And Now For Something Completely Different

Sorry, no flowers or cake or crochet today.
Military aircraft instead.
 The Cotswold Airshow is our favourite airshow, RIAT is more spectacular but this one is less crowded and you can get really close to the aircraft.
Last year I forgot the suncream and went home with a face like a tomato. This year I remembered the suncream. It rained.

It was very windy too.

'Hi, just jumped out of a plane'

Professional planespotter

RAF pilots are cool

 They have cool planes.

Flight Lieutenant Jules Fleming is the coolest though.
She's sitting on the wing of her Hawk. 

There were some serious lenses around.

Pretty big lollies too.

The Dakota in its D-Day colours. These were the planes from which paratroopers jumped into Normandy.

The skies were very black. There were some heavy showers. We got wet.
But the sun appeared in time for the main attraction.

Hard to believe its first flight was in 1953.

Unfortunately the Spitfire didn't display today so we made do with a liquid form.



  1. Anonymous9:30 pm BST

    The RAF is Damn Cool - no question.

    I spent most of my childhood living on RAF bases and it was awesome. I was born on the exact spot where the Royal Airforce Museum now stands - planes are in my blood. ;)

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm BST

    I forgot to say - my Uncles both fly Tornados and they are Capital C Cool!! :)

  3. You were about 10 miles from my house! We drove past today on the way to visit friends and stopped with the littlies to watch some of the display from the road (smallest littlie doesn't like the noise which is ironic as Mr TB was in the RAF until smallest was born).
    Glad you had a good day.
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  4. Ah, hooray fellow planespotters! Ruth I am so impressed that you have tornado pilots for uncles. Definitely cool. My elder son want to join the RAF and fly fighters.

    TB how funny that we were so close.

  5. We used to visit airshows for years and up until last year we lived near RAF Leuchars so we could sit in the garden and watch the planes both on the actual day and the practice the day before.The Vulcan was always my mam's favourite plane and I must admit seeing it go over our house after years away from flying brought a lump to the throat...even if it always did sound like a piece of old rusty plumbing!

  6. I love air shows! We had a fantastic time at Cosford last year, but the Vulcan couldn't make it. The Vulcan was booked for Cosford this year but last Sunday, the weather was so bad, half the planes didn't fly, vulcan included, and it was a miserable day!
    Next year, I'm going to try a different air show!

    We saw Jules Flemming at Cosford the last couple of years too, as well as a female pilot with the red arrows last year!

  7. I would have loved to see this! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Looks like a grand day out - and those sunglasses would have coordinated beautifully with plane number 1......

  9. Hubby really enjoyed seeing your blog today! It's a new you on your blog! When I read about your haircut I envisioned me with 2 inches of hair.. but chickened out! LOL

    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  10. The Vulcan flew several times directly over our house last year for the airshow at Filton. We are on finals for the runway and the red arrows breaking just above our roof is an amazing sight. I should have been at the Cotswold airshow yesterday but we had the call from Ofsted and so staff were in preparing for the inspection. RIAT is the weekend of my brothers wedding....hubby is not pleased!

  11. Wonderful! Hope your son makes it to the RAF, my eldest is nearly finished Sandhurst, so I'm very proud but also anxious. Love your haircut!

  12. I live where the Sunderland Airshow is held every year. Apparently it's the biggest airshow in the country or something. It's held over the sea and theres usually over 1m people visit it (it's 2 days long) The Red Arrows are always there, There is a sea rescue, wing walkers etc.
    My favourite plane was always the Harrier :-) my dad was in the RAF before I was born and was training to be a Harrier pilot but then he broke is leg playing football and the break was so bad he wasnt allowed to continue pilot training :-(
    I don't know if they are going to have the harrier this year since the government decommissioned them.

  13. Wow what a fab day out, i loved the plane spotter jacket, that must have taken some serious sewing!
    all too cool for words
    j x

  14. My favourite of all your fab photos is your daughter's lollipop. I could never in a million years imagine eating one of those but the colours are amazing!

    I am celebrating my first blog post today ;-)


  15. What a fabulous post, I love a good air-show. That Dakota flew over me a few weeks ago, I don't know where it had been or was going but it gave me such a frisson of excitement! I remember the 'last' flight of the Vulcan, it made me cry, so I'm glad that it has been revived, such an iconic plane. My brother was in the RAF for years and before that the Royal Marines. I have to agree that RAF pilots are definitely cool.

  16. Anonymous10:44 am BST

    We used to live in Farnborough. We love the shows! Mr PC, in particular, as he always wanted to be a pilot, got through RAF selection, did the initial officer training then gave it up to do a computer science degree, silly boy!

  17. Zoooom.

    Love the dayglo stripes on one of those planes - they make it look like a rocket lolly.

  18. I always thought it was Boys and their toys - however we sometimes get Typhoon's coming over from Wharton. I just love the sound of all that power. Chinook helicopters often land at my husbands place of work, they are brilliant.

    My brother was in the RAF.

    Great post.

  19. What a great day despite the weather. My brother is in the airforce over here in Oz he doesn't fly planes tho'
    Love the flowers from your last post btw, oh and I made some of the After Dinner Mint biscuits today, been a while since I last made them. Must be a cold weather thing.
    x Sandi

  20. Cool pictures, I remember your post from last year, when you said your face was a red as your picnic lunch, the tomatoes. :-0

  21. All those badges on that coat made me dizzy. It's taken me two months to get round to sewing on one swimming badge.

  22. Just 'found' your blog and I've really enjoyed reading it. Also very impressed with your fridge! Not only is mine a bit grubby but totally disorganised. I'm really impressed with how you've got everything cut up in those boxes and the mass baking. I tend to bake very other day (three big kids who get through everything quickly). Never ocurred to me to make a huge lot in the first place and keep it in a cool place!

    Also enjoyed the Ravilious inspired colours. They go so well together. I see there's an exhibition on in Saffron Walden - not sure if I fancy the drive and it seems a pig to get to on the train (three hours from West Sussex).

    Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration. Will bookmark you .....

  23. Just fabulous. That girl pilot rocks!

  24. Pati from London3:10 pm BST

    What a great post Sue! I love the pics, especially that one of a great coat with badges and the lady pilot one. Ever since I watched Top Gun (all those years back in my adolescence) I wanted to be a fighter pilot... Things never happened that way but I ended up working for an airline for many years (the closest to an airplane, I guess) but not as a pilot... Loving your new hairdo :-)
    Pati xx

  25. Bring back the flowers, the cakes and the crochet!

  26. Sue thanks so much for sharing this. I read your blog early on Sunday morning and decided the best way to celebrate Father's Day and our Wedding Anniversary was to hit the Air Show. We had a fantastic time (I am such a speed lover and all things LOUD) and the Red Arrows were AMAZING :)

  27. Fantastic photos - I love airshows. I have always been thrilled by planes and flying since I was a little girl. It was just a coincidence that my husband was in the RAF when we married - honestly! ;)
    Best wishes, Pj x

  28. Geraldine1:15 pm BST

    Love the Vulcan photo. My Dad actually piloted this very plane in the 1960s. He was a pilot in the RAF. Fab !

  29. You have the coolest dad Geraldine!


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