaned the loo or something similar. You're clearly a lot kinder than I am x

  7. I have one of those this evening. Jimmy Hendrix being played non stop.
    Need prozacco and chocolate. Now.

  8. Hi Sue, I think you might enjoy
    this link

  9. Ha Ha that's brilliant Sue, love your response to your husband! As for the chocolate cake, you truly are a marvel at baking and cooking by the way! Love your sense of humour, always tickles me pink.

  10. I love Elderflower cordial and would make it too if I lived over there. I saw lots of it flowering when we were out your way - in fact it was flowering everywhere we went. We don't have it growing here - pity - but I can buy the cordial at the supermarket. Poor substitute but better than nothing.
    No chocolate for me, too many cream teas. I'm on a DIET !!!

  11. Who doesn't love Nigella even if her timing is sometimes off! The toilet paper issue is something else. He needs to get things exactly right!

  12. 'Sounds like you're having one of those days! My husband is a saint--perhaps to make up for my three little monsters! I pray tomorrow's better for you!!

  13. Your cordial sounds delicious Sue, as does that fabulous cake - yum!
    As for husbands/other halves and toilet paper. In my experience they all leave just one or two sheets on the roll, so that it's not their responsibility to remove said roll and replace it. It should be a divorceable offence. MEN!!!

  14. I would of just retrieved a couple of sheets - for personal use of course - and then seen how long it woulf take someone else to replace it.

    Though in this house that would probably be a verrrry long time and I'd end up doing it anyway when we had guests!!

    Love the cake - does that make you the devil as you baked it?

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Nina x

  15. Very funny post!! That cake looks absolutely divine - I love the "Thank you me"! :)

  16. How do you make a gorgeous cake look even more appetising? Give it the Sue photographic treatment! Wht an amazing confection! Thanks Sue.

  17. How can you not be thankful for such a lovely cake and toilet paper on the loo?? They never know when they are well off. I felt exactly the same yesterday as I fished bits of pasta and sweetcorn out of the plughole in the kitchen so I could wash up the mixing bowl from the cake I just made with the heart sinking moment when I had to wash up the things he'd left to "soak" the night before to make way for more washing up. Wish he'd fix the pigging dishwasher!!
    I'm off to drool at you Pintrest board again :)
    Love Tickety-boo

  18. Oh so it isn't just me who ALWAYS replaces the toilet rolls then.

    Those photo's look wonderful. I have never made that cake - but if it tastes as good as it looks I am willing to try.

    I find chocolate and booze soften the bumps in domestic life too.

  19. Well I'd say thank you to you because you take care of both ends of your family's anatomy. And thank you for creating such a lovely blog...

  20. Glad you liked the link, it summed me up too and I also kept watching the last scene on YouTube numerous times a day. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much back to normal now though, phew!
    I forgot to mention, your cake looks delicious, and I like the sound of elderflower cordial with proseco, must try that this year, the elderflowers are just starting to come into flower here.

  21. Richard Armitage?? Not David Tennant? Call yourself a proper housewife, I don't know... ;-)

  22. Well a big thank you from me for sharing your gorgeous Devil's Food Cake and slightly sinful drinks! I really like to think that Richard Armitage wouldn't leave the empty roll in the loo...

  23. This made me chuckle - I had almost exactly the same conversation with 22yr old son (I have 3 men in my house at the moment!) who pointed out that there was no loo roll in the upstairs bathroom before reminding me that he had mentioned it the day before! Add 'loo roll replacer' to the never ending job description...!

  24. That cake looks amazing :)

  25. When we have one of those discussions again (men are the better species) I always reply : there are things women can do, that men can't. Then I pauze for a few seconds to allow their male braincells to work. And then I say triomphantly : we can change the toilet paper roll, and you men can't. There is always a minute of silence before they reluctantly have to agree with me.... a small victory perhaps, but it 's soooo true.

  26. Hi there, just making some elderflower cordial. Had a good picking today with the kids, can't wait till tomorrow for a taste of mine. Love the blog, love all the cooking and cookbooks!!!
    Cake looks great.

  27. Pati from London9:38 pm BST

    OMG! That cake looks amazing... but have already put too much weight on with this pregnancy and I think I'd better stick to the cordial..... Your "Armitage" response to your hubby made me laugh out loud!!! Have a nice "back to school" week! x Pati

  28. Haha I like the idea of elderflower & prosecco - sounds like you needed it :-) I'm sure you're family appreciated the cake really (maybe you should have left the toilet roll until the culprit needed it!) hehe

  29. Dare I tell you that my hubby is always the one to put the new roll of paper on and he made the most tender and flavorful chuck roast tonight with onions and garlic and glazed carrots and roasted red potatoes..


    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  30. Lor' I would never STOP thanking you for a cake like that! x

  31. Lovely posting - brought a smile to my face!

  32. This post has has given me a wonderful idea for what I can do as a secret treat this week. I can watch the gorgeous Richard Armitage in North and South whilst eating cake and having a secret tipple. BTW, I know all about the frustrations of replacing the toilet roll!


  33. Chocolate cake and Richard Armitage - now that really is a thought!
    Carol xx

  34. I think I am going to have to stop reading your blog - I am on a diet and your blog makes me hungry!! :)
    Best wishes, Pj x

  35. Hi Sue,
    Don`t get me started on "annoying husbands". Last night it was peaceful in our lounge, i was finishing a line of knitting and then going to proceed onto reading my book. Hubby in another room on computer.Then he decides to come in and watch the telly! Peace shattered! He puts on his glasses and puts telly on! Then he promptly falls ASLEEP!! Pffft!I turned the sound off, lol! Peace restored :-) Bless

    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


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