Compare and Contrast

Lunchtime bliss
An absolutely delicious salad of feta, mango and olives. The combination is fabulous, do try it.
And a new book waiting to be opened.
Both enjoyed in my sunny garden.

Decorate is by Holly Becker from the lovely interior design blog Decor8 and Joanna Copestick.
I don't buy many interior design books, cookbooks are of course my preference, but when I saw this one mentioned on Concha's blog I knew I'd love it.

And I do.

It is crammed with inspiring photograph of beautiful homes, many belonging to bloggers.

I was particularly struck by these pictures (above) of a girl's bedroom.
It reminded me of my daughter's room.
Sort of.

Bookshelves with carefully placed books and ornaments.
Dangling mobiles, original artwork and tasteful soft furnishings.
The crochet blanket is not one of mine by the way.

 I'm particularly proud of the way she has arranged her belongings on this little table.
It must have taken her hours of thought to get it just right.
Note particularly the washed and ironed clothes artfully scattered over the floor just inches away from a wardrobe.

And you have to admire the way she has 'dressed' her bed.

I really can't imagine why I wasn't asked to contribute photographs of my home to this lovely book.



  1. Mine would never feature, ever! Today I have washed the 15 towels that I found on my son's floor. Now they are dry I find I can't get the cupboard door open to put them away.

  2. hahahhahaha this made me laugh! I am sure though, that the bedroom in the book doesn't look like that most of the time! That sald looks scrumptious! xx

  3. Oh boy you are going to be in so much bother.

  4. Anonymous6:23 pm BST

    Your post made me laugh :):) and it reminded me my room when I was young ;) The salad looks yummyyyy!
    Have a good evening!

  5. I don't know whether to post photo's of my sons bedroom. It would make you wince. It truly is SO bad I can hardly bring myself to allow the world to see it.

    Book looks great - will try the salad tomorrow.

  6. Reality blogovision. Very funny.

  7. Hehe, made me laugh too. One other reason is perhaps that your walls are not white, you rebel! It looks a nice book but I know white walls are not for me and it does look like a book with lots of white walls. A little more variety would be nice I think.

  8. Thank you, thank you I am not alone with the floordrobe arrangement x

  9. What a laugh!!!! I swear..nobody's child has a bedroom like that, except, of course when the cameras are there!! I expect your daughter knows exactly where everything is!!
    Take care

  10. nice lunch Mmmmm
    you made me laugh out loud!
    j x

  11. That looks like the bedroom of a girl who is perfectly relaxed in her home!

  12. If my daughters kept their bedroom as tidy as yours does I may feature photos too but I believe my daughters have a carpet in there somewhere under their open plan wardrobe, but I am damned if I could find it with an ordanance survey map and a pigging compass!!!!
    Beautiful book though Sue. We can but dream :o)

  13. Sue, my dd's room is worse. You can't even walk in it! You couldn't even see the floor this morning till I screamed at her this afternoon and threatened her with not going to the Brownies' bbq night! I admire you for showing us all. Maybe I should do that too and shame her into cleaning it! Soory if I got the wrong end of the stick here though lol. x

  14. Oh and nice to see another Jacqueline Wilson fan. Perhaps she would like to penpal with my dd??? x

  15. hahahaha, that was funny.
    Lunch looked great.
    Carol xx

  16. Sue, you're a HOOT! Love your sense of humor, I read it all to hubby and showed him the photos. I'm off to go swimming!! Teresa in OR, USA

  17. Hi Sue,
    A brilliantly funny post today it made me smile. Oh and i`m so sorry to break this to you but they don`t get any better as they get older, sorry, lol!
    The salad looked so yummy.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  18. chuckle .. I think I have that to come to oh dear. Love the idea of the salad, 3 of my favourite things put together..yum

  19. We have that Jacqueline Wilson calendar in Eldest's bedroom. It's on the floor though, with bits ripped off.

  20. How funny to show your daughters well designed bedroom, I remember when our daughters room was artfully decorated the same way. She will love you forever for sharing this.

    The 'Decorate' book should be delivered to my door today or tomorrow, I can hardly wait, especially after you've shared some of the delicious pages with us.

  21. Yes my daughter's room was a tip, well it looked like it. It is a lot tidier now, however still not 'tidy'
    x Sandi

  22. Ha! Your daughter is an amateur! There's still carpet visible!

  23. That was hilarious! Her room shows character and individuality! I have threatened to do that with my boys, telling them it would fit perfectly with the "Chaos" theme! Your salad looked delicious, LOVE feta. Also love Baby Spinach with Haloumi and thinly sliced Pink Lady apples - yum!
    Sandra x

  24. Mwa, ha ha! YDD's room is just like a DD's of mine - from the manky clothes on the floor to the lovely bedding we chose. And.........your pics don't even show the dust and cobwebs!

    I did run a vacuum around today, but the barn continues to revel in it's rustic, charming state!

    J x

  25. You crack me up! I can really relate, with my daughter's bedroom floor making for a very 'decorative and colourful' wardrobe!
    And totally unrelated while you watch the quince forming on your tree I am making my yet another batch of quince paste :)...but must give away more fruit next year!

  26. My teenage boys often have rooms in the same 'style' as your daughter. Why use a wardrobe when a 'floorobe' is more convenient?? and I understand that the undermade bed is also a design statement - think Tracey Emin ;)

  27. Ha! I just learned a new word - floordrobe - love it.

  28. Haha this gave me just the laugh I needed today - at the weekend we threatened to take away my son's new bedroom if he didn't look after it - threats of sleeping on a camp bed in the box room seem to have worked as I can now open the door and there are no new life forms fermenting

  29. This morning I threatened to take my son's phone away if he doesn't begin to keep his room at least 'slightly' tidy. I've taken a break from tidying it to read some blogs instead. This post really gave me a giggle.....but your daughter's room isn't as bad as my teenage boy's! I suppose I really ought to get back to it and see what's lurking in the corners.


  30. Pati from London11:10 am BST

    he,he... what a laugh! I saw the book in Concha's blog the other day and it looks lovely (her blog has a similar style also, doesn't it?). I think it is a book to dream and transport you to a place where kids don't exist, where houses are for show (rather than live) but still, full of good ideas.
    I love your salad.... never thought of putting mango to a salad, though! Will give it a go. x Pati

  31. Sue, great post, I was chuckling the whole time. We all have things in common! Love the beautiful book. Have a wonderful day. xoRobin❤

  32. DeborahS5:26 pm BST

    I love it - real life as compared to the fantasy. Although now both my sons have left home I am gradually colonising their spaces while they are not around, though both rooms revert to type when they come home to visit.

  33. So glad to hear that other readers have messy daughters. The "floordrobe" reference is priceless. So true in the case of my 14 year old...

  34. Wonderful post! Could not stop laughing, well done!

  35. Oh gosh, such memories you brought back, giggling helplessly here! Actually son was worse and now he's a v. tidy minimalist. Hope owner of bedroom will forgive you....eventually! Have to try the salad, it looks so good!

  36. Anonymous3:37 pm BST

    How do you get your daughter to keep her room so tidy?


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