All Kinds of Things

Things I am enjoying this February.

1) Thing to wear

My daughter's button necklace. A Christmas present that didn't quite hit the mark. It looks great with every single item of clothing I own though :o)

2) Thing to watch

The Rector's Wife is one of my favourite comfort reads. It's a domestic novel, the kind Persephone would publish if only it had been written eighty years ago. I loved this 1993 TV adaptation starring Lindsay Duncan. I just wish it was available as an audio book preferably read by Lindsay Duncan.

3) Things to look at

There's nuffin like a Puffin.

4) Thing to listen to

Simon Russell Beale is marvellous as Smiley.
 My mum was in MI5 you know. At least that was what she used to tell my brother and I when we were children. We used to say 'but if you're a spy you wouldn't tell us', 'Ah, but  you don't believe me, so it's safe to tell you'. 
I was listening to these dramas the other day when my daughter asked me what they were about, 'spies' I said, 'Granny's a spy' she replied. I'd have thought 71 was a bit old to be spook, but there you go, she's obviously too valuable to the service to be put out to grass.

5) Thing to smell

6) Thing to taste

These are blood oranges, not ruby or blush oranges or any other prissy name the supermarkets have dreamt up. They don't taste any different from ordinary oranges but they look beautiful. Grab them while you can they won't be around for long.

7) Thing to resist

Anzac biscuits.
 How authentically Antipodean these are I don't know. The recipe I use is from Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book. They are incredibly easy to make.
 I've had one and I'm not having any more. Not one.

That's one tablespoon of golden syrup. I use T for tablespoon and t for teaspoon when I write down recipes.
It's granulated sugar and self-raising flour.

8) Thing to touch the soul.

Do have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hurray! There's the recipe! Oh they look good. Too good.

    I adored that dramatisation of the Rector's Wife. I'm going to have to scour Amazon for it now.

    I can smell those narcissi from here.

    Have a cheery weekend x

  2. I only just noticed your '50 things about me' page. It's a bloomin' good read. A friend of mine once snogged Tom Hollander! Many moons ago, when she was at college.

  3. I love your button necklace and where did you get the Puffin Cards they look fantastic! Have you ever made the Mary Berry's Museli Biscuits? I can recomend those too, and they have Golden Syrup in too. (If you haven't got it I will be happy to email it)

  4. We had a cat called Orlando after the one in the book.
    Your Anzac recipe doesn't involve any bicarb - I use Donna Hay's recipe which is probably more authentically Antipodean than Mary Berry's :-) They were my Grandad's favourite biscuits.

  5. Puffin cards from Amazon. I get everything from Amazon I'm afraid. I expect eventually there will be only one shop and its name will be Amazon.

  6. Anonymous3:18 pm GMT

    Hi Sue,

    I was getting worried there, nothing new since Monday. I know, real life and all that ;-) and if only you could spend your days blogging :-0

    I really like the Puffin cards as well. I must look some more on Amazon as I only think of them as selling books.

    Lovely read as always


  7. For years I referred to Anzacs as Grandma Black's biscuits (she made em see) then I saw the recipe entitled Anzacs. No less yummy but they'll allways be granny B's to me.

  8. Linda, Amazon sells everything, I just bought a Dyson from there. And some coathangers, exciting eh?

  9. Well Sue you have covered the lot there. I will now be searching for 'The Rectors Wife' on Amazon, I really enjoyed the book many years ago.

    Husband would love George Smiley. So by the time I buy some beautiful spring flowers and make the biscuits. I think you have set up a good weekend.

    I will dig that glorious music out, which usually makes my eyes leak! and have a hot mug of tea.

    I think you aught to do this every Friday!

  10. Bet you didn't get those oranges from Amazon! I've been getting some from Waitrose and they have been delicious. Hid the last lot as the teenage locust got there first!

  11. That Miserere is a thing of Great Beauty.

  12. It absolutely is the most beautiful piece of music in the world WH. I see I'm not the only one whose eyes leak when they hear it. It's that soprano, just thinking about it makes me shiver.

  13. i have the same puffin's cards.... aren't they delightful?

