Good Friday with Family

Sitting in my mum's garden on Good Friday afternoon she asks;
'Who would like a drink?'
Me- 'Ooh yes, glass of wine please' (thinking 'I'd thought she'd never ask')
My dad- 'Cup of tea'd be nice'
My husband- 'Yes, I'll have a cup of tea thanks'
My brother- 'Is there any of that cranberry juice left?'
My sister-in-law- 'Nothing for me thanks'
My elder son, younger son, daughter and niece- 'Ginger beer/orange juice/cranberry/elderflower cordial please'
I realise, yet again, that I am the only one having alcohol. I swiftly change my order to 'Ginger beer please' 
I make up for it later.

My daughter and niece sharing some tunes.

My daughter is outraged to discover that her cousin, despite being the younger by nine days, goes to bed a whole two hours later than she does (in the holidays at least).
I mentally add this to the list of things my brother has done to annoy me, chief amongst which is to become disgustingly fit (sister-in-law guilty of this too). He has largely given up alcohol too and makes me feel like a fat old soak every time I see him. 
Other crimes include observing that this blog is not as funny as it used to be, and telling younger son that his hair cut made him look like Justin Bieber, which is just about the worst thing you can say to younger son.
Younger son has been to the barber's this morning.

My brother and sister-in-law are big fans of The Quince Tree though, checking it every day 'to see what you're having for your tea' .
Their brief stay with my parents also provided us with the opportunity to offload daughter at said parents' for a sleepover with her cousin, which meant a sunny day free of whinging about water fights, paddling pools, sprinklers and ice lollies, so, I forgive them and it was lovely to see them :o)



  1. Utterly amazing tulips! Ahhh, siblings...=-) I love your profile that says your passion is cooking real food for your family: wonderful! I happened upon your blog maybe a month ago and I enjoy it very much =-)Hope your Easter is lovely.

  2. That sounds like a lovely day. Happy Easter Sue.

  3. Happy Easter Lovely Lady. Ax

  4. I thought that making annoying remarks etc. was what brothers were for. (Actually, mine's lovely, but he's 70 and I'm nearly 60 and he still teases as if I'm 10!)

  5. Hi nice humour and nice to be mentioned in dispatches!
    Keep it fun

  6. I would have stuck with the wine hehe. Gosh your mum has beautiful tulips. Sounds like a lovely day all round.
    x Sandi

  7. Those tulips are gorgeous. I would have asked for wine too...oh the shame of it!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  8. I love your candid posts Sue .I think we all feel this way some days. My boys have cousins the same age and it's great but sometimes the comparisons can be a little stressy,wouldn't want to change things though :0)
    Happy Easter
    Jacquie x

  9. Wow - the photos of your mum`s tulips almost look like illustrations...especially the top one. How did you get that effect?

  10. Truthfully, Annabella, I have no idea!

  11. Well whatever you did, the effect is incredible!

  12. I just don't trust people who don't drink.


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