Saturday Kitchen

Gratuitous flower shot :o)

Blueberry and white chocolate muffins with lots of lemon. I like to add lemon to blueberries as I think they lack that fruity sharpness. The white chocolate was a bit of an experiment but it worked well in my basic muffin recipe, and used up some of my storecupboard clutter.

Five simple ingredients go into a favourite family soup -leek and potato.
The stock in the picture below is turkey stock but chicken stock is what I usually use.

Chop the onion and bacon and fry in a little butter, add the chopped leeks and potatoes. Stir around to coat with the butter and allow to soften a little. Pour on the stock, bring to the boil then simmer with the lid on until all is soft. Blend with a stick blender.

 I popped over to visit Corn Poppy Girl only to discover she had been making blueberry muffins too. She had also made some delicious looking ham and stilton scones. They inspired me to make scones to serve with my soup. This is a wedge of cheese scone.

Supper this evening was pork schnitzels
Pork escalopes dipped in flour, then beaten egg and finally breadcrumbs. Fried in olive oil and a bit of butter.

and rhubarb crumble.



  1. L and P soup my ultimate. Another yummy day

  2. Oooooo I just followed a link on Crochet with Raymond and landed in the midst of all this food scrummyness. I will be back! :)

  3. Hello Sue!
    I think we were blogging at exactly the same time! I just came over to get a link and you had last posted on the 2nd, then I came back just now and voila, a new post. Except yours is saturday and mine is sunday! Trippy!
    I wanted to get a link to your blog because I've finally got a programme to make photo mosaics and as I have been so inspired by yours, wanted to link my inspiration back to you, I hope that you don't mind me doing mosaics too because I love your tradition so much! Have a lovely rest of your weekend... I want to come over to your house for coffee and muffins!!!

  4. I rather fancy those muffins!

  5. Anonymous8:32 pm GMT

    Cheesy scones hmmm.... I love ANYTHING that contains cheese and the stinkier the better! One of the many benefits of once running a deli - lots of cheeses, salami, pates and olives to look at all day. Cheeseaholic over here!!!

    We don't have many non fancy scones (definitely no "Scoanes" in our house ;) ) left as they tend to get eaten very shortly after leaving the oven. Yours look delicious!

    I've just planted rhubarb outside this week so will be able to enjoy it every year now in my garden. The down side is that I can't pull any until the second year in order for the plant to store enough reserves this year for it to grow a plentiful supply for the second year. Bummer.

  6. We had crumble for tea tonight too - apple with some blackberries I found lurking at the back of the freezer. The muffins look delicious.

  7. The colours on the flower picture are amazing. So zingy and full of life. It put a smile on my face on the this grey, miserable day. Thank you

  8. Hello Sue
    Am LOVING your Saturday kitchen,yummy food,flowers are looking very pretty too
    Best Wishes for a good weekend
    Sue xxx

  9. Why can't I get my act together to cook like you? Fish pie here tonight- yummy but just not in Quince Tree League. And I made muffins earlier but again, looking at yours and I feel a bit like Ria from Butterflies...Ax

  10. The blueberry muffins look wonderful! I may have to try and make some!!

  11. Hi Sue my first visit to your site, being introduced by Crochet with Raymond. Your mosaics are truly wonderful and tell magical wordless stories of the richness in a life. I read some of your 50 things about you (is that stalking? no...) and saw that you want to lose weight before you can achieve post-centegenarianship ... and now I look at the food pics on this post. OY Sue you will NEVER lose weight eating this amazingly delicious and high calorie fare!!! You are So Funny hhahhahhaaa. Every pic here makes me want to abandon my resolve to lose weight. Except I am going to have a skinny flat white coffee now and then my sensible water soaked oats and seeds. I wonder if I could photograph that to look as wonderful? Hmmm challenge. Great to meet you. Cheers.

  12. Oh god, a dieter's hell!

  13. Your food always looks so appetising ~ you put me to shame! Do you think you could possibly share your recipe for the blueberry muffins when you get the time? :O)xx

  14. Your food is seriously amazing, everything I love.
    We have a baking franchise over here that makes berry and white chocolate scones, every now and then I buy one, they are so scrummy.
    x Sandi

  15. Making me hungry just reading this post :)

    Been baking this morning - one victoria sandwich and 2 dozen choc chip muffins towards the wake tomorrow.

  16. Anonymous12:41 pm GMT

    Hiya from one who's been lurking for a few days. Have to come out to say all this looks very yummy - I could fancy some rhubarb crumble! Love your posts.

  17. Hi Sue,
    What a glorious blog, yum yum!
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  18. Anonymous2:34 pm GMT

    It all looks scrummy, Sue. Your photos are amazing!

    Abi x

  19. Hello Sue and thank you for leaving a comment to make me smile - I would have quite liked a pic of Michael Praed too!! Off for a look at some moe of your pretty blog now x

  20. Oooh lots of my favourite things. I love juicy blueberries in muffins, leek and potato is a family fave except we call it 'leeky poo' which is a little bit rude :) I make cheesy scones a lot great with soup instead of bread and rhubarb already, how fabulous! So much scrumminess.
    Jo x

  21. Mmmm - am now feeling hungry and you have given me inspiration as to exactly what to do with that wedge of stilton I bought! (I don't like blue cheese and my husband informs he is no longer particularly fond of stilton.....).

    Pork escalopes is on our menu for this week too (a la Nigella's kitchen though minus the "roastini")

  22. It all looks so delicious! Not much cooking going on here this weekend, but this is really inspirering...

  23. Your photos are fabulous, even if they are making me hungry :). Looking forward to looking through your blog!

  24. I love your food photographs!

  25. Anonymous2:00 am GMT

    All right, can I come and eat at your house?


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