Three Green Things and One Blue Thing

 Green thing number one.

My mission to reduce my family's plastic consumption continues. Gone are the seven large plastic milk cartons which used to fill my fridge. Now we have six pint sized glass bottles (three times a week) which we can return to the milkman to be reused over and over again.
They are so satisfying to handle and so easy on the eye.

'Whoa, what's happened to the milk mum?' 
'It's in bottles from the milkman'
'Cool......how do I get it out?'
We are saving the foil tops for recycling. 

Green thing number two

Loving my leftovers.
Three spears of asparagus in hollandaise sauce, a spoonful of peas and the last slice of smoked ham.
All chopped together into a sandwich filling. Delicious.

Leftover salmon went into a kedgeree. The rice was cooked in stock made from the woody ends of the asparagus.

Green thing number three.

Our little push mower. Light enough for a child to use, although I couldn't find one willing to use it.
Perfectly adequate for our tiny lawn and so much quieter than a petrol or an electric mower. Took me less than ten minutes.

Blue thing

Speckled wood butterfly.



  1. Sue, I really do love your "green" ideas. Very inspirational. Isn't it nice to know that your ideas of how to walk gently on the Earth will inspire others and the ripple effect will be so positive! Good for you!

    Teresa from Oregon USA

  2. I don't know what you think but milk tastes better in a glass bottles! My father-in-law was a milkman so my husband (not a milkman) wanted to keep the tradition going as long as possible and have milk delivered in glass bottles on the doorstep! The kegderee look very yummy!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Do you think you have space for just one more? Milk in real bottles AND food that makes me weep to look at (for the best possible reasons of course!) you NEED a lodger.


  4. We get our milk delivered in glass bottles too, so much better than using all that plastic.

    In our old house the lawn was suitable for a push mower and I used to love cutting the grass (esp with bare feet). Now the lawn's just far too big, lumpy and fast growing so hubby cuts it (reluctantly) with a petrol mower.

  5. what lovely pictures. amazing to get a picture of the butterfly!

  6. Anonymous9:19 pm BST

    I'd love to have a push mower like that, and a lawn small enough to manage with it (although I'm sure the kids wouldn't agree). We waste so much time on ours.

  7. Anonymous10:15 pm BST

    I had glass milk bottles for over 40 years until last summer when two of them were stolen from my doorstep and thrown at cars parked in my neighbours driveway. They could so easily have been thrown at people so now I have plastic bottles delivered.
    Such a shame ... another old tradition has bitten the dust.

  8. Our milkman delivers in the plastic bottles?!!! It's a shame! Well done in cutting down your use of plastic...it's certainly not easy in this plastic crazy society!
    Love the pictures of the food...very tempting! Cx

  9. How I used to love the clip clop of the horse and the jingling of the harness as the milkman delivered our milk, in glass bottles and we would string the tops together to make necklaces or use as play money.
    x Sandi

  10. Lovely photos Sue. In regard to an earlier "green" post where you talked about alternative wrappings for freezing your bread, could you use bags made from oil cloth? Just wondering.
    Anne xx

  11. I have always had milk and free range eggs delivered. You get the added security of someone visiting at 2am. ren't the bluebells out early Sue? We used to live in Southport where the asparagus grew on the beach IN MAY not mid April.

  12. So pleased to hear the switch from plastic milk bottles to deliveries in glass is working out for you. Those bottles just looks, so, I don't know *wholesome* don't they? Like wrapping my daughter's sandwiches in greaseproof paper :D
    I think meals made from leftovers are 100 times better than fresh cooked ;) The sandwich looks delicious...

  13. Hi Sue. Ther's something very nostalgic about glass milk bottles. The milkmen around here deliver in plastic bottles, otherwise I would have returned to glass many years ago (finances allowing). I love that you are championing the green environment and showing us just how easy it is to be a little greener. Its second nature to me to reduce, re-use and recycle. I've always paid attention to my surroundings and tried to leave as small a footprint as possible. If I lived in a more rural location I could get milk, eggs and meat straight from the farmer using no transport other than shank's pony or a push-bike. Oh how I dream! Have a lovely day. xx

  14. Well done you, your ahead of the curve, energy trends and geopolitics do seem to suggest we are heading for harder times, make do and mend is the future. Push mowers are great and not just for small gardens! how do people think the victorians mowed a lawn? I have a 200ft garden and yes I use a push mower, grow a spine you lot :)
    Love your blue bell photos, dont you just love this time of year.


