March Sampler

March turned out to be unexpectedly bright and colourful thanks to some lovely sunshine and the hefty dose of artificial colouring in my daughter's birthday cake.

We've had some beautiful weather this March. Spring has sprung, the trees are full of blossom. My cherry tree has shed all its flowers now but there is more blossom to come, before April is over I hope to be able to show you pictures of the Quince Tree in bloom.

I am looking forward to April despite the fact that my children are only at school for eight days of it.
 Because Easter is so late this year they break up next Friday and don't go back to school until the 27th April. Then they are off again on the 29th for the royal wedding which is followed by the May Day bank holiday. My daughter asked me the other day if I thought the royal wedding would be on telly. I told her I thought it probably would be :o) Elder son wants to know if we are going to have a day off for Ed Miliband's wedding too.

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  1. Oh I love your sampler Sue, ideal for a calendar. Comment by your son very good - he will go far.

  2. Mine broke up yesterday - that's practically a whole month off. My sanity is in serious peril (actually, I'm secretly looking forward to it...)

  3. i love your sampler, it is very inspiring.
    I am SO impressed with the rainbow cake you made for your daughters birthday, it is glorious.
    i may TRY and make one for my big girl next month
    jooles x

  4. Your blog is so pretty Sue. I do love popping over x

  5. Lovely!!!! March looks like it was a fantastic month for you. I like the idea of a day off for Ed MIlliband's wedding!!! There must be some point in having politicians :) xx

  6. Had to laugh at your comment about the sunshine "and a hefty dose of artificial food colouring" brightening up the month!

  7. Oh, god. The Easter holidays.

  8. Anonymous10:13 am BST

    Mine break up next Friday too, and I was quite looking forward to April and the holidays until I read your post - only eight days!?!!

  9. It has been a lovely bright month hasn't it? Still gasp at seeing that Birthday Cake!
    I can't believe how little school time my Littlies have in April either! I will be rocking in a corner with pencils up my nose by May.
    Love Tickety-boo

  10. Anonymous11:24 am BST

    Your photos are wonderful!
    It seems you've had a colourful month!
    April's fool tomorrow!!!

  11. Such a beautiful sampler. Can't wait for the holidays... Wish it was the whole of April, (and the whole ofJuly in the summer, far too hot for school, I hope!)

  12. Hi Sue,
    A lovely colourful March sampler, thanks.
    Also thanks for the cinnamon toast recipe. I often have cinnamon toast when i go to Betty`s Cafe in York, Harrogate or Ilkley and i often wondered how they made it.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  13. I've been looking forward to Arpil for that very reason! I work in a school so I'm going to enjoy all those days off! Holidays here are the same as yours in worcestershire.

    Hasn't it been a gorgeous month! Your sampler is lovely. The blossoms are just coming out here, I'm a few miles north so a bit behind you!

  14. Pati from London1:42 pm BST

    Dear Sue, I'm in love with your March sampler, it's just Beautiful with a capital B. My kids' holidays start on the 15th of April so not too bad.... Loved your son's Milliband comment (he,he... ) x Pati

  15. Hiya Sue :)
    The cake looks magnificent!!!! I really want to make a cake like that now :) I love your blog :) xxx

  16. I just can't wait to see the quince, how I love them....

    Sarah x

  17. Beautiful, very apt March Sampler Sue. Yes, April will be a strange month of on-off-on-off time. Enjoy xox
    ps. Re; my daughter's badge, she has a rather large collection of badges going on in her room all attached to some bunting I made for her last year. That particular badge was bought at one of my favourite shops caled Made in Hastings. If you google it, you should find it although I think their stock chages very quickly :0)

  18. Anonymous7:59 pm BST

    Mine have another fortnight of school! However, the first half of summer term is only 3 1/2 weeks long.
    By the way, I do love your colourful stripy jug.

  19. I love your samplers Sue and this one is particularly stunning. I love all the rainbows and sunshine.

  20. Hello Sue,Hope you're well
    Have just looked at your sampler page link, 'GOSH' your photos are wonderfull,you don't realise(well you do)how seasons,colours change each month until you see your sampler in this way, BRILL
    Love the comments about children breaking up for easter, wedding and may day.DO we get a day off for Ed Milliband's wedding ,Probably not me thinks!!!!
    Best Wishes
    Sue xx


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