Splash of Colour

I'm not sure this is the sort of thing Silverpebble is looking for but it certainly is a jolly shade of scarlet don't you think?

This is my left thigh, the right is the same. From knees to knickers -sore, red, itchy blotches. Apparently I am allergic to Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine cream) which the nurses up at my clinic have been using to treat my burn. The doctor gave me some steroid cream and a strong antihistamine.
 My heart sank when I read the label.

Well I can live without indigestion remedies (thank goodness) but really, no alcohol, someone as they say is 'having a laugh'.

Oh I am having fun.

There are some consolations.

A Christmas present to myself. Joan Hickson is the only true Miss Marple. Accept no substitutes.
I'm working my way through all twelve of them with relish. 
Miss Marple does lack sex appeal rather so I was delighted to discover Zen on BBC1 on Sunday. Rufus Sewell does not lack sex appeal. At all. Rome is rather gorgeous too.

One pan sausages and onion gravy
The food's not bad either. Turns out yelling instructions from the sofa does result in a tasty meal after all. This was the first time C had made gravy. Sausages and onions browned in butter and olive oil in a roasting tin. Roasting tin in the oven for 30-40 mins. Sausages removed to a serving dish. A little cornfour blended with water, some stock and a splash of marsala added to the onions.

And of course there has been time to get some crochet done.

I'd still rather be cooking, cleaning and ironing. Really.
Thank you for all your good wishes and sympathy, much appreciated :o)



  1. I agree, Joan Hickson is the only Miss Marple. I own the DVD's too and some audio tapes. She was wonderful in that role. I hope the Zen series travels to BBC America.

  2. Gosh, that C of yours is doing well ...the meal looks delicious!

  3. Anonymous1:46 am GMT

    Oh that is just pants! I am really feeling it for you, can't believe you have to go through the pain and suffering of the burn itself and then to be allergic to the remedy!
    I hope you are all healed soon xxx

  4. I hear you..I am allergic to so many tablets and creams & have the same reaction. It's such a pain (pardon the pun) Hopefully you will be on the mend soon, sitting back with a nice glass of wine whilst still getting waited on with that lovely food from your husband.
    Happy Healing!!

  5. Sue, you are just not getting a break, are you!? That rash just looks so itchy! The upshot of this is you are training hubby to cook! :-) He might just like it and help you out!

    ((hugs)) Teresa from Oregon USA

  6. Anonymous6:06 am GMT

    Oh poor you! Surprising how painful a foot can be when it's injured. I once had both bunions done and had to sit around with my feet up for weeks. After the first day or so they weren't at all painful, and the rest of my time was spent coping with: knitting, watching films, reading books and generally being waited on by friends and family who felt sorry for me. Result!!

  7. What a bummer!! Hopefully the new cream will do the trick. Blumming Goose!! It did have it's revenge. Looks like you could have a pretty scrummy Bangers and Mash for this years Christmas dinner!!

  8. Joan Hickson is the only Miss Marple - and when I lived in Sidmouth I met her. Lovely lady! The "Sleeping Murder" was filmed all round the area, and despite going up the little one way street the wrong way and the car going round the corner to the fish shed and a green field it was in my mind the best one but then I am bias because I lived there!
    Can C come and teach my husband to cook.....?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  9. Goodness, that's a rather fetching shade of pink isn't it? The boys are doing rather well on the cooking front though, well done. And you make the most of the leisure while you can. And having just seen Wartime Housewife's posting today, perhaps you just need to slap some honey on the wound and take a dose of propolis?

  10. Wow. That is vibrant. Sheesh, I do hope it calms down soon.

    Huge huge thanks for the gravy tips - the other half and I will be definitely rustling up some of the brown stuff with this.

    I'm with you on Miss Marple AND with Mr Sewell. Oof, have you seen the BBC adaptation of Middlemarch from the early nineties? There are long sweeping coats and lots of striding around. Frankly, his Ladislaw rivals Colin Firth's Darcy if you ask me.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Oh dear! Hope the rash disappears quickly and that they find a substitute cream that you aren't allergic too. I completely agree about Joan Hickson - she is the perfect Miss Marple, none of the others even come close. I love those colours in your crochet squares - I can think of worse ways of spending winter days than watching Miss Marple and doing crochet:)

  12. Oh my goodness, as if you need that on top of everything else!! Don't worry, the first thing I did when I found I had to start taking warfarin after my embolism was complain about the fact that I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol!