  15. Wonderful green ideas..to be honest, I didn't think the milk men used glass bottles any more..what do I know!!
    The bluebells are gorgeous..
    Thanks for the email...still sourcing the ingredients,,the coconut was rather difficult!! I'm making the pineapple pudding today!!
    Take care

  16. I wish we could still get milk in glass bottles here in Australia. Days of the milkman seem long ago:(

  17. Anonymous11:09 am BST

    I do love milk in milk bottles - we get it that way too, but unlike you we still have to resort to plastic bottles and six large cartons of long life such is the girls' addiction to cereal. Love the bluebells - and the Rhubena (which I've linked to, hope that's ok). X

  18. Do you remember when you use to save the foil tops for Blue Peter? Happy days.

    Nina x

  19. That push mower thing is interesting. I know nothing about lawn mowers, but that seems easy enough to use! It won't be long till we have some grass of our own, but not enough to justify a petrol mower either. Where did you get yours from?

  20. It was probably Amazon Petit Filoux -it was a couple of years ago. Qualcast Panther -about £40.

    Nina, I do remember collecting milk bottle tops for Blue Peter -happy days indeed.

  21. god sue your food always looks so gorgeous. I made the chocolate lollies yesterday and they were a huge hit with the girls and hubby, i made mine with soya milk as my smallest is allergic to milk and they came out fine, your lemon tart a few posts ago is next on my list i think or maybe the lime and coconut muffins mmmmmm

  22. Oh my what beautiful photography! Such a pretty, sharp, crisp photo of a milk bottle top!... and those bluebells are just WOW! Yeah to going green! (and blue is pretty great too... :)

  23. Love your bluebells - have just got back from a long walk in the woods and seen my first of the year and it was lovely!

    Wish all my neighbours would use a nice little lawn-mower too; the first sign of a sunny day and you can't hear yourself think as everyone has the same idea to cut the grass. I have very limited grass so I chop, chop with shears. It's funny how we use so many powered things when there are nicer alternatives. I didn't know some milkman use plastic bottles. That's a shame. I hardly use any milk so it isn't something I could have delivered but neighbors do and it's a nostalgic and nice thing to see.

  24. Anonymous8:42 pm BST

    Oh how I miss the glass bottles from the milkman! We had them when I was a child and I always used to see the milkman on his rounds on my way to school :) We had to stop having them when several of us developed dodgy stomachs from dairy and went on to soya milk instead and never went back.

    Love the push along mower too... our old landlord has a huge petrol mower for us to use but it annoyed us so much we went out and bought a little push along one and it is ideal for the little patch of grass we have in our new house too :)

  25. I miss the glass bottles - the sound of the milkman coming down the path and the dull chink of them on the step. Do the birds still peck holes in the foil ?
    We had the same milkman in London for forty years.

  26. DeborahS7:57 am BST

    When my sons still lived at home and ate breakfast cereals I used the bags from the empty boxes for freezing my bread. Washed and reused they lasted for ages. 4 years on I still have a few in use.

    I've been making all our bread for about 25 years now, inspired by my Danish friends.

    Green stuff is often so much easier than many people think.

  27. How I miss glass bottles. Thjey are long gone here and like so many I prefer my glass bottles.

    I once had access to a hand mower. It was fun in winter but not good in our humid summmers!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  28. I love your blog as it is always so beautifully photographed and the recipes are quite often inspirational in an Ooh I could do that! sort of way, but I particularly like the days when you talk about leftovers.

    I try not to waste food myself, but often find, now we have an empty nest, that there are bits and pieces left.

    And I've never tried to make Hollandaise Sauce.

    I could do that ..........!

  29. Pati from London7:45 am BST

    Sue, I'd love the idea of the milk bottles but we don't drink enough milk at home to justify it really... When I was little my mum used to have milk delivered by the milkman every day, he would come home with a big silver tin and fill her saucepan. It was directly from his farm. The milk was very strong in flavour and had to be boiled for all the impurities to be cleaned. My mum used all the cream that formed at the top to make yummy cakes... Pati x


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