February Sampler

February is over in a blink isn't it? 
Here's February's sampler. As always you can look at all my monthly samplers on the sampler page under my header picture.

I haven't had any crochet to show you for ages have I? I have some today. The crochet that should have been knitting.
 It's my dad's birthday today and I decided to knit him a scarf in the colours of his rugby team. Crochet, I thought, wouldn't be masculine enough. I can knit but I have never actually knitted a complete thing.
How hard could it be to knit a simple striped scarf in two colours? Well, it turned out to be pretty damn hard. First I made the mistake of knitting it in stocking stitch. Of course it just rolled itself together and wouldn't lie flat. Next I tried garter stitch. Several times. There was nothing wrong with my tension but the edges, oh the edges. I just couldn't get them straight. So I took up my hook with relief and  set to to make a masculine looking crocheted scarf. I think I made a fair job of it. I used half-trebles (yarn round hook, hook into chain, pull through, three loops on hook, yarn round hook and pull through all three) half trebles make a fairly dense fabric that grows quickly. Six rows of each colour.
Incidentally, the red is a lot nicer in real life, more tomatoey and less neon looking. The camera doesn't seem to like bright red.

It's Moseley Rugby by the way.



  1. (In a deep voice) It's very manly.

    Clearly crochet isn't just a girl thing. Many Happies to the Birthday Boy, Ax

  2. Moss stitch would have given you a more even texture to the scarf but you've done a good job with the crocheting so I doubt your Dad would complain.

  3. February looks so wonderful and bright in your mosaic - it's grey and pants outside my window at the moment!

    Have a lovely day and Happy Birthday to your dad,

    Nina x

  4. Your scarf looks good and I'm sure your Dad will love it. Happy Birthday to him. I am happier crocheting than knitting. I can knit but it seems more tiring holding up two needles, somehow. Have a great day. xx

  5. what a lovely gift! and crochet definitely doesn't have to be girly, you just have to pick the stitch and colours right!

  6. I'm loving February's sampler Sue -especially the little ladybug (it reminds of that advert with the J'taime song as background music).

    Your crocheted scarf is soooooo neat, the edges look perfectly straight. I'm sure your dad will love it :0)

  7. Ive just found your blog your pictures are absolutely fantastic.I think your scarf is fab and very manly.

  8. Anonymous5:08 pm GMT

    It's fabulous, I like the way the stripes appear to 'lock' together, if you know what I mean.

    I think the answer to wobbly edges on scarves is to slip the first stitch on each row. I discovered this when a particular pattern called for it, and my edges looked far neater.

    I might be talking nonsense though, and it could be that the reason for the slipped stitch was something else entirely.

  9. Anonymous6:11 pm GMT

    It's a beautiful scarf.
    I've found this pattern quick to knit and roll proof, whatever the yarn.
    Cast on 35 stitches.
    Row 1: (k3, p1) rep betw ( ) to last 3 sts, k3
    Row 2: k1, p1, (k3, p1) rep betw ( ) to last st, k1
    Knit to desired length and cast off.


  10. Hi Sue, that is a GREAT gift for a Dad! I am in the same boat, I've got a scarf with lovely yarn on my needles and it's rolled up like a tube from a toilet paper roll. :-)

    So, I'm going to frog it and crochet something.

    Loved the snippets of your Feb photos - my faves are the ladybug and the crocus.

    Hugs from Oregon.. T

  11. I love your photo samplers - they're alway so good. And a love that scarf! Very talented :)

  12. The scarf is wonderful, gorgeous crochet! I'm sure your dad is going to love it.
    Anne xx

  13. And I thought he supported the mighty Canterbury Crusaders and Canterbury rugby team here in NZ. Lovely job with the scarf.

  14. Sue, I've just created my first ever sampler page, thanks to your helpful link, and your inspiration. Love the scarf and love the blog. Claire.x

  15. Hi Sue, What a brilliant scarf, your Dad will love it.
    Have you read a knitting book called "Purls of Wisdom" by Jenny Lord? It is a sort of beginners guide to knitting, but it is soo amusing too. It`s the way its written. I`ve borrowed it from our local library, but i`m definately going to buy it. It is a good book to fall back on & it has some nice simple patterns in it too. Not just scarves but simple things to knit for the home. It`s a fab book!
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  16. Pati from London9:38 am GMT

    Am loving the crocus, the ladybird and the orange this month Sue... The pics are stunning! Your dad's scarf is good too! I'm sure he wouldn't know the difference between a crocheted and a knitted one, anyway! Hope you enjoy his bthday celebrations! x Pati

  17. What a wonderful idea - a February sampler. Your pictures are lovely, as is your blog. The scarf is great!

  18. Anonymous2:34 pm GMT

    many thanks to all the Quince Tree Bloggers for your birthday wishes. The scarf is great and I'll be wearing it on Saturday for Mose's game at Worcester; quarter final of B&I cup if anybody is interested! I'm afraid The Quince Tree is a Worcester supporter so there could be family trouble!

    Your knitting/crochet technical comments were away above my head.

    Quince Tree's dad.

  19. http://shonkywonkybarnadventures.blogspot.com/3:19 pm GMT

    Hi Sue,

    Lovely scarf.Your photographs are always lovely. I need to work on mine. Best wishes



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