Why are pale pinks, blues, yellows and greens called pastels?
Last time I dabbled with a box of pastels I ended up covered in  khaki-grey dust.
Anyway my photos today all seem to be of a 'pastel' hue .

Like Ribena only with rhu instead of ri.
I used a 600g packet of rhubarb but you can use as much as you can get your hands on.
Chop it into chunks and put it into a pot with 10 ml of water for every 100g of rhubarb.
Cook until soft and juicy.
Strain in a jelly bag.
I had about 250ml of juice to which I added 350g sugar which is probably too much but we dilute it about 1:10 with water.
Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved then bottle in sterilized bottles.
Since I only made a small amount I didn't bother sterilizing. It'll be gone by the end of tomorrow.

Serve diluted with water. Sparkling is nice.

Also nice with a biscuit. These are white chocolate and honeycomb. Just a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe with white choc chips and honeycomb pieces added to the dough.

Some rather exuberant daffs. Most definitely not pheasant eyes despite what it said on my till receipt.

A much more elegant bloom. The quince tree is in flower.


  1. I love rhubarb, but I have hard time finding it at the stores here. People grow it, I think I just need to grow it myself too. Beautiful photos Sue!

  2. The wild quinces in the hedgerows are blooming too here in France. I thought of you when I saw them, and tried to take a picture of some this evening.

    But I failed miserably - I shall admire your much better photo instead!

  3. I need a quince tree! pretty flowers and the makings of yummy jelly xx

  4. Oh how marvelous does that rhubina look xox thanks for the recipe

  5. I agree with Sarah. I am now on a diet, your photos are next to torture, but I won't always be on one! So I will save recipes until I fall off the wagon. Which if I look at your yummy pics anymore will be sometime soon.

  6. I want a biscuit now. You are EVIL.

  7. Gosh both the drink and the biscuits look good and I don't have a sweet tooth at all!

    I don't know why but I imagined that Quince blossom was the same colour as Japonica blossom, dark red. Will you post a shot of the whole tree when in full bloom please?

  8. What a delicious colour that Rhubena is! I would love to have a quince tree in my garden and plan to have one in the next house.

  9. Hmm, I have some rhubarb in my fridge...

  10. gosh, you do have some fab recipes up sleeve. i want to try them all!
    it is lovey to see the quince tree flower, so delicate
    j x

  11. Oh what a lovely idea! I will definitely have to try the rhubarb juice myself and I can just imagine the rest of my little brood pouncing on the cookies! Yum! I am SO SO SO GLAD I found your blog! Cx

  12. Love these photos and your rhubina sounds very intriguing.

  13. Anonymous10:39 pm BST

    I came across your blog looking for a photo of a quince tree flower. Lovely photo, hope you put up a few more. Enjoy all your musings, wisdom, cooking etc. Loved finding out about the English painter, I spend many happy minutes at your blog. Thanks Sue.

  14. What a great idea!!! Think might try and give it go!
    (by the way, you forgot to type in "sugar" in the recipe!)

  15. So I did -sorry about that. Fixed now ;o)

  16. Pati from London1:58 pm BST

    I love the colour of the rhubena!! Looks like pink champagne... x Pati

  17. I picked my first rhubarb from the allotment on Sunday. i shoved it in the freezer to wait for the strawberries as I make rhubarb and strawberry cordial - mmmm.... BUT think I may get it out again and try your recipie

  18. Your quince tree flower is spectacular. I find your photographs very inspiring.

  19. Wonderful photos! Love the pale pink colour of rhubarb. And those cookies look so yummy!


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