Easter Day

Easter decorations

Easter eggs in meringue form

Easter chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Tart
First I made some chocolate shortbread. Metric this time.
260 g plain flour
40g cocoa
200g butter
100g sugar
All rubbed together (I used the food processor).
I pressed this mixture into a tart tin and baked it for 25 mins at 180°c/160°c fan oven

When it was cool I melted a 200g bar of chocolate, then beat in half a pint of cream and a tablespoon of rum.
I poured this mixture into the tart and put it in the fridge overnight.

Let it come to room temperature before serving otherwise it will be very hard to get out of the tin.

Easter chick

Easter drink

Inspired by Charlotte I bought a bottle of prosecco and added it to some rhubena.
I'm calling it a Rhubellini. 

Easter egg hunt
There are still three missing.
And hooray for Green & Blacks Easter eggs which come with no plastic packaging at all.


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm BST

    Hi Sue,

    Two days to read at once, what a treat. I do love your world and all of your blogs.


  2. Anonymous4:35 pm BST

    Cadburys also did eggs with minimal packaging this year.
    Just in tinfoil. A large egg with a smaller one inside.

  3. Pretty decorations and I envy you the Rhubellini.

  4. Well done Cadbury's. I didn't see those but will look out for them next year.

  5. Lovely pics and I will be making that recipe!
    Just bought granddaughter a Smartie Shaker Egg the Smarties are sealed in the egg, so only cardboard and tin foil package.

  6. pleased to report not a single bit of plastic on any of our eggs either - all cadburys ones.

    And the empty bottle from the pimms I put away today will be recycles too - hic!

  7. I really enjoyed looking at the things you have done for easter, what a lovely post. Happy easter best wishes june x

  8. That chocolate tart looks so yummy! My mom was famous for her chocolate cream pie with meringue topping. Glad you had a sunny day! Did you give a peep to our Easter Egg hunt? Was fun!!

    Teresa over the pond in Oregon USA

  9. gosh your eggs get all over the place!
    i'd love a glass or two of your Rhubellini, not too many though as i wouldn't be able to pronounce it for more!

  10. Lovely pictures!, I love the the idea of prosecco and your rhubena! Sounds Fab. Do you have a dog? Our lovely old boy gobbled 3 eggs before our little girl got into the garden today! Happy Easter Jude x

  11. No dog -just so much vegetation this year that they got lost. Maybe they'll turn up in winter!

  12. Lovely. It looks as though you had a good day.

  13. Wow, your easter bowl decoration is beautiful! Loving the little bright coloured eggs! I had an easter egg hunt for 3 2yr old boys and it was so much fun!

  14. Glory be - you are a temptress madam a temptress. As if the Chocolate wasn't enough you mention the tipple too.

    I am thinning out my cookbooks. I will send you a little list - if there are any you would like I am happy to post them on. At least I know they would be put to very good use.

    XX Sue

  15. Lovely, lovely photos and you have enjoyed a feast!! Green and Black's is my very favourite chocolate....heaven! xx

  16. Happy Easter weekend! K x

  17. Pati from London11:15 am BST

    What a feast Sue!! The meringues look so lovely, mmm... and the rhubellini.... can't wait to be able to have a proper drink (hopefully soon!) :-). Glad you enjoyed your Easter Sunday! We did too, x Pati

  18. Your Easter decorations are really quite lovely :) xx

  19. OH my - that chocolate tart looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe; I'm going to keep this one quiet and serve it next Sunday for lunch - a beautiful zero waste treat; imagine the packaging that it would come with if you bought it in Waitrose ;)

  20. Love the colours of the wrapping on the easter eggs. And that tulip! It's amazing.

  21. Anonymous10:23 pm BST

    Happy Easter! Love the egg hunt photographs, and I do hope you Rhubellini tasted good.

  22. Can you please tell me how to make the merengue? Me and my husband tried to make some on saturday evening but it was awfull..

    Thank you!


  23. Bárbara how to make meringues is here


  24. Anonymous8:31 pm BST

    Hi Sue

    i love all those things you make, real home cooked food, you can make me one of those gorgoeus choclate tarts anyday. you have such an inspiing blog and you make things look so easy and effortless, i love it. Devinder

  25. Anonymous9:03 am BST

    Your Easter menu looks delicious, especially the chocolate tart! Well done, Sue!
    I'v just posted the menu we custormarily hve in Greece.Should you be interested, have a look here:http://fernskonto.blogspot.com/
    Best wishes!!!

  26. Anonymous9:08 am BST

    Can I ask you something, Sue?
    Is egg hunt a traditional English or American custom? Did you use to have it 30 years ago, too? I'm a bit confused about it, and I could really use an 'expert's' advice!
    Do you have it only on Easter day, or the days before/after, too?
    Thank you so much!
    I have some inquiry minds back at school!


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