Use It Up Close Up

As a result of my food de-cluttering I have half a shelf of food that needs using up. I threw away the lime juice -there was no way I was going to use it before its use-by date, the green peppercorns -after trying one and discovering it tasted like spicy disinfectant and the tahini which was very old.

I tackled my dried fruit mountain first.

Figs, prunes and dates. Mixed with marmalade to make a chunky fruit cake adapted from a recipe in River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I was also able to use up the last bit of wholemeal flour.

Next, the many half-full bags of nuts I seem to have collected.

 Roasted  for 20 mins at 180°c/160°c fan ( mine were a bit overdone) and doused with soy sauce as soon as they came out of the oven. Very moreish.

I shall be using up the jar of wholegrain mustard tomorrow in a creamy chicken dish. I finished the coconut cream in a curry on Wednesday. I'm getting through it.


The other day I mentioned that I was thinking about buying a macro lens. Well I've stopped thinking about it and done it. I took all the photos for this post with it. I'm not sure I'm using it properly yet but I'm having fun.

By the way, in answer to James who asked me what kind of light I use for my photos, I use natural light and if they turn out too dark, something that often happens on a winter's evening, I lighten them using the photo editing software which came with my camera. I never use the flash and I have the camera set on aperture priority. As for styling I just put the food in a bowl or on a plate and get in close.



  1. Evening, OMH. I hope you left a bone in there for your dog... Ax

  2. How incredible are your macro-lens photographs! I feel the need to roast some nuts now .. thanks for sharing x

  3. Mmmm more lovely food to drool over. Love your photos. I think you must be doing it right as they are turnign out really well. x

  4. I want to come and stay with you..........everything is so yummy
    Julie xxxx

  5. Anonymous8:37 pm GMT


    Thanks for the info. Nice choice on the macro. I look forward to more great photos of beautiful food. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It works! Foodtastic photos!

  7. Wow!!!!
    x Sandi
    Hehe the minimalist here

  8. Well done on your foodie thrifting exercise! Long may it continue. xx

  9. Pati from London10:01 am GMT

    Great pics Sue!! You should seriously think about writing your own recipe book. Pati x

  10. Anonymous10:08 am GMT

    What ever you're doing with your macro lens, it's hitting the spot....gorgeous shots! I would love a piece of that delicious cake, what time's tea??

  11. Your close up photos look fantastic! I loved reading about your store cupboard sort out too. So far I've only done my baking cupboard - but what a great feeling! Helen x

  12. That fruit cake looks so good, beautifully moist. Must get out my HFW book and try it.

  13. Hats off to your 'cupboard slightly barer' project. Your clearing out exercises look bloomin' delicious from here. Makes a tastier change to lugging bags down the charity shop.

  14. I don't think I've ever seen a raisin at such close quarters!

    I use lime juice a lot - can't imagine throwing it out. I'm more likely to be found shaking the drops from an empty bottle and wailing.


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