Three Simple Pleasures

1) Wooden pegs in an enamel pail. It was a good drying day today. Two loads all dry and smelling of cold.

2) Cheese and onion toasted sandwich for lunch. I toyed with the idea of feta and roast peppers. I made the right decision.

3) Poised to bloom. My flowering cherry is going to burst into flower any day now. It is much earlier than last year.



  1. I dream of washing on a line. Here it's all tumble dryers and manufactured "fresh air" scents. Beautiful cherry blossom buds - Spring is slow in coming here. Claire

  2. Definitely putting washing on the line, bringing it in smelling as you describe dry and cold.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. You see I want to have wooden pegs now in an enamel bucket, you even make pegs look good, and as for those sandwiches Yummo.

    I always love putting washing on the line on a breezy warm day, can't beat the smell. It must be a woman thing, my grandmother loved it too.

    Clean fresh sheets are one of life's great luxuries.

  4. No arguments from me - it has to be cheese and onion, they have to be wooden and who could not love blossom?

    Happy weekend,

    Nina xxx

  5. We got a new "umbrella" type clothes line, can't wait to put it up and use it. Oregon USA is known for being rainy and damp so we do love the rare dry sunny day.

    Your cherry buds are so full of promise and dense color.. can't wait to see them open!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  6. Ooooh that sandwich looked to die for! I'm very jealous that your trees about to blossom, we've not got any here yet!

  7. Got two loads dried on the line today- washing dried in the wind and sun is one of my top ten loves. Dried so it is all crispy and stiff- none of this soft tumbled nonsense for us.
    You definately made the right sarnie choice- I must have one for my lunch tomorrow.
    Have a fabby weekend, Ax

  8. You still have 'dolly' clothes pegs!! The sandwich looks gorgeous. It sounds like you had a great day!!!

  9. My cherry tree is nowhere near - or else it died over the winter. Eek.

  10. What a lovely day, I too love putting the washing outside, I always take in a big sniff of the fresh dried clothes. Must try the cheeze and onion, as I love both.
    Cherry blossom, I do love Spring and all it has to offer.
    x Sandi

  11. Gorgeous blog!And it's lovely to hang washing out, I don't even have a dryer and manage alright.

  12. I love your blog - your photos are exquisite!

    Visit my blog if you like!

  13. I love washing that smells of cold. We've had a couple of days so far that have been dry enough to hang things out, and they have brought me great, great joy.

    Sometimes my youngest child smells of it too. Yum.

    My cherry tree is very new. I suspect it will be some time before it catches up with yours.

  14. Those cherry buds are beautiful. I hope you will post some photos when it blooms...


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