    (and I'm with you with the 'blood' oranges thing... political correctness gone mad. although in Italy we call them simply Sicilian oranges!)

  14. Oh wow where did you get the Puffin postcards they are so lovely? Love the spy thing, who knows she may be like the character Helen Mirren played last year in RED. ;o)

  15. Love the postcards so much ive just placed an order for some x

  16. Well. You are having a good February aren't you. Mine is quite happy but not very organised. Or productive. Maybe March will bring an improvement.
    Have a great weekend, Ax

  17. I love he Sixteen. They can't do anything wrong in my book. I loved the two Sacred Music series they did with Simon Russell Beale....wonderful.


  18. Thank you for the biscuit recipe : )

  19. I love your post with a bit about everything in it! Love the button necklace.

  20. Thanks for another chance to listen to Allegri's Miserere. I too consider it to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Others include Barber's Adagio for Strings and Sigur Ros' Staralfur.

  21. Great photots and great things. Have a lovely weekend!

  22. Sue, I gave the Puffin cards to a friend for Christmas - another gift that didn't hit the mark! Wish I'd kept them for myself!

  23. PS so agree about prissy names for blood oranges! The name was the main reason my brothers enjoyed them when we were children.

  24. what a lovely post Sue. So cheerful and colorful and uplifting. You're inspiring!

  25. You make February sound so appealing - and that, my friend, is no mean feat!

  26. Lovely post! I made Anzacs for the first time yesterday! The Golden Syrup here (Down Under) is much darker so mine don't look as lovely and pale as yours. They taste far too good though! Must see if I can get Tate and Lyle somewhere.

  27. Absolutely love George Smiley. We drove back from North Africa to England three years ago and Le Carre got us all the way to Plymouth. Oh and those cards are just lovely. C.x

  28. The Rector's Wife is my favourite Joanna Trollope, I video taped the TV adaptation decades ago & it still plays. Being an Aussie I love Anzac bickies, I liked the really thick chewy ones that glue your teeth together. :-) Can't eat them now, Coeliac Disease, but have very fond memories of pigging out on them.

  29. Anonymous7:49 am GMT

    I bought some BLOOD oranges, which were called 'red' oranges on the package (??).


  30. I remember being introduced to blood oranges as a child. For some reason a friend of mine thought they would help us dress up as vampires.

  31. I need those puffin cards right now! Have a delightful weekend xox

  32. Hi Sue,
    Lovely blog and beautiful music!

    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

  33. Anonymous10:44 pm GMT

    My genuine NZ cookery book has anzac biscuits, so they have the antipodean seal of approval. The only difference is my recipe says to dissolve 1t baking soda in 1T hot water and mix it in just before spooning onto the baking sheet. Love them!!

  34. Pati from London9:20 am GMT

    Morning Sue, I was about to start writing my next uni assigment on the Medici Patronage when I decided to pop round your world.... (I know..., am postponing the inevitable but feel I have a bit of a writer's block at the mo...). The pic of the blood orange reminded me of my childhood in Spain; over there we call them "Bull's blood oranges" and they are yummy. I don't see them that often these days, though! Today I learnt a few new things with your blog... I had never heard of the "Rector's wife"'s book but will definitely keep an eye for it in my local library and had never heard of those cookies either... may cook them for my dad (he's arriving this afternoon...) later. I love those puffin cards; the Hungry caterpillar book is probably one of my favourite children's books ever. Have a lovely sunday and now, hopefully, I'll go back to the Medicis... Enjoy your Sunday, x Pati

  35. Anonymous6:14 pm GMT

    Heehee, my Puffin cards arrived today from Amazon. I'm thrilled with them. Thank you for the recommendation! Abi x

  36. Ooh spooky. Two comments above me is a woman who wrote an essay on Medici patronage. I wrote one just recently!

    Anyway I was popping in to mention the lack of bicarb too, in case it was an error, but see others have beaten me to it. Did you know there is fierce debate about the authenticity of including coconut in Anzac biscuits? (As in, during the war when the biscuits were made and sent to sweets-deprived soldiers in the trenches, coconut was a luxury item and not actually available, etc).


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