Cake is the Answer And You Know That For Sure*

It wasn't too bad you know.
My daughter came home yesterday with the news that she would be performing first. 
Fantastic! I could go along, watch her, and then push off home returning when it was all but over to collect her. 
Even better news came when I arrived at the school. Daughter's friend's mother offered to bring her back at the end. Wonderful, wonderful lady.
Daughter and friends performed well. No inappropriateness, no forgetting their routine, all in time with each other and the music, all confident and well put together. I watched it with a big smile on my face which I did not have to paste on. 
They didn't win, the winner was a piano player.

Thank you for all the comments. What a lot there were. I was rather relieved to find I wasn't alone in my dislike of talent contests.

Now that's over I have to worry about younger son returning home today from paintballing unscathed. Honestly who thinks letting a bunch of 14 year old boys shoot each other is a good idea? Apparently younger son's friend's parents do. At least they're paying.

And last but not least of my worries are my elder son's GCSEs which he is in the midst of. He seems to be getting by on the minimum amount of revision. He comes home saying
 'It went well, but I ran out of time and didn't do all the questions'
'Aren't you supposed to do them all?'
'Yeah, but it doesn't matter, I'll still get at least 80%'
How does he know this?

To take my mind off parental worries I made chocolate cake.

It makes a nice contrast with my fit fridge don't you think?

* Apologies to John Lennon


  1. Cake is definately the answer. I'm just waiting for a question. Ax

  2. It's one of those answers which doesn't really need a question I find.
    So pleased the talent show was painless. I've been paintballing - once! And I can sincerely say that I hope I can still say exactly that on my death bed. I was there as token female member of staff only because I didn't duck and dodge soon enough. Paintballing proved I have a weakness when strategic dodging is called for!

  3. Oh yes, in those circumstances, cake was definitely essential.

  4. I am glad you share your trials and tribulations of Motherhood, it makes me feel quite normal! I would be even more glad if you would share that cake, I am only across the shire...hint hint!

  5. Oh Sue I empathise! I don't know if this will make you feel any better but here's the conversation I had two days ago with second son, who called me at 4.10pm:
    Me: I thought your exam was from 2 till 5?
    Him: It was, I came out an hour early.
    Me: Why on earth would you do that?
    Him: What's the point of sitting for an hour checking everything?

    By the way he is in third year at uni and this exam counts towards his honours degree. I live in hope that I'll be able to stop worrying about them some day but I fear this is the lot of mothers the world over!

  6. Fit friidges are fab, but you are right... Cake is always the answer. Jude x

  7. Oh dear...I remember those days well...it'll all come out in the wash...and def a piece of that choc cake will help any problems you have.
    Take care

  8. Oh yes, cake IS the answer. I made one too this morning.
    Good luck for everything - GCSE, paintballing and any other stuff that may come your way.

  9. looks delicious and now I need the recipe otherwise I won't be held responsible for my actions ;)

    I made your chocolate tart and it went down a storm - thanks for that

  10. Oh gads.. now I want chocolate cake. WITH frosting. You're a bad influence. :-) I'm inviting you to come to visit my blog if you want to see a volcano. LOL Hugs, Teresa

  11. Anonymous9:21 pm BST

    I think that post title might become my life motto! That particular cake looks delicious, too.

  12. Ah, family life goes on as normal in your house too, so pleased I'm not alone. Cake is definitely the answer. I'm off to make some now x

  13. I just wanted to tell you how fabulous your blog is!! I stumbled across it yesterday.....must have been linked from another blog.....and found myself reading back and back into the older posts!! I have been TOTALLY inspired by your fit fridge and store cupboard clear out. I have two boys (13 and 11) and I love to cook and bake but I too had concluded that it was time to ditch the cakes and get more fruit and veg on the scene! I have already ordered some Lakeland tubs and am motivated to get our fridge and cupboards sorted out! Thank you for being so inspirational!!!!

  14. Looks like you've started a bakealong. I yearn for cake but in a house of savory toothed men I would eat the whole thing myself and that would not be good.

  15. That cake looks fantastic - I may well have to go off and bake! My son is also in the midst of GCSEs and revises when told to...! And yes, they do seem to have a pretty good idea of what their grades will be already...let's hope they're right!

  16. Hello Sue,

    My eldest son is in the midst of his exams too, I am worrying about him constantly, but he seems to be taking it all in his stride, sure they will do just fine.

    Love your cake tin, is it Cath Kidston?

    Love your c

  17. Ahhh, chocolate cake - the universal cure-all ... and I must say, yours looks divine!

  18. Anonymous12:46 pm BST

    It looks absolutely delicious, and yes, Chocolate cake is always the answer. I hate talent shows too - though I do have a soft spot for Strictly.

  19. Ah now, Strictly is a different matter altogether. Not sure why, but it is.

  20. Anonymous9:29 pm BST

    It is, isn't it? I don't know why either, but I'm sure you'll work it out. In fact I am looking forward to your post explaining all of this, some time in September, perhaps, when they announce this year's contestants. Suddenly had a horrible thought - there will be Strictly this year won't there?


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