Is My Fridge Too Tidy?

Thank you for your lovely comments about the rainbow cake, and of course for all your comments. They are very much appreciated :o) 

I must say I was very pleased with the way the cake turned out. 
Next time, if there is a next time, I would probably halve the cake mixture in order to obtain thinner layers. I would also take more care when filling the tins to level the surface. Creating a bit of a hollow in the middle of the cake may well help prevent it from doming too much. 
The cake batter was an all in one mixture made simply by putting all the ingredients in a bowl and beating well with electric beaters. Not taxing at all. 
The colours I use are these. Paste colours don't dilute the icing, last forever and produce a wide range of intense colours.

I have to be honest and tell you that I did not make the cake as an act of devoted motherhood. I made it because I liked the look of it, because I enjoy baking and because I enjoy creating things in my home. But mainly because I knew it would make a good blog post. 

And now onto the subject of my fridge. I was completely taken aback by the amount of comments I had saying how tidy my fridge was. Not being in the habit of looking inside people's fridges I had no idea that mine was especially tidy. 
I took the picture below this morning. The only tweaking I did was to turn the jars so that their labels faced forward.

Is it particularly tidy?
It is a very large fridge with no freezing compartment so it is easy to keep tidy. 
Cheese goes on the top shelf, coffee (in the stainless steel canister) and yogurt go on the next shelf because they won't fit anywhere else. Leftovers are put in freezer tubs and if, after a couple of days they haven't been used they go in the freezer. I don't as a rule keep preserves in the fridge, but some don't get used up very quickly -marmalade, chilli jelly for instance, so they go in the fridge as they might go mouldy otherwise.
The Le Creuset pot has beef stew in it for dinner tonight and the blue dish has minced lamb defrosting for dinner tomorrow. There's still quite a lot of cake left despite giving some of it away.
The rest of my family don't really interfere with things in my fridge. I'm not sure why, I must have trained them well.

So, how tidy is your fridge?


  1. It's a perfectly waste not want not fridge Sue xox

  2. Your fridge sets a shining example to us all :) I would never photograph or show mine in public, it is a bit like my handbag, I would die if anyone saw the loose pork scratchings that fell out of their bag! Oooops, don't tell anyone...

  3. That is a very tidy fridge - especially for a family of five.

    I have a large fridge, with some incredible vegetable and meat and dairy drawers (broccoli does not go yellow!) but it does mean that there is not enough space between the shelves for the yoghurt (I had been wondering how you managed to fit it in yours....) You have inpired me to have a good sort out!

  4. I'm not letting you photograph mine, Sue. I have a friend whose fridge is just like yours and I am in awe every time she opens the door.

  5. I too have a fridge without freezer and mine looks sort of like yours so maybe it is having the extra space. I also got into the habit way back of cleaning my fridge each week before putting away the new shopping. Of course the rest of the house is a tip but the fridge is squeaky clean ;) x

  6. Not tidy enough! I felt yours looked particularly clean and tidy. I remember you as the woman who made me belly laugh with some of the corners of your home on this blog. Well, your fridge is exemplar!

    BTW thanks for your comment - I've neglected blogging this week and don't have time to see if I've taken your advice properly because the computer is about to be hijacked to watch the Welsh rugby match. Will check it out over the next few days.

  7. Oh, I daren't tell you! We get a Riverford veg box, so there is usually an uncommon quantity of mud somewhere at the bottom of it... Laura x

  8. Our fridge is feast or famine. One day it is brimming with food and the next day I open it to find something for supper and it is empty.
    Think blogland crashed as I tried to leave a comment on The Rainbow Cake. Love it (and love your honesty about doing it for blogging...). Anything with butter icing is perfect for me. Hope Miss Quince had a many happies on her birthday. Ax

  9. Anonymous8:39 pm GMT

    Hi Sue,

    I remember you saying a few years ago about your big fridge and that you don't like to have to move things to find other things.

    I'm the same but its still not that tiday.

    I like to keep salad things together and diary etc.

    I can't use my salad drawer like you can and everything freezes, so I loose space that way.