    Glad your shouted instructions turned out such a nice meal - now you know he can do it, he can do it more often, right?!

    Crochet is looking very nice, looking forward to seeing more of it.

  13. Eurgh what have I missed?!!! I assume you're not doing too great... must catch up with your blog! Hope you get better soon x

  14. Ok the burn - horrid, the allergy dreadful but wot no wine? Am crying for you. Hope you are better soon. Saw a tub of goose fat reduced on sale in the shop yesterday and just shivered. The crochet looks fab. And yes JH is the only Miss Marple.

  15. Oh Sue you are having a run of bad luck. Just as well you aren't a Rennie junkie!!! Hope you get better soon. Enjoy Marple. x

  16. Anonymous9:29 am GMT

    I'm going to go against the grain (yet again ;)) and would say for me it was Margaret Rutherford that appealed to me more as Miss Marple - I just love all those old films! Hope that rash clears up soon.

  17. Oh blimey Sue it does look like you are in the wars and no alcohol - really!!

    Hope you're on the mend soon and Happy New Year,

    Nina xxx

  18. Pati from London9:53 am GMT

    Sue, Am soooo sorry to hear about the allergic reaction, it does look bad.... I completely sympathise with you on the alcohol front aswell... am on my fourth month of pregnancy and I do miss a beer (I always become teetotal during pregnancy). My list of drinks and foods for after the birth is growing and growing: my request to my family to bring me to hospital consists of a tray with: a bit of Iberico ham from Spain - of course!, some goats cheese, s'il vous plait, smoke salmon on a bit of bread, a glass of "vino", a nice beer mmmm..... I can't wait!! I hope you get better soon but in the meantime, do relish on your leisurely life!! All the best, x Pati

  19. It never rains but it pours!
    I must look out that Miss Marple set I've converted my kids to the super sleuth but they were too young for Joan.
    Happy healing.

    Jo x

  20. That burn is turning out to be the gift that just keeps on giving, isn't it? Poor you.

  21. Oh poor you, you're not having much fun are you?! I have recorded Zen and I'm looking forward to watching it. I love the colours of your crochet. Hope things soon improve for you, best wishes Pj x

  22. Chin up! After a start like that to 2011, things can only get better. No alcohol? That really is the pits!

  23. You absolutely right, Joan Hickson IS Miss Marple! The meal looks delicious :-) Hope you get better soon!

  24. dinner looks scrummy, so does the crochet, hope your foot gets better soon x

  25. What, no wine!!!! Don't surpose another sort of drink in a wine glass would help??
    I see you got to your last meal on the list 'Sausages and Mash' looks very tasty.
    x Sandi

  26. Oh that's rather adding insult to injury isn't it...you poor old thing. What a start to the year. Mind you, if I could watch Miss Marple and have sausage and mash cooked for me (and it looked mouthwatering!) I think that would make me feel somewhat better!
    And you are 100% right - Joan Hickson IS Miss Marple. I think the BBC should give up trying to prove otherwise - even whoever the very famous actress was who did her first, wasn't a pass on good old Joan.

  27. Lets hope that the rash goes as soon as you change the medication, having to drink no alcohol would send me batty. Get well soon.

  28. Oh my! I hesitate to add any consoling thoughts just in case it I am the kiss of misfortune - if that makes sense (I have also just been reading the yarn harlot's blog and it sounds as though her 2010 was generally pants so maybe it's a theme (not one any of us would choose though...) The Miss Marple, sausage and mash and crochet does sound heavenly though(no more alcohol less so).
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and I am enjoying your samplers! They are quite inspiring.

  29. OW, OW, OW! What a painful time you're having. But do you really wish you were cooking, cleaning and ironing? Instead you're watching wall to wall Miss Marple (Joan Hickson the only one), teaching men in your life to cook and doing some relaxing crochet. Shame about the lack of alcohol though - may need some catching up when finished with the medication? Happy new year and speedy recovery.

  30. Ouch!!! I hope it gets better really soon cause it looks painful.

  31. Oh no!! I hope that rash goes away. I would rather have a burn than a rash! Best of luck to you!

  32. you wont like me much for this but i received miss marple for christmas too but mine is the first version in black and white with margaret rutherford as miss marple. i dont think i will ever be convinced that any other version could trump it but ill check yours out. :)


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