Wedding Thoughts

I wasn't going to get into this wedding malarkey.
But somehow it got me.
It didn't matter that they were two people I didn't know and was never likely to know, and who will have no impact on my life whatsoever (unless I need rescuing from the sea off the north-west coast).
I watched every single minute of it.
I loved every single minute of it. 
Two happy people celebrating their wedding and allowing everyone to join in and be happy too.
How can anyone be miserable about that?

Best bits

Westminster Abbey looking like a forest glade.

The gorgeous music. Especially 'I Was Glad' by Parry and 'Crown Imperial' by Walton

The Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire and Hurricane flypast.

The dress. Simply exquisite.

The 'Oh Wow!' as she came onto the balcony

Worst Bits

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's outfits. Particularly the terrible hats. Good lord.
Do they get it from their mother?

Here is April's sampler. Hope you like it :o)



  1. Me too! I was planning on ignoring the whole thing, and don't have a tv....but kept nipping to the computer for updates! It was such a happy day....and the happiness spreads, doesn't it! Loved Kate's dress, she looked fabulous. And completely agree about Beatrice and Eugenie. What were they thinking!?

  2. Looks like I am the first to comment! Nigella Lawson was on the radio here in Chicago on Wednesday and when asked if everyone in the U.K. was getting excited she said a lot of people were feigning bored indifference to the upcoming events. Some of us wondered why anyone should try and resist enjoying such a lovely event.
    Why would anyone on such a tiny island where the royal family are so prominent distance themselves from the festivities.
    I hope everyone let their hair down in the end !
    I know the Royals have made their mistakes and are not perfect but I think they seem to work quite hard and contribute to society...........

  3. Hi Sue , you have mentioned all my favourites here . It was such a beautiful Wedding and the abbey looked amazing with the trees . Loved the lilly of the valley too.
    As for Beatrice and Eugene ?????????????????
    Jacquie x

  4. I am with you on absolutely everything Sue. Plus thought Catherine's brother showed great poise. Mrs Cameron should have worn a hat. Loved the Bishop of London's little speech - very natural.

    I didn't actually feel as if I aught to know them to watch. It was British History in the making. If I live long enough I may get to see them as King and Queen.

    I wish them well.

  5. I couldn't have phrased it better myself .. I even had a tear . They did actually look really happy which was lovely to see. As for the hats .. I say nothing !! Oh and I'm eating a sandwich with bread made from your recipe as I write this - thank you x

  6. I too thought I was indifferent until I realised a few days ago that I was planning a very English afternoon tea with trifle for today! My other half (a middle-aged cynical Scotsman) watched the whole thing too with a tear in his eye. But what made me laugh about your post was the 'worst bit'. As soon as the ceremony was finished I found a picture of them on the web, posted it to my Facebook page with the comment 'What were they thinking??' Needless to say not one fb friend had a positive comment including a ministers wife who said she had been praying for forgiveness for the exact same thought but decided it was a waste of time after seeing the level of response on my post. But other than that I loved the whole day. Now where's the rest of that Bucks Fizz? Chin chin!

  7. Susan T, agree with you about Kate's brother. He read so well didn't he? I thought Samantha Cameron looked great without a hat though.

  8. Once I got to see It I loved it and was glued to it!!!

  9. Just adored the royal wedding! It was all so elegant, from the dress, to the service, to the kiss. So happy we all were able to share in their happiness. A very memorable occasion for our lifetime. xoRobin❤

  10. Kate looked beautiful and the dress was perfect for her - can't imagine she could look any better, absolutely lovely. I love her fluffy evening cardigan too. Thought Pippa's dress was also stunning . A lovely occasion which made me feel rather moved - it's not important that they are royalty, just two nice people.

    I'm really happy Samantha Cameron didn't wear a hat - there were too many hideous hats spoiling lovely dresses. Hats can hide faces and clutter up dresses. Mrs Cameron looked lovely; natural and comfortable. Why should people have to wear a hat?

  11. I really enjoyed watching this wedding from way over in Australia. I loved the greenery in the church. It was a lovely ceremony, fresh and simple, gorgeous music, with just enough tradition to make it special. I was very impressed with Catherine's brother, he had great poise. William and Catherine looked relaxed and genuinely happy, so nice to see something beautiful on t.v. for a change.
    P.S. Some of those hats were so big. One looked like a satelite dish, one looked like it could decapitate someone if they got too close, and others well....I don't know that I would call them hats. I just kept thinking how annoying it would be sitting behind someone with and enormous hat, you wouldn't be able to see a thing. :)

  12. Sue - I agree with every word! There are some things we do rather well I think.

    I like the feeling that some things never change; bunting, fabulous choral music, carriages and Princess Anne's dreadful frocks. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Lovely pictures.

  13. I'm going to be very brave and admit that I didn't watch the wedding (except for the edited highlights on the evening news). I wish William and Kate well and, from what I saw of the proceedings, it was the perfect day they had hoped for. However, not knowing either of them or their families personally, and having grown not a little irritated by the media hype, I decided that, instead of spending the best part of my day's holiday watching two strangers get married, I would go for a walk in the countryside with my husband and a couple of friends. The rain held off and we had no trouble getting a table for lunch at the pub so we too had a perfect day!

    I'm glad everyone's happy.

  14. Anonymous11:16 pm BST

    I agree with all you say. Dad watch it to and he had tears in his eyes. A note on your thursday post.In my garden May blossom and white roses out together in the front garden!!! ME

  15. You have perfectly summed up what my friends and I have said about the Wedding :o) We weren't bothered, we wished them well, but weren't going to watch - we did watch, we loved it all but those panto dame costumes and that bizarre tentacled hat, but bless them, I'm sure they're sweet girls :o) It was lovely, they seemed to really mean their vows and I think their years together will have prepared them for a life in the public eye, I wish them much love and happiness.

  16. Same here ! I wasn't that interested, but watched for the cultural aspect (sure all my students are going to ask me about it on Monday) and remembered watching in 81 for Charles and Diana. My daughters wanted to see the bride's dress and the horse-drawn carriages - and we enjoyed every minute of what we saw. (And I cried like a baby).
    Now my sister is getting married in August to an Englishman, in Wokingham, so they asked if at Rita's wedding in August the TV, and all the important people... and the "yellow granny" (la mémé jaune) would be there. After a few seconds of astonishment, I laughed and said no of course, and by the way, the "yellow granny" is the Queen of England. The little one was really afraid she might end up in prison for saying this !

  17. I enjoyed every moment of it...
    Andrew's 2 looked awful
    Take care

  18. Yes, those York girls did look bonkers. To think they were worried about what the bride's mother would wear.

  19. Your post made me chuckle! I so agree with your comments. I had pretty much identical favourite bits and thought the exact same thing about the 'York girls'!

    Love your pics too :)

    S x (Cherry Heart)

  20. They looked so happy and in love, it just made you happy watching.
    We thought someone had played a trick on Andrew's girls and told them it was fancy dress. They obviously went as the Ugly Sisters straight from the Panto

  21. Agree, agree, agree!

    Sam Cameron's hair jewel was so much more preferable to some of the silly hats on display, though it did make for much hilarity --- Bea and Eugenie :0

  22. Had to watch and was glad I did - we were having a disaterous day here with a water leak in the house, so it was light relief from the panic. I thought she looked beautiful but agree about B & E.
    I was amused tha Prince Harry at the beginning looked the more nervous of the two - or did he have a hangover perhaps? Credit to Mr & Mrs Middleton too, they had a difficult role to play.

  23. I thought I'd ignore it too, but ended up watching it and enjoying it.
    I have become hopelessly addicted to chocolate mousse and it is all your fault for reminding me how ridiculously easy it is to make with just eggs and chocolate. Third day in a row now....

  24. I wasn't going to watch either, then was glued to it!
    I thought the music was wonderful too, 'Jeruasalem' gets me every time...

  25. It was wonderful, I listened via the radio and caught up with photos on the iPod.
    The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall both seem to be delightful people and really happy with each other.
    However, I thought The Princesses looked great!
    Jude x

  26. I'm surpised how much I enjoyed the whole spectacle (and how much I cried, but that was the music, honestly). And some people thought TPT's nose was going to be the only frightful sight.

  27. You take the most beautiful pictures, thank you it has brightened my day

  28. My thoughts exactly about the wedding... but we watched the whole thing and loved it... such a happy day!

  29. I was the same! Quite uninterested until the day before and then got pulled in! I watched it ALL and the all the news reports! It was truly beautiful! Cx
    P.S. Beatrice and Eugenie......?!!!!!! Not a lot of dress sense there then!!

  30. How could it be ignored? Out here in Oz it dominated every tv channel and thank the heavens overtook the football.
    It showed England at its finest - pomp and ceremony is what you do so well. London looked splendid, the Abbey is amazing.
    Kate's dress was simply elegant, Will looked glorious in that bright red uniform.
    I enjoyed every minute and the BBC commentary.
    Also Sue, loved the photos of the quince blossom.

  31. Pati from London7:04 pm BST

    Sue, you are spot on! We really enjoyed watching the wedding also. Kate looked stunning and I thought that the dress was very elegant. My little daughters and I called Beatrice and Eugenie, Drizella and Anastasia (Cinderella's step-sisters) as they looked terrible...We really had a laugh with them at home. One of their hats was ridiculous and the other one's blue dress was awful. Kate's mum looked great also, I thought. Seeing those trees inside the abbey was lovely and the music superb. I really enjoyed it, especially as I was crocheting at the same time...:-)
    Pati xx

  32. Pati from London7:07 pm BST

    By the way, I forgot to mention that your April sampler was lovely. The purple and white colour palette combo is very appropriate for the Easter season, me thinks! xPati

  33. I deliberately went camping to avoid the thing but as soon as i saw pics of that dress I just had to spend this afternoon catching up with pics. I'd forgotten how much I love a good wedding and woweee what a wedding it was!

  34. I loved every minute of it, too. But I felt trees inside Westminster Abbey was just a bit silly. They both looked so genuinely happy; it was so lovely to see. Truly a fairytale: a prince has chosen a bride to be his princess - just wish it was me! :-)

    Yes Beatrice and Eugenie looked very silly - but did you see Beatrice at the dinner the night before? She looked fabulous! And speaking of looking fabulous: what about bridesmaid Pippa? Talk about babelicious! She shouldn't've looked so good - she almost outshone the bride!

    Caz :)

  35. Lovely sampler and I totally agree with your comments. My husband is very bah-humbug about anything royal but even he sat through it!! We likened the Yorks to the Ugly Sisters from Cinderella - they really did look awful!

  36. Anonymous9:18 pm BST

    Oh i agree about those hats!! one of them looked like a giant piece of christmas ribbon candy glued to her head, the one in blue (sorry, i'm not sure which girl is which as for names) looked a bit strung out, like she'd been partying for days and didn't refresh her make-up. and their hats weren't the only hideous ones there. Did you catch the one Victoria Beckham was wearing??? OY VEY!! a tiny little boller hat stuck to her forehead!! yikes! everything else was fabo! they are so obviously in love.

  37. Anonymous2:56 am BST

    Thank you for this. I don't understand how people can be so down on two people in love getting married. Seems that's exactly what was needed to take our minds off the hate and sadness in the world even if only for a day.

    PS Tried your Eton mess recipe. OMG! :D


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