    I bet when you wrote at new year that you hoped you would find things to blog about, you never gave a thought to your fridge ;-)


  10. My fridge is much smaller than yours, and one shelf is almost entirely full of natural yogurt.

    You don't seem to have any natural yogurt. I find that disturbing in a fridge.

  11. Anonymous9:49 pm GMT

    Ooh Waitrose! You're posh!

  12. My fridge is a disaster zone. Just after Christmas it stopped working properly so that the freezer compartment is acting as a fridge and the fridge is now a glorified cupboard. We switched it off and left it for 24 hours and it is working better now, I reckon another 24 hrs left of and whatever blockage will melt properly. I'm very impressed with how you have trained yours. Unfortunately Smallest Boy has worked out how to open the fridge lock!

  13. Yes, Anonymous, I am incredibly posh.

  14. Mmmm. Thought at firstvyou might have OCD. But no just very organised. You cant look at mine, too messy. Not mouldy though just a bit jumbly. Maybe I need lessons xx

  15. Yes, your fridge is very tidy and clean. I wonder if that's because you love cooking and baking so much and you like knowing exactly what you have on hand.
    I remember you did a post a while ago about cutting down on so many varieties of things, for instance cheese. Perhaps this means you have less contents in your fridge so therefore it's tidier?
    Perhaps you are a very tidy person? Would the other areas of your house be as tidy?
    My fridge is a mess. It's too cluttered and needs a bit of a clean out. A bit like the rest of my house. :) I admire anyone with a lovely tidy kitchen, you've set the bar high Sue! :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  16. Anne, you've hit the nail on the head -I do like to know exactly what I have.

    There are five kinds of cheese there. I'm obviously not doing very well at keeping my stores minimal.

  17. Alcohol.

    That is the difference between your fridge and mine.

  18. My fridge is stuffed to the gunnels. One day I might show you. I'm sure you'd be appalled. I know for a fact there are 4 different sorts of mustard for starters....

  19. Dear Sue, I showed your fridge to my husband and we were both impressed. Ours.. ummm.. good thing we have chickens to give stuff too when we don't recognize it anymore. LOL

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  20. your fridge is very tidy, mine is a complete mess, i do wish it was more organised like yours. somehow i missed your post about the rainbow cake and have just gone back and looked at it. WOW its fantastic, but i'm with you on the nigel slater cake though
    deb, thanks for the kind thoughts xx

  21. You see I think the contents of our fridges gives away our inner characters. Are you staightforward, organised? My fridge is a complete and utter wreck, mouldering bits of this and that, that I meant to use but didn't. I tend to feel sorry for them so I dont throw them away until they can virtually walk out on their own.

  22. I imagined that you mnust have tidied it for photographing. It seems I was wrong. Its a lovely fridge. Mine is similar looking but not as organised. A cheese box and wine rack make it different.

  23. Anonymous8:46 am GMT

    what make is your fridge

  24. It's a Bosch larder fridge. I think we've had it about 10 years.

  25. Mine looks like this every so often when I finally get so fed up of not being able to find things that I organise it. Sadly, it doesn't stay like that long. I'm not surprised yours looks like this, from reading your blog, I get the impression that you're very organised and productive!

  26. Your fridge looks exactly as I would like mine to look, but alas, mine is small and I have too many things that need to stay cool! Mine is also not very clean at the momment - something I need to redress. Have a good day. xx

  27. Very impressive frig!! I have a Bosch too.....but your's is tidier! I need to take a lesson, you have inspired me! Thanks. xoRobin❤

  28. Hmmmmmm my fridge does not look like that.........I must say I love the idea of just a fridge and no freezer.......

  29. Yes your fridge is certainly very tidy - and yes, I'm rather ashamed of the state of mine!!

  30. No, your fridge isn't too tidy. It's how a fridge should look - clean on the inside. I keep mine organised so I know where everything is, it's just that I should wipe it down more often.

  31. Anonymous4:05 am GMT

    I had the strangest feeling, looking at that photo. It made me want to scroll down, to stop the cold getting out! Hilarious! :)
    from Siobhan

  32. Siobhan you really made me laugh! Actually I'm more worried about the light which is a new one and too bright. I think it might blow if someone doesn't shut the door soon.

  33. Mygoodness.

    My fridge looks like a war zone compared to that.


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