Three Simple Pleasures

 1) My columbines.
Do you know why they are called columbines?

 Because the latin word for dove is columba.
Look closely and you will see  little flocks of pink and purple doves.

2) Lots of healthy delicious food in my kitchen at the moment.
Below Charlie's packed lunch tomorrow. Kidney beans, tuna, bean sprouts, tomatoes, red onions and parsley.

Below our technicolour dinner.
 Honey-soy-lime baked salmon, mango salsa and sweetcorn. Pitta bread for those who wanted it.

English strawberries, simple and unadorned.

3) Favourite Royal Wedding souvenir. 
Fairy's limited edition.
The perfect partner to my Royal wedding tea towel.
 In truth it is that old cylindrical shape I love, reminding me of so many Blue Peter craft projects. Once it is empty I am going to decant any new bottles of washing up liquid into it.
It will make washing up that bit more bearable.



  1. Anonymous7:37 pm BST

    You are making me homesick for England showing me that Fairy liquid! And your columbine photos are beautiful.
    Kay Guest

  2. Kay Guest7:39 pm BST

    Oh! Will try to comment under name instead of anonymous.

  3. I didn't know that and your pictures show the doves so clearly. Have been decanting like mad for just the same reason. Manufactures could make a killing if they reverted to their old packaging. There's a market ready and waiting. Me.

  4. Glad it's not just me Lucille.

  5. I was so taken with the bottles that I snapped up 2. Might well decant too, although maybe i could make a rocket or.....

  6. love those beautiful purple doves!

  7. Found an old style Fairy bottle in the shops a few months ago and yes, I've been decanting like mad ever since. Well, as fast as I wash up.
    Thank you for the gorgeous doves. I have masses of them in the garden- just my sort of plant as they self-seed so easily.
    I think things are back to normal for the next couple of weeks aren't they? No more weddings, Bank holidays, seasonal celebrations? Ax

  8. The columbines are lovely, and now I see the doves.

    Where can I get Fairy Liquid, just back from France today, and none in Sainsbury's, would Waitrose have it? It is just adorable! Jude x

  9. Beautiful pictures of aquilegia/columbine - I do love these flowers. I didn't realise they were commonly called columbine - my Mum always called them Fairy Bonnets, so that's what I think of them as!

  10. Oh I so do see the doves, wow, we call them 'Grannies Bonnets' here as well as Columbines and Aquilegia. Beautiful by any name, I used to have lots of different varieties in the house that I owned.....sigh.
    x Sandi

  11. I love columbines but had never realised their resemblance to doves before, nor indeed knew that that was why they are so named. I have a columbine growing outside my front door and I can't wait to pop outside in the light to see my own little flock of doves - thank you. xxx

  12. I usually make mango salsa to go with burgers as an attempt to healthy them up a bit. But I love the look of putting it with that salmon.

  13. I love my columbines (though I usually refer to mine as "Granny's bonnets)
    I shall be searching for those washing up liquid bottles.
    Wonderfully nostalgic.
    Carol xx

  14. Mary ,East Coventry USA2:04 am BST

    Great photos- the tuna lunch looks so good! And now I see the reason columbines have their name- never saw the doves before. Thanks! They are known as Grannies Bonnets around here as well.

  15. Pretty Columbines and yummy technicolor chow. Was fun to see the doves in the flower, thanks for teaching me something new. I've got flowers on my blog too!

    Teresa from Oregon USA

  16. You have got me on all three - Columbines - just planted some in the garden.They are so beautiful and delicate.

    Those healthy meals have me all of a quiver. I am TRYING to help my ageing bod by filling it full of the good stuff. Chocolate eggs were not on the radar, and yet... Oh dear.

    I could write poems to Fairy Liquid - the only and original - that smell - it reminds me of my childhood. Why can't they come up with a kitchen cleaner that smells the same. They had some in our local Co -op when they first released the original packaging. I bought it in bulk and stored it in the garage. All gone now, but I will re-stock.

    Fairy Liquid and a bottles of Ribena - takes me back so many years.

  17. Pati from London10:08 am BST

    Sue, I love the columbines, they are so beautiful and hadn't even noticed the shape of the dove until you pointed it out. Sweet!
    I did the fairy liquid decanting a few months ago when they had a 50th year anniversary bottle of the same shape and colour as yours. After a few usages, the ink started to run out, unfortunatelly and had to throw it away as it look a bit tatty. I thought it was a one off so am pleased to see the bottle back!! This one has a cute little picture, the other one was a bit different.... It does look quite vintage and sweet. Yes, you are not the only one..... x Pati

  18. Now I know why they're called columbines, thank you ! It is so lovely, and I have plenty of them too in my garden. So easy and elegant.
    Now this Fairy bottle, is it a special "Royal Wedding" edition ? I would be very curious to know what items were on sale for this special event, except for the usual flags and mugs. Do you know anything or have a link ?

  19. I love the way that columbines in all kinds of colours from white to inky-blue and all shades of pink in between seed themselves all over the garden. I never knew that about the name, fancy that! In spite of your lovely photos showing the little doves so clearly, I just had to nip out into the garden and check ours. Absolutely right. Thank you for givig me yet another way to enjoy these flowers. Now what is the name of that flower that is supposed to look like a lady in the bath?

  20. Ooh, is it bleeding hearts? (dicentra spectabilis)

    Carole, I can't find a link to the special Fairy bottles. It is a royal wedding special edition. It says 'tale' underneath Fairy as in 'a fairy tale wedding' and the little baby is carrying a union flag.

  21. Such lovely photos! The doves are amazing.Aoife x

  22. Anonymous7:20 pm BST

    How funny! I bought the commemorative fairy liquid this morning, with the same plan in mind. I hate the weirdly shaped bottles that washing up liquid seems to come in these days, they take up too much room and won't fit in the jar I want to store them in. Rather tragically I also succumbed to the tin in the same design for dishwasher tablets, reasoned with myself that it will mean that the boxes no longer get soggy under the sink. Love the aquilegia close ups too.

  23. I didn`t know the reason for their name but you really can see the doves. My son`s French nursery is called Les Petites Colombes, the little doves, which I think is the loveliest name. Beautiful images and then that lens of yours...

  24. Found the "special" washing up liquid bottles today - Home Bargains 79p.

  25. Anonymous9:03 pm BST

    I love columbines! They have self seeded all over our garden, and my husband looked at some the other day and asked 'Are they weeds?' Noooo! Beware a man gardening with a spray bottle in hand.

  26. Or a weeding fork for that matter, planetcoops. Still cross about the emerging hemerocallis Katy which is now composting in the council facility along with the clumps of grass from the flower bed just because I went to make a start on the supper.

  27. I never knew that about columbines, I shall be looking closely at mine now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Best wishes, Pj x

  28. I've succumbed to that tea towel too. It's smashing, isn't it?

  29. Love the w.u liwuid bottle, hope they still have some next time i go to the shops :) xxx

  30. I did know about the doves but have never seen such lovely photos of the shapes before.

    I NEED some of that Fairy.

  31. Just a quick question about the delicious-looking honey-soy-lime baked salmon, which I would like to recreate for Sunday lunch. "Baked" makes it sound as though it is cooked "dry". I presume you marinate the salmon in the h-s-l and then you put the fish on a baking sheet to cook. Do you discard the marinade - I hate wasting it!


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