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Thank you all so much for your kind concern about me and my foot. And my rash.
The foot is healing but it is too slow for my liking. I can get around wearing crocs which are just the thing for snow and rain! It isn't half itchy though. The nurse thinks is will take another three weeks to heal completely -gah! 
As for the rash it still looks pretty dramatic but is no longer itching or spreading and is beginning to fade. I've given up the 'avoid alcohol' drugs, it is Friday after all.
C is still doing the cooking but I think I'll try and get back to it tomorrow. I managed to get a batch of bread done yesterday. Everyone was moaning about the 'horrible supermarket bread'.
Yes it is lovely to sit about watching DVDs and crocheting but it is only nice if you can get up and do other things as well. Like take photographs for example.
However Petit Filoux's post this morning inspired me to make a Wordle. A Quince Tree Wordle. I made it by copying and pasting my category list from my side bar. I edited it a bit just keeping the most important words; quince, food, homemade, crochet and sexy men. There aren't enough of the latter by the way. Wish I knew some.
Anyway here is my Quince Tree Wordle. I hope it sums up all the things I waffle on about.



  1. I do like your wordle! It would be a really nice thing to hang in the kitchen or other suitable space.pleased your foot is on the mend and that you are managing your frustration so well.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I am so glad that you`re on the mend and able to have the odd glass or two.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  3. Ohhh ack! Just saw your nasty rash. You poor girl. Get better soon. xx

  4. Cute wordle!! I posted about my quince tree today, over here in another hemisphere. Hope your foot gets better asap xo

  5. That is great, I did it myself but couldn't post it to my blog, didn't work. Oh well.
    x Sandi

  6. Put HOney on your burn - sounds sticky and horrible but I did just that ten years ago after I was burned after Radiotherapy and it healed very very quickly after that. Try it!
    I like the wordle
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. I shall raise a glass to you this very evening :) Love the wordle. Am going to have a bash at that myself.

  8. KC, it does seem very difficult to post a Wordle to a blog. I ended up printing mine, scanning it and then posting the scanned picture.

  9. I like the wordle - might have to try that.

    Hope you are more mobile soon - I agree its great to sit & read/sew/knit etc but it gets boring if that all you can do.

  10. So perfect! Hope your foot is back to a happy healthy foot soon xox

  11. Anonymous12:31 pm GMT

    Glad you're getting better. Following on from KC'sCourt!'s comment, try Manuka honey. Fantastic stuff. Bees are amazing.

  12. Anonymous3:20 pm GMT

    Glad to hear you are on the mend albeit slowly. Love your Wordle

  13. Anonymous4:22 pm GMT

    You do make me smile
    Love penny L xx

  14. Love the wordle, Sexy men most definitley a must!!

  15. hello hello i just followed the link from Nicole aand the Bee's blog who also now has one of these lovely wordy things. i like the words on yours, they are tempting me to have a browse.....



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