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Valentine's Day. It's a pile of commercial tripe isn't it? Really.

That said I like to exchange cards with Charlie, though I'm sure he could manage without the whole business. I nag him a bit about getting 'a nice card from the museum and art gallery gift shop and not one of those naff ones from Tesco'. The boy done good this year, his is the rose petal heart.

St Valentine's day is, for me, mainly about chocolate.
Torrone molle in this case. A recipe from the lovely book At Elizabeth David's Table.

 I'm not sure I'd call it an everyday recipe but it is a delicious one, as was the hollandaise sauce from the same book which I made to accompany poached salmon yesterday.

A rich mixture of cocoa, butter, sugar, ground almonds, eggs and biscuits.

We ate only a little piece each and I am going to freeze the rest for another time.

There have been altogether too many cakes, puddings and rich foods in my life of late. There is a change coming.


  1. The cards are lovely and that chocolate thing looks divine! I've been too unhealthy lately, that's also going to change...

  2. Pretty cards and the chocolate looks rather good too. Your final statement sounds ominous! Enjoy your St. Valentine's celebration.

  3. Macro chocolate 'ooohhhh' yum - you certainly know how to hit a chocoholic.

    take care,

    Nina x

  4. Don't change things too much- I like the way Quince life goes. Ax

  5. There's a carrot and walnut cake waiting for its cream cheese and lime juice topping. But then that's it. No. More. Cakes.

  6. Oh yum...the chocolate, that is!!

  7. Well done to Charlie for doing good with the card this time! I bought that elephant one for Dave, but he hasn't had it yet. We live 50 miles apart so we're having our valentine's day at the weekend. We're also not big on it but it is nice to make a little effort and my boy has done good for once (he usually can't even manage a birthday card) - I have a lovely hand made card from him, plus he gave me a small gift on Saturday and has something else 'small and not that exciting' planned for next Saturday!

    That chocolate looks very rich - I'm not surprised you only managed a small piece!

  8. I first got the title wrong and read "the love of food" !! (does that say a lot ??)
    Your torrone molle looks absolutely delicious, a little bit like "nougat" but with chocolate. It's still freezing outside, maybe some calories are still needed to fight the cold... (what other excuse can I come up with ? lol)

  9. Your torrone looks delicious!

  10. I am torn.....I love reading your blog, BUT I am a cookbookaholic and you have the most interesting cookbooks. I am trying not to add to my collection (it helps living in a fairly rural area with decent book shops few and far between) but I think I might have a growing list of ones that I'd just like to consider........ :-)

  11. Very nice cards, not to mention the torrone mmmm.
    I love Spring and always feel so much more alive, the beautiful flowers and the air becomes a little warmer.
    x Sandi

  12. Oh ... looks lovey and oh so rich! Beautiful photos.

  13. We're on a new regimen too.. a hot meal in the early afternoon and then a salad for dinner. Hope it helps. bleh

  14. What fantastic self control you have ... but you know it will taste pretty good even when it's frozen!
    Love all your cooking and your food photos are fantastic. You could get a job photographing food you do it so well.
    Well done Charlie!

  15. I suspect we're all going on a diet....

  16. That book looks really nice - I like hardback cookery books for some reason. And a recipe for hollandaise sauce? It's for me!! Right, where's that amazon wish list of mine...

  17. Please, pretty please will you post your recipe for Anzac biscuits? They have got to be our fav biscuits and I would like a tried and tested recipe.

    Thank you - hopefully

  18. Oh good grief. I can feel myself getting fatter just looking at those photo's.

    You can take me with you on your more abstemious journey. I need to lose at least a ton!

    I am looking to you for inspiration.


  19. Anonymous10:33 am GMT

    Hi Sue,

    Another wonderful blog, thank you, I like The Quince Tree just as it is.


  20. I have ordered that cookery book from the library. For some reason I have packets of ground almonds and a good way to use them up would be in that very chocolately recipe! Yum.

  21. Hi Sue,
    I`m totally with you on the subject of Valentine`s Day. It was flogged to death on nearly every tv programme, by the end of the day i was totally fed up with it all.
    Anywhooooo your blog is fab & the post on friday was gorgeous, the photos were beautiful.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

  22. Pati from London12:19 pm GMT

    That torrone looks quite delish but on my third pregnancy I have to control my calories.... is the torrone an Italian Xmas chocolate nougat type of thing? In Spain we eat all sorts of "Turrones" at Xmas time and they look like these big bars with almonds and a variety of flavours. Yum yum...x Pati

  23. Anonymous2:26 pm GMT

    Valentine's Day? It completely passes me by - no man in my life and I'm not sad about it one bit! The chocolate thingy looks rich and delicious; I'm not sure I would have been able to freeze it before eating it all rich as it looks. So, no hearts or flowers here. Chocolate I have happily provided for myself.

  24. Where did read about Torrone Molle recently? Was it Country Living? I have woolly brain so can't remember. It looks a little like cold dog's nose. So rich but so good.


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