Something's Coming

 It's definitely on its way 

Signs are everywhere.





Prima Rosa - the first rose

Hellebores or Lent Lilies

Something's Coming
Could be!
Who knows?



  1. I was in the garden yesterday and something is definitely coming! But we're a little behind up in the north! My photos aren't as good as yours either!
    I enjoyed your syrup post too I'd never noticed bees on the tin and I use it all the time!
    You learn something new everyday.
    Jo x

  2. Hi Sue , such stunning pictures . I think your macro lense was worth it :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Beautiful, beautiful close ups - macro?

    Have a fab weekend,

    Nina xxx

  4. Wow - are you having a macro fight off with Nina ;) - great pics.

    Its definately starting to happen - I was going to take some garden pics today but the sunshine hid behind a cloud :(

    Have a great weekend xx

  5. Great pic of the Ladybug :0) I bet it makes your sampler for the end of Feb.
    When I used to have a garden, I filled it with Hellebores. There's so many great varieties and they're all lovely.

  6. I want a macro too, boo-hoo! Beautiful.

  7. Great post Missus Q. Ax

  8. And I like the new font.

  9. Anonymous5:30 pm GMT

    I think you could be right - what could that be though? Was actually walking along in the mild but wet this morning thinking how very Springish everything was feeling. Hopefully we aren't being lulled into thinking so before another bout of snow comes to get us all! (It is February after all).
    Your camera is starting to really show why you paid such good money for it. Those photo's are all beautifully shot but to my mind the Ladybird, Pulmonia (never heard of those before) and Primrose are absolutely exquisite - the sharpness, colour and clarity is amazing. Fabulous pictures!

  10. Sue, your photos were like eye-candy (chocolate!) to me. Your camera is doing miracles for you! Love the flowers! I am going to get some Snow Drop photos today - but they won't be as good as your shots!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA

  11. Lovely, lovely pictures, thank you for reminding me that spring IS on its way.

  12. Well if it isn't your food pics that make me drool it is the flowers. I especially like the Hellebore.

    Baking this weekend I will try some of your flapjacks. Just got to make that bread though. I will have to get an oven thermometer, my oven can be like a flamethrower (Rangemaster)looks lovely but can be a bit of a beast.

    Have a good weekend

    Sue x

  13. Sue.. you **ROCK**! I saw your tutorial about making you photos bigger on blogger and I followed it and now my blog is WAY better, thank you!! And I was so impressed with your photos I showed hubby and told him I might need an SLR camera so he suggested I ask you what kind you got.

    Thanks for sharing.. Teresa :-)

  14. Oh my Gawd. I've waited so bleedin' long for it your pictures have made me slightly tearful. It's either that or someone' chopping an onion.

  15. Anonymous7:58 pm GMT

    Fantastic Ladybird picture! You obviously have a great camera and a great talent in using it.

  16. well I hope it is coming...

  17. Anonymous8:09 pm GMT

    Hi Sue, Thanks for the photos, lovely as always, we have signs of spring here as well.


  18. I have never heard Hellebores called Lent Lillies, we call them Winter Roses. Your photos are amazing, especially the lady bird.
    x Sandi

  19. Love the ladybird pic, and Westside Story well, it is top of my musicals list.

    Have you ever seen the making of Westside story with Bernstein conducting? It features kiri te kanawaa and Jose Carreras, it is so fantastic!

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Especially love the crocuses. Would love to know what camera you have? Currently 'window shopping' in preparation for heavy hints for my birthday!!!

  21. Sue - this is my first time comment though I've followed you for a while. I now have a blog and have put you on my list!
    Great photos love your recipes and food shots too. I'm in Qld Australia and no sign of autumn yet.

  22. Beautiful, amazing photos! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  23. Lovely photos and I think you could be right.
    On the other hand can't wait for it to GO here !!!!

  24. Pati from London5:08 pm GMT

    Hello Sue, those photos are stunning!!! I also love the little video clip of West side Story. It's just transported me to my teenage years....mmm... My mum had (and still does) the soundtrack vynil record of the film and I must have listened to it a million times. It's one of my favourite films and soundtracks of all time. Richard Beymer is as gorgeous as your pictures (if I may say so). X Pati

  25. What an inspirational blog! Have been humming ever since. You made my day.

  26. Alison S11:26 am GMT

    I just wanted to tell you I made your florentine recipe a couple of days ago - with a mixture of ginger, cherries and mixed peel - and I have probably never made a more popular item - someone said they were better than the ones from the local French patisserie - so thank you!

  27. I'm a lurker who's finally posting - your blog is amazing! :) and lovely pictures too. Just a question for you, you know the picture behind your blog title, how do you get it to stretch the whole width across? I can't get mine to!


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