Half Term

The band came round for band practice. They have to come here because younger son is the drummer and a drumkit is not something you can just sling in the car. 
I absented myself for a large portion of the morning. First I took daughter to the hairdressers where I paid £9 for her to have an inch of hair cut off. Then we went to the supermarket along with elder son who clearly wanted to avoid the band practice too. We bought two packets of bacon and a dozen large rolls for the band's lunch.
By the end of the day younger son was completely exhausted but very happy with the way things had gone and I was glad it was over.

This morning
They all wanted to go into Worcester to buy stuff. Elder son needed a white shirt for a formal dinner (M&S), younger son wanted new jeans (H&M) and daughter just wanted to buy something, anything, preferably from Primark or Claire's. Primark hasn't been open in Worcester for long and so far I have managed to avoid it completely. Charlie however, has spent quite a few Saturday mornings standing about in there while daughter looks at all the tat. That place has the biggest collection of hideous, tacky, cheap and nasty t-shirts for young girls I have ever seen. I didn't think H&M was much better.

After they had done their shopping I felt I needed some kind of reward so I went to a bookshop. A new cookery book was what I needed, something with healthy, low fat meals would be a good idea.
So I bought this.

A lovely book although I'm trying hard not to be annoyed about the lack of imperial measurements.

Back home with a coffee and my new book I glanced over at younger son and noticed a hole in his new jeans.  Yes, I expect I should have taken them back to H&M but the repair took five minutes. Not as good as new because they were new, better than new, and without the cost of the car park for the second time  in a day.

While I was mending the children made lunch. Beans by older son, toast by younger son and carrot sticks by daughter.

They didn't forget anything.

After lunch
 I christened my new book and baked these.



  1. I am completely exhausted just thinking about what you squashed into a day. You baked too! you put me to shame. Those Yorkshire Teacakes look gorgeous.How does your camera take photos far superior to mine when it is virtually the same model. Everything looks bright and shiny. Mine looks like, well, like it was taken down a mine!

    Do you have any tips on the purchase of a decent Bundt tin, one that won't stick like crazy, so that the cake falls out in a heap.

    Think yourself lucky, my daughter who is now 21yrs shops for herself, as you would expect. So far so good except she has expensive tastes and WE pay!

  2. I love half term. Today has been spent watching and listening to three small children tear around the house and garden, naked on the top half. Most of the time I think the ceiling is going to come down. Then someone cries. Then more clothes come off and it all starts again. They're saxons apparently.
    Quite fancy a trip into town to buy tat... Ax

  3. Ahhhhh - happy half term.

    That cooking book looks lurvely and I love Worcester for shopping.....even though I've only ever been twice. Much better then Canterbury - tat, tat coffee shops and more tat. Lovely Cathedral though.

    Happy holidays,

    Nina xxx

  4. Primark opened in Harrogate recently. Looks like a jumble sale inside. People are wandering round with multiple huge bags full of stuff from there, incredible. I like the look of the pork pie. Hubbie has requested pie and pea supper for his birthday and for Northern folk the pie is always pork. Teacakes are the source of many an argument at home.... long story.

  5. Half bloody term! I have been working full days so I can have the end of the week off. I will have to do the kids and shopping trip on Friday DS needs school shoes and DD1 needs clothes (aparantly) so off to Cheltenham we'll go. I am loving that cook book. How British! Looks fab. Try to stay sane.
    Love Tickety-boo x

  6. Anonymous7:09 pm GMT

    Hello again,

    Lovely post as always, I'd only ever been into Primark once, horrible place. Clothes bearly good enough for gardening in.

    Browsing in a bookshop sounds better.


  7. How I hate metric, especially for baking. I mean, 60g ... how fiddly is that to measure? And impossible to guess at.

  8. Those tea cakes look delish! Hubby is our baker, might have to try to find that recipe! We just ate the last of his banana, pecan & dried cranberry bread for breakfast with our coffee. :-)

    What a good mom you are! Teresa

  9. Anonymous7:47 pm GMT

    Sadly Primark has the only prices I can afford - sad giving money to slave labour but then I get paid very poorly too; we don't get paid properly in this country either (not quite sweat-shops I grant you but not good and not a livable wage, working hard does not pay. Even Primark is often out of my range - a £4 tee shirt is something I would need to save up for or really need to justify the expense. Beggars cannot be as choosy as we might like. Good to know that I am kitted out it a way that others think so hideous....judge away.(If I had a garden maybe I could use them as gardening clothes, but I am lacking there too. So unworthy in life am I.) Actually when it comes to exploitation there is little to choose from them all. They are often made in the same factories. Even in the charity shops I usually end up with Primark. Some of it is tat, some is just the same as anywhere. H&M has indeed the same kind of quality - sometimes worse and costs somewhat more.

    Great looking book (sadly can't afford that either though).The teacakes look really good. Hope you enjoyed them!

    Not offended as I sound - I like your upfront speaking, at least we know then what people's thoughts really are.(A tad anoyed though!) Snobs rule - don't they?

    Anonymous is the only way for me to comment. Won't put name on as people still think you are anonymous when you do - just another thing for people to be nasty about.

  10. Well I'm not offended at being called a snob either, so that's alright. Maybe a spell away from reading blogs that make you feel unworthy would be a good idea Anonymous.

  11. I'll be round for one of those teacakes Sue - they look rather scrummy :0)

  12. Mmmmm. At least the band went home after non/ nearly veggie food..... Sorry winging about the girls again. Tea cakes look very very good, fancy posting some up. Actually wish we could have smello blogging. How good would that be?

  13. LOVE the cookbook. We have shelves groaning with them, but if I could just show Mr. P the pork pie page, I might just be able to sneak it into the collection... Great post, thanks. Claire

  14. Will need to prevent MrM from reading this post because it will set off another period of the coffee cake moaning.

  15. Your teacakes look better than the ones in the book Sue.

  16. I'd much rather wander round bookshops than Primark and Iknow that book is full of low calories recipes. I did borrow a copy and thought it very beautiful.


  17. Good going Sue, have fun on the holidays, your teacakes look very nice mmmmmm.
    x Sandi

  18. Oh I treated myself to the very same book - now i have the terrible dilemma of wanting to cooke everything in it the same time as desperately needing to lose weight....
    The only good thing about tat - believe me I have the same problem with a teenage daughter - is that it falls apart PDQ, especially if left in the tumbler for as long as possible. My main complaint is that the tops are always so low cut and i really would prefer if my daughter didn't have her boobs falling out all over the place....

  19. Pati from London2:41 pm GMT

    Sue, those tea cakes look yumm yumm.... I'm enjoying half term, I filled the tin with choco drop cupcakes, smarties cookies and oaty and sultana cookies on Monday so that nobody could complain for a few days.... Other than playdates, we've also been to the local library to make Chinese new year(still going on round here) lanterns, dragons and rabbit masks so not too bad. Always a pleasure to read you, Pati x

  20. Oh Yum! I have thought about that cookbook too....

  21. What a nice post! Full of interest (although I wish I hadn't seen those tea cakes, now that I've embarked on a weight loss regime...).

    Were you complaining about the cost of your daughter's haircut? I have to pay £26 (yes! £26!!) to get my little dog's hair cut! Perhaps - hopefully unlike your daughters case - there's some danger money factored in there somewhere.

  22. In Yorkshire teacakes don't have fruit in them! A teacake is a bread roll - its only taken me 20 years living here to get my head round that!

    However these look lovely - I will definately look this book out in the library on Monday!


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