Supper With Elizabeth David

Gratin Dauphinoise
Pork chops, spiced and grilled
Pineapple with Kirsch

A food processor makes slicing potatoes for Gratin Dauphinoise very easy.

Rub a baking dish with garlic and butter.

Pile in the potatoes and pour over half a pint of double cream. I used about a pound of spuds.

Bake in a low oven for one and a half hours.
The potatoes emerge from the oven a soft, creamy mass.

These pork chops have been rubbed with an Italian spice blend made from white peppercorns, juniper berries, nutmeg and cloves. It takes a bit of effort to grind the spices. This time the food processor wasn't so useful.

I grilled them on a cast iron ridged pan and filled the entire house with greasy smoke. Despite having to open all the windows and wash my hair afterwards the chops were good.

A very simple dessert. Fresh pineapple sprinkled with caster sugar and a few drops of kirsch.

All very delicious and easy to produce.
Gratin Dauphinoise from French Provincial Cooking and At Elizabeth David's Table
Chops and spice blend from Is There a Nutmeg in the House?
Pineapple and Kirsch from French Provincial Cooking

I was asked which ED book would be best to start with. The recent At Elizabeth David's Table would be my recommendation. It is a collection of 'her very best everyday recipes' from all her books and has photographs. I'm not sure what she would have thought of this innovation but it certainly makes an attractive book and its size makes it easier to cook from than the small paperbacks. It also contains some of her articles including Fast and Fresh from which I quoted here.


  1. I can't believe that in all my years of cooking dauph I've never thought to slice the potatoes in my food processor. This may just change my life.

  2. Gah. No food processor. I shall have to stick with the mash.

  3. I cook my lamb chops on the BBQ outdoors...no smoke...no smell.I use a flat ridged cooking sheet that's made to use on the BBQ....works perfectly.

  4. No barbecue and plenty of rain Mary Ann.

  5. Pati from London11:47 pm GMT

    Evening Sue! Thanks for the recommendation of the book. We cooked your pancakes today with sugar and lemon and they were delish....mmm.... Tomorrow morning I'll make the Scotish ones with golden syrup and will let you know how I manage with the cream of tartar (never used it before). Thanks for the inspiration. Night night, x Pati

  6. Hi Sue,

    I've been waiting to hear your recommendation, and have just gone ahead and ordered it.

    Cheapest at the book people at the moment. 7.99 plus 1.95 p+p.

    Love your blog. And your photographs are just gorgeous!


  7. Methinks a copy of the Elizabeth David book will soon be found on a bookshelf in Lancashire. I love your spice blend - would a pestle and mortar be the answer? they are certainly very relaxing to use.

    As for your food, scrummy.

    We could do a film about a blogger following a blogger - sorry heavily influenced by Julie and Julia watched it last night.

  8. I agree with the List Writer, I to never thought of using the food processor for the potatoes, it so obvious really. The pork chops look yummy, I think I'll have a go at that myself.

  9. This looks delicous. Wouldn't mind a pork chop and some of those potatoes...

  10. like the look of those potatoes i think they will go with liver and onions that i am cooking tonight.i used to live in a village just outside Worcester so many years have gone past since then.


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