Fit Fridge

The key to making healthy eating easy is to have lots of delicious-looking healthy foods readily available.
Yesterday instead of just putting it all in the fridge I spent a little time preparing the fruit and veg I'd bought so that it was ready to eat. Ready for the children to put in their lunchboxes or for anyone to snack on.

These containers are from Lakeland.
 Transparent containers work best;  food stored in opaque containers gets forgotten. Keep it in view.

As well as lots of fresh fruit and veg I keep cooked rice and pulses in the fridge for making easy lunchtime  salads. Just add lots of veg and salad leaves, a little cheese, goat's or feta perhaps, or maybe some nuts, hard-boiled egg, fish or cold meat.
Finish with some flavourful dressing which you can make in an old jam jar at the beginning of the week and store in the fridge.

These are puy lentils and brown rice.

I also got the slicing disc of the food processor out and pushed a block of cheddar through it. This regulates, somewhat, the amount of cheese put in sandwiches by teenage boys.
I also filled the tins not with cake and biscuits but with crackers, dried fruit and nuts. And some homebaked muffins, these will be replaced with flapjacks when they are gone.

 There is no room in my fridge for pudding, pie and cake anymore.

 It's a fit fridge.


  1. It looks very appetising indeed.
    I like the lock and lock comparment boxes.
    Bought lots of English strawberries on the market today.
    Carol xx

  2. and still a very tidy fridge!!

  3. That IS a fit fridge. Don't you just love those containers?! I have started collecting them in different sizes and shapes, makes a meal so easy to put together.

  4. Oooooh wish my fridge was as 'fit' as yours!
    I am on a healthy eating plan at the mo, trying to loose a few pounds before our holiday. mind you it is only day 2!
    j x

  5. Mine is too, but not as beautifully clean, tidy and super-organised as yours! I bet you never find a little bit of liquid cucumber or a scrap of fluffy red pepper at the back of your fridge!

  6. You wouldn't want to see in my fridge - and no this time I am NOT posting it, as it is my fault. You have certainly given me an idea to enable a less than healthy eating teenager to make healthier choices. He is so bone idle he would actually eat things in small quantities if packed away.

    I shall ever think of you as the lady with the inspirational fridge.

  7. You are the fridge queen. Puts mine to shame.

  8. Wow, that's wonderful, I do like the containers.
    That's a brilliant idea, might have a go myself.
    I'm also going to check on of those books out that you have by your bedside...
    Take care

  9. Is it possible to have fridge envy? You, Sue own one beautiful fridge - and I don't say that to all the girls!

  10. Lots of lovely looking food there -I'm all for short cuts and like the idea of slicing and cutting lots in advance for the week. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Must buy some of those containers - all the lovely local produce appearing demands this storage. Our fridge is a disorganised place at present but most of the contents is good and fit.

  12. I need a fridge like that - blimey you have made me hungry. N x

  13. Possibly the tidiest, most welcoming fridge I have EVER seen. Puts me to shame. Have you ever considered hiring yourself out as a 'Personal fridge trainer'. I'd employ you for a fit fridge session once a week, that's for sure!

  14. Once again ..how organised!!!! I think I need a bigger fridge ......

  15. Anonymous5:56 pm BST

    I am in awe! And a little green with envy. My fridge is filled with guilty secrets and sticky finger prints. How long does it take you to do all that? Do you plan it all at the start of the week, or is it a rolling thing?

  16. WOW! I'm definitley coming to live with you!
    Julie xxxx

  17. Ok I have been delaying this question Sue, but now seema like as good a time as any. When can you move in?


  18. I'm impressed. And inspired. Clearly, I could do a lot better!

  19. DeborahS8:17 pm BST

    Wow - my husband should see this. He claims that I am obsessed by vegetables as that is what I fill the fridge up with. But as you rightly say, when it's all there ready prepared, who could resist some good healthy gorgeous food?

  20. I need you to come and sort out my fridge. I think its having a crisis! I have a whole shelf with just jars. I wish I were more organised - I do try.

  21. I am moving into your house. :-)

  22. Now that's what I call organized and on the road to some really healthy eating and snacking. Wonderfully done and a real inspiration for us all.Thanks for posting this terrific idea for all of us. xoRobin❤

  23. It looks fantastic! And such a good idea. I love those containers. I have a lot of those same ones, myself, here in the US. I appreciate that when each latch is snapped you know the seal is airtight. Now, I'm hungry for the good stuff in your fridge!

  24. I take cherry tomatoes to work, but once I get there I don't want them, so they come back home in my lunchbox.

    I scold my children for doing the exact same thing.

  25. As the Cake Lady says...
    otherwise it's simply cooked ham and milk in there. I'm a hopeless case.

  26. I'm off to Lakeland! What great ideas, I have loads of tins sans cake, about time they earned their shelf space! Thanks Jude x

  27. What an inspirational fridge Sue, you should write a book called the "fridge diaries" with all your clever and practical ideas! x

  28. Anonymous10:23 pm BST

    What great containers! Sadly, Lakeland is opening a new shop near here, so I'm going to be a bit poorer from now on!

  29. Pati from London9:13 am BST

    Wonderful containers and fab fridge.... very apetising indeed! I love having berries and loads of veg in mine too. I recently bought a lovely enamel cheese container and a cath's flowery butter dish and they both make my fridge look very pretty.x Pati

  30. Very inspiring!

    Can I ask, how long does it all last, ie. the sliced strawberries and kiwi? Is it ok for a few days, or do you not expect it to last that long? I'm trying to eat more healthily and have just bought lots of fruit and veg - I'd like to do something like this with it, but as it will be mostly down to me to eat it all, I'm worried about it being wasted if I can't get through it quickly enough.
    Also, how long can you keep the cooked rice?
    Hope you don't mind me asking - I really would like my fridge to look more like yours!

  31. Hi mlh79,
    I cut up the strawberries and kiwi on Monday. The kiwi lasted until Friday but when I suggested younger son put the remaining strawberries in a milkshake on Friday he discovered they had gone mouldy.

    The rice lasted well from Tuesday until Friday. I looked at the last couple of spoonfuls today (Sat)and found it had gone a bit slimy so I chucked it. So four days max. The lentils lasted from Tuesday until today. Next time I will cook less.

    I will also ensure the strawberries are eaten quickly. Lots of other fruits last well though, grapes for example. It's just a question of eating up the more perishable things first.

  32. Hi Sue, thanks for replying. If most things last about four or five days that should be just right, as I'm thinking of trying to prepare as much as I can for the week ahead, at the weekend (ie cooking rice etc). Then each evening hopefully it won't take too long to throw a salad together for the next day!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  33. That is such a brilliant idea! I am determined to lose weight and I think this is what I need. You are right about having things ready to eat....it is just to tempting to grab something unhealthy when very hungry. This way there is lovely, healthy food instantly! I think I will also hard boil some eggs and keep in the fridge. Thank you, Sue! xxx


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