the Quince Tree in March

Well thank you everyone for your input regarding my Ravilious blanket. There were some really interesting comments and they are much appreciated. I know a ripple would look wonderful and echo those waves of hills in the paintings but I just don't enjoy rippling. I already have a blue ripple (scroll down the page) which has long since been abandoned. I have this on the go too. It's lovely yarn, beautiful colours but I'm finding it rather boring work. Long rows of one colour are not for me I have discovered.
 I like granny squares. No long foundation chain, quick to finish, plenty of colour changes. Even if you make a granny in one colour only, they are so quick to complete it won't be long before you can pick up another colour.
So that's what it'll be - granny squares, maybe one colour squares, maybe not. Thinking, thinking.

Compare the Quince Tree today with the photo I took a year ago. This time next month we may have blossom.

I have had a wonderful day today. Charlie has had the day off and the weather has been gorgeous.

Today I have enjoyed.

1) Maria Dahlgren. Fabulous Swedish designer.

Royal wedding tea towel. I'm pretty indifferent to the royal family but I had to have this. It's such a clever design. I love they way the words 'I do' are picked out of the words 'In London'. I like the initials carved on the tree too.

Set of five postcards from Ikea. Bargain eh? The frames were from Ikea too. 

2) This

3) Lunch at a pub with Charlie. We sat outside in the sun.
I forgot to take a picture of my onion and goat cheese tarte tatin, with rocket salad.
But this was my pudding.

Vanilla crème brulée with rhubarb sorbet. Exquisite.

Some of this too.

4) My new picture.

It is a 1950s educational poster. I love it.

5) Colour co-ordinating my laundry drying.

Not intentionally.


  1. That tea towel is fabulous!It is so good that I didn't notice it was a royal wedding tea towel at first!!! It is such a shame you haven't finished your ripples...but if they don't do it for you, then they don't do it. Have a lovely weekend xx

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  3. Sounds like my kind of day Sue. Wow rhubarb sorbet looks soooo lovely! I love rhubarb so much I made rhubarb schnapps which will be ready on our trip away at Easter.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Now that is my sort of teatowel - must go and seek one out.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Now I like one colour grannies and I like multicoloured ones, but which is better? There's only one way to find out ...........

  6. Will your Ravilious be a Babette blanket I wonder? I made a rainbow babettish cushion after the style of Loretta of a Shoebox of Photographs blog...and I think the experience met your criteria...and was beautiful to boot....

  7. Oh you lucky spud - you go the poster! I'm so pleased for you. I saw it on the lovely website you pointed us. I bet you can't stop looking at it.

    What a lovely day you've had. Perishing here today but after a glorious week, can't really complain.

  8. Blue skies, paper goods, luscious food, the view of the world through wine, and drying laundry.
    This post is full of things that excite my senses.

    ...although the wine is a thing of the past for me.

  9. What a lovely day you had, I love the tea towel too, the initials on the tree are fab xox I agree about doing a ripple, always looks lovely but gets boring after awhile, I am defnitely partial to a grany or two xox Enjoy!

  10. Mmmmm - totally gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Nina x

  11. I don't suppose you got that poster from the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham?

  12. Everything is delicious, whether in color or taste!!
    x Sandi

  13. I have a freakish delight in hanging laundry.

  14. Anonymous7:46 pm BST

    Lovely post, as always. Thanks, Sue.
    Abi x

  15. Hello Sue, glad you had a nice day.

    I went to my fave garden centre today and was looking at fruit trees, am thinking of planting either an apple or a pear, but maybe a minature? just wondered how long was it before your tree bore fruit? that is if you planted it? Any advice appreciated.

  16. Hi Sue,
    Love your blog post on Eric Ravilious and your colour choices -I am a huge fan of his too!
    Yours is the first local blog that I've seen!!!!


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