Spring Equinox

The wheel turns.

Half day, half night.

From today the days will be longer than the nights.

Until the autumn equinox in six months.

Everywhere this weekend
the sound of lawn mowers.

The sun warm on our faces
Coats discarded.

It has arrived.

Just in time

For the first day of spring tomorrow.

'It was a Wedgwood day, with white clouds delicately modelled in relief against a sky of pale pure blue. The best of England, thought Mrs. Miniver, as opposed to countries with reasonable climates, is that it is not only once a year that you can say, "This is the first day of spring." She had already said it twice since Christmas -- once in January, when they had driven across the Marsh to the sea and it had been warm enough to lie on the sand without a coat; and once in February, when she had taken the children for a lunch picnic in Kensington Gardens. The grass had been scattered with twigs from the previous night's gale, and by the next afternoon it was snowing: but while it lasted that day had been part of the authentic currency of spring -- a stray coin tossed down carelessly on account.
But this time, she thought (though she knew quite well that one said that every time), it really was spring.'

From Mrs Miniver by Jan Struther


  1. Best part of the year :) Love the world bursting into colour, the shedding of winter layers and of course my birthday :)

  2. I love this time of year - everything seems so fresh and new :)

  3. Oh frabjulous day xox

  4. What a beautiful post, Sue. Lovely, lovely photos. I love Mrs Miniver too! xx

  5. Hooray! Aren't we lucky living in a place which has seasons? Love them all and they all have a downside, except spring, I think. Gorgeous photos Mrs Quince. Happy Spring! ax

  6. Dear Sue, I do appreciate your sharing your Spring blooms with me here in Oregon USA. Our daffodils are in bloom, mostly, but the other things are holding out on me. I have lots of Rhododendron and Lilac but they're a ways off yet.

    Hugs from Teresa :-)

  7. Mrs Quince, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, came across it quite by accident! We use to live in Worcester - our children where born there, 8yrs and 6 yrs ago, we have so many fond memories. The beautiful photos of bluebells bring back memories of the woods in warndon village where we lived for 5 happy years! We took photos of our girls amidst the bluebells!!! Now we live in N Ireland, spring is taking longer to arrive, the cherry blossom has a way to go, but we are blessed living in County Armagh, the home of the apple orchard. By late April we will take a drive and walk amongst the trees laden with blossom. By late April we will consider taking our coats off! I loved Springtime in Worcester - it came earlier! Though it's lovely here to, if a little slow in coming! Thank you for sharing your stories and observations .... it's nice to taken back to places I still hold in my heart!!!

  8. Hi Sue , adore your pictures !!
    The quote you chose is just perfect too.
    Yay Spring , love it :0)
    Jacquie x

  9. An ode to spring, love it.

  10. Sue your photos are just gorgeous, with your permission I would like to use one as my screensaver.

    What a lovely quote to set off the images.

  11. I don't need to mow my lawn. I discovered this weekend that it is entirely made of moss.

  12. Hurrah! Happy Spring!

    Must tell you how fabulous the rainbow cake looks - as does your fridge come to think of it (ours is crammed and messy - oops).

  13. How I love 'Mrs Miniver' and such a perfect quote for this time of year. There is more light than dark now - hurray!

  14. Sue, what a lovely post. I feel all contented and gooey inside. I just love Spring and the promise of new beginnings and a new year ahead. Happy Spring to you and yours. xx

  15. What a lovely post - brulliant photographs and lovely quote from Mrs.Miniver. Did you see the moon on Saturday evening. We had a lovely clear night up here and it was spectacular!

  16. Love this time of year, colour, warmth and longer days xx

  17. Wow, Sue, fabulous pictures!!!


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