The Quince Tree In May

Things are about three weeks further along than they should be at this time of the year.
This time last year there Quince Tree had tiny green fruit, today they are brown  and already as big as damsons.

The blackcurrants are ripening.

And there are even raspberries almost ready to pick. In May!

It really is like June here in Worcestershire.

I'm wondering if the poppies will be there this year, and if they are had I better go and look at them now?


  1. Strange isn't it? May has always been my favourite month but I feel like I've missed it. Your roses are delightful. We have a bumper crop of pears to come , sadly no apples.

  2. This speeding up is quite scary. But does it mean that Christmas will be early??? Ax

  3. Anonymous11:53 am BST

    Beautiful bounty - your photos are stunning Sue.

  4. Amazing! After a week or so of brilliant weather in April it is actually as cold as February here in Scotland and has been for all of May. I find it utterly amazing that your raspberries are nearly ready.

  5. Anonymous12:16 pm BST

    I especially like the old roses variety in your last photo. They must smell great!

  6. Have to agree with anonymous Sue,Beautiful photographs i bet the roses smell divine too
    Thank You
    As ever
    Best Wishes
    Sue xx

  7. Can't get over this weather here. Your roses look wonderful - I bet the scent is terrific. It's a bit disconcerting having everything early, hope we aren't in for a repeat of last winter though. Still the Worcester asparagus and Ledbury strawberries are certainly worth having.

  8. I noticed poppies on Sunday, so maybe you should check in the next week or so. Delicious looking fruit.

  9. Your flower pictures are simply breathtaking. And the poppies have been out here for a week or so, so they might be opening up your way now.

    K x

  10. Beautiful summery photos! Wish our weather reflected it a little! Cx

  11. Poppies in full bloom in Bristol.

  12. I think you should go and check the Poppies, they've been out here for a week or two.

  13. Anonymous7:23 pm BST

    WOW! I clicked on your link and nearly blinded myself. What an extraordinary sight. Love your roses, too.

  14. Wow, your garden is blooming, ours is nearly washed & blown away!

    With regard to North and South you are in for a treat. I hadn't heard of Richard Armitage before, I'm definitely aware of him now.

  15. The sloes are plumping up as well...

  16. The hawthorn berries outside my daughter's school are actually reddening. I shall keep my eyes open for the damsons through the summer.

  17. Pati from London9:28 am BST

    Hi Sue, Have seen poppies here in London also. Some have already come and gone. My camelia didn't blossom this year, though! (I wonder why as it is always one of the first ones to pop out...). Strange weather! Lovely pics of roses, Pati x

  18. Anonymous10:27 pm BST

    Hi Sue! I was wondering how I can add the 'You might also like' fuction you have at the end of each posting, so I can add it to my blog, too.It's really nice.
    Could you spare a minute and tell me how?

  19. Anonymous9:01 am BST

    Thank you Sue for taking up some of your time to reply!I'll see what I can do!
    Have a nice day!


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