Saturday Kitchen

Whoopie pies.
Squidgey, sticky and very, very sweet.
I used a recipe from a favourite book of mine -The Tightwad Gazette substituting butter for the shortening.

Chicken, pesto and roasted garlic pizza inspired by this.

And a pesto-free version for my pine nut allergic daughter who has tidied her bedroom. Not that it looks much different.



  1. One of these days I will make Whoopie pies. I have seen them and never tried them. The do look lush!
    I make petso without pinenuts for my littlies too and they seem to enjoy it as much as I like the fully leaded stuff. Nice when we can offer alternatives. Goodness only knows what would happen if we weren't able to cook Sue ;o)

  2. Never made Whoopie Pies I expect I will oneday. The Pizza looks yummy.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Anonymous8:48 pm BST

    Your children are soooo lucky!
    The pizzas look yummy!
    Today I made pasta with pesto sauce for lunch.I made it with my own grown basil, nice parmezan, pine nuts and olive oil.I really enjoyed it!

  4. Is that really the perfect crust??
    Must admit that looks like the perfect topping..
    Must google Whoopie Pies...now!!
    Take care

  5. Wonderful photos Sue. Makes me want to rush to the kitchen and make them myself.

  6. Oh whoopie pies ! I've been wanting to make them for ages... thanks for the reminder.
    The pizza looks amazing ! I also make my own dough, from Marmiton, and we don't order or buy pizza - ever. Wouldn't have thought of the pesto and chicken... looks great and makes me hungry (though now it is very late and definitely way past dinner time !)

  7. Gosh, can I come for tea ... both look delicious!

  8. Yum!
    My friend is from Pennsylvania (now living in the UK), she tells me this is where whoopie pies originated. I have sampled several of hers, as a favour of course!
    j x

  9. Tried to make a chocolate Victoria sponge with butter cream filling yesterday. Usually I am Queen of the Sponge but it came out flat and stodgy. Tastes good but I am now a bit heartened as it looks just like a ginormous whoopie pie! Thank you for the post. Now craving pesto for lunch... Ax

  10. That all looks so good! are whoopie pies hard to make? :)

  11. You aren't looking for a lodger by any chance???

  12. No, not hard to make Nic, a bit time consuming though.

    You make a batter, very like a cake batter. You drop teaspoons of the mixture on a baking sheet and bake like biscuits.

    The filling I used was made of flour and milk cooked like a white sauce (bit odd), cooled and then beaten with sugar and butter.

  13. Dear Sue - some time ago I asked you whether you could recommend a beginner's book of how to crochet but I'm blowed if I can remember what you said. Do you know of such a thing?

  14. That comment about the crochet was from me - I forgot to sign out!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sorry, that was me who deleted above...too many errors! I'll try again...

    All looks rather delicious and very tempting...yum!

    I've always been curious about The Tightwad Gazette, but not quite succumbed to buying it. Sadly my library doesn't have a copy. Why is it such a favourite? Is it worth it for us Brits as it has an American slant? Love to hear more!

    Diana x

  17. Yes, I always think that when my daughter tidies her room Sue! Yummy things here today x

  18. Hi Sue,
    A very yummy post as always! Thats what i`m making next weekend.
    Thanks for such lovely bogs, i soo enjoy reading them.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  19. that pesto pizza looks fab, would have to take out the chicken to make it veggie but that is definately on next weeks menu.
    made your chocolate creams today with soya milk due to youngest's dairy allergy and they were gorgeous, thank you Sue for all the recipes and inspiration

  20. Aww, whoopie pies! Aww........ :-))))))))

  21. Our bedrooms don't look much different after a tidy either. Still, you have to pretend to be pleased.

  22. It's all looking rather delicious over here Sue but I've never had a whoopie pie, could you send one over please?

    (The decor book looks interesting!)